Nothing in particular, whispers in the Dark and relationships


Cats choose their parents/owners, not the other way around.

A brief note on relationships for the gents ~

  1. Women aren’t objects like treasure – you don’t get to steal them, possess and lock them away, nor do you have the right to abuse them.
  2. The fastest way to lose a beloved? Paranoid, raw nerve Obsessive Possessive assumption, worrying about what others are doing or not do instead of paying attention to her!!
  3. She chose you over all else and others! Whether or not this is a great idea/decision for her is up to you! Time to grow some brass me boy – O. Show your quality every day. Treat her like the equal she is and never let her think her love is in vane!
  4. Be a gentleman, show you have a tender side.
  5. Quit with the macho Bollocks and just be you! That’s what she fell for you moron!

Anyway, I’m just me. I’m the Pirate Poet. I bow for the ladies, I write exquisite poetry inspired from their beauty and that’s it. If the lady likes it – how about you learn to harness your inner Shakespeare instead of having a go at me?
Once more lads – Grow brass, take care of your beloved and shower her with the attention she desires or you really will lose her!
Okay, I’m off my soapbox.

On to something completely different…

Writing today, I noticed how many ideas are like whispers in the dark. They beckon me from afar, tease me with possibilities and take me on a quest of high adventure!

Right now, listening to my Lost Years Play List… thinking of adding some songs for sake of argument an for added fun.

All my stories – the five book set of Camden’s Follies, Elder Offensive and Silver Scales will be available on Nook, Kobo, Kindle and Print. Eat that one Jeff Bezos(sp)!

I put my faith in writing and my spirit of creativity. I know a good story as I’ve read enough in my lifetime that I know the best come from the source of many such tales; The Inner you! I don’t always crack the spelling and grammar end – thus I hire on for line edits.
Sorry Editors:
It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I don’t trust you as you should seriously leave the marketing to the chaps that get paid it. Even if you’re a fan of the genre – which in some cases is patently false – or not. No one has the right to play god or goddess over someone else’s creativity. Period!
Just because you don’t like how a story is told doesn’t make you an expert in anything, but your own tastes; Don’t assume you know the author’s readership – EVER!
Stories are best when told from the heart and not from a cookie cutter!!

Sorry folks, but this does come up quite often!

That being said, mostly I’m happy with the authors I know of. I just like to vent – carry on!
Preparing to go see Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

I’m hoping my love life takes off and not like an arrow or dagger to the heart.

Cats are probably the best allies I know of. Me mum is a tie for second. Friends are all bottled up at third.
Now, to await the results of my interview questions for the Pirates Corner!!!

Have a magnificent day, productive and full of great times and abundance!!


~ Until Next Time

The Pirate Poet



P.s. My captain’s hat looks nothing like that chapeaux… I don’t need that much protection, yeah? * nudge, nudge, wink – wink *


















































Just another tricky day…


Okay, so, villainy afoot and monsters at the door; What’s a soldier to do?
In my case, write up a brilliant death or more – some more detailed than others.

Also, I’m happy to say that in roughly 1 week I shall have my Pirate’s Corner going!

Here’s a sample question…

In every artist/writers life there is an epiphany, a moment of pure light that cuts through the murky shadows of doubt that often plagues the best of us.

That being said…

What moment/book/event changed your thinking and put you firmly on the path towards your hearts ambition?


Still looking for test/beta readers ladies ad gents! I shall complete Elder Offensive in lieu of final preparations of Camden’s Follies – the first 8 parts – with cover art.


Till next time!
~ The Pirate Poet











































No, Virginia I don’t hate Editors




Okay – quick note. ( Not c sharp)

I don’t hate editors. My last comments may get some riled or raise the odd hackles. However, let me edify those of my specific position.

  1. It’s not all authors, my axe grinding is with the younger crowd that believe pieces of paper and titles make them authorities or gods/goddesses of writing
  2.  I believe that there are many good editors out there – they know how to read; For example, actually apply grammar and are very unbiased.
  3. Marketers aren’t editors.

Okay, hope that makes things clearer for you all. In edition – just because the plot used in one story works for that genre; It doesn’t mean that it’s a one size fits all preposition. Far from it chaps! Certain authors, as does certain stories, work best or shine in certain formulae , but not all! Each author, as each story, is unique and should be treated individually; not as a collective.
Note that one can’t get plot line through osmosis, telepathy or skimming. That’s the idiots recipe for disaster!



Until next time true believers!


~ The Pirate Poet































Frequently asked questions and other things… pt 1 of many


Okay, one of the frequent questions that gets over asked of any author – me or my associates and friends – is;

How do I get started as an author?

My answer remains the same:

Think about the story you want to read, imagine it, envision it and then pay attention and be prepared to start writing down what comes to mind. Don’t listen to anyone about it being a good idea or not. Just write. There are too many historic precedents where the one claiming to be all knowing was proven wrong to the demise of their careers or their lives!
( Yes, a few editors have committed suicide as a result of being proven wrong and being sacked!) Also, you don’t want to be a cookie – cutter author.
It’s not that you’re not marketable. Seriously, if anything from Pet Rocks to Chia Pets can sell, well, you get the point.

As to being unproven? What the bloody hell is that? If you write a novel or short story – or several.. not just talk about it, but really type out or write; To me that’s proof you’re a writer and not a nutter with a chip on their shoulder.

So, once again –

Just write. Let the story tell itself. If this comes naturally to you and you feel passionate about it – you’re on the right track to cracking your hearts desire!
Don’t wait for someone else to tell you who you are! Don’t be a cookie cutter person! Be the glorious, wondrous and creative you that you are in your heart!

On to other topics ~

Writing and editing are going well! Will finish Camden’s Follies part 12 in no time flat and will finish Elder Offensive just as soon.

May hit the convention circuit soon! Wish me well there..
I have the bulk of the questions for my fellow artists ready.. so.. The Pirates Corner is coming soon!

Nothing in particular, the madness of the world and why I prefer science fiction/steampunk and fantasy over reality

Author at Work.jpg


Yes, that’s my slightly hidden ugly mug! I’m either working on Elder Offensive or Camden’s Follies. * bow *

Now, to the topics at hand…

One, I try and relax before I immerse myself in the complex and often in depth worlds and universe of the story(ies) I’m writing or in this case typing . I like blended ice coffee drinks and such – as a rule of thumb.
I also tend to watch films on disc – especially during the political  seasons of the Americans or the British. Never heard such tosh and waffle and outright codswallop thrown about like I’ve seen. The American side has definitely lost its collective mind!
A giant weetabix and second generation ( so to speak) politician or rather from the same family. None the less, a dead cat and penguin would make better choices!
There, I’m off my soapbox so to speak..
To the next topic:


In a single sentence; Fiction is fun and amicable. In a second sentence: Truth is stranger than fiction and fiction makes more sense than the madness of real life.

Also, it’s more fun to parody and come up with a whole new civilisation lossely based on humanity.

Anyway, I’ve got a series of questions to type up for the Pirate’s Corner! Please stay tuned and be patient. I’ve had to delay my book releases now for a while due to wanting the best cover artists for the job and be certain of where I’m releasing the titles through ( dot the I’s and cross the T’s) .

For now, this brief blog is done…

Until Next Time!


~ The Pirate Poet

















































Transitions, writing and being me..


Interviews, books, writing and the general sense of cat peace. Maybe.


Well, I’ve about narrowed down my Q&A questions for my friends in the arts. It’s amazing to recall what it’s like to prepare for these, let alone ask the kind of questions that don’t insult or provoke, but garner some useful insight.

On the subject of writing… anyone wish to read a teaser? Let me know in the comments or in the message aspect of this. I’m still debating the idea of an audio book read and of course; Kickstarter. Do I really want to ask folk who seem bent on defying simple logic by not supporting me for funds to accomplish my goals?
I will say, that those that didn’t support me will be kicking themselves. They keep complaining about no new content on or off line, the endless barrage of remakes and reboots, but when it comes to potentially really wondrous stuff – they turn up there noses.
All I know is, I put my heart into my work that equates to care, consideration and patience that lead me to believe that I’ve cracked it – story wise.

In regards to cats as a brief side note – Mister Black Kitten has re – encountered mum’s Shadow and world war 3 nearly broke out! Thankfully, cooler heads and tuna from a tin prevailed.

Back to my subject….
Life is a bit of a gamble, but there should be times where tit’s worth the risk. By supporting an up and coming artist, unknown, but energised, you encourage more people to follow their heart and believe they can be independent and not dependent! It’s the opposite effect of piracy where someone steals the livelihood from under some starving artists nose!
So, until the Pirates Corner is up – say in November at the earliest unless said otherwise…

Support your local or international Indie Author, Artist, Musician, etc. That’s the only way to stick it to the proverbial man.
Take Care and Read On!

~ The Pirate PoetDSCN1015.JPG















So, the writing …

Mondays, blah and the occasional blender drink


Ah, somehow, this view, despite the foreground, is always uplifting and has a general calming effect. This is a view from the Hotel Elegante at the last COSine convention.

On to business or is it buisness? I prefer the later than the former. No rants today of any given nature. I finished up 2 chapters this weekend – I know, 12k words for me isn’t very productive, but it’s the quality that counts. One of my many quirks is – editing on the fly as I write and multiple times there after.
Raising threat levels is always fun in a high pressure situation novel. In this case it’s the third part of 4 and leading to one of a multitude of endings. From massive heroic deaths to comic irony. But I’ll NEVER tell… * evil laugh *
Getting on track with Camden’s Follies and the third Poetry Collection ( this will be exclusively on Kobo for the time being). Camden’s Follies will be released, come ‘eck or high water, on the following – LuLu, Kindle, Nook Books for physical copies and Kobo. I know I’ve said this stuff before, but it bares repeating as sometimes it’s very hard to tell when people are paying attention.

For now, I may or may not finish my KickStarter funding plans. The others fell short and it seems that very few are willing to help the up and coming artist/author. This is a shame as what’s lost is irreplaceable and incalculable. I do have some funding left to pay at least one of my cover artists. So, this is exciting as I shall have a couple of collector covers in the offing. Also, am off to do my good deeds of the day an fill up on blenders/frapaccinos and get some well earnt Nachos Bell Grande and try to survive the meal… * chuckles *


Until next time,

Hang in there, Friday is around the corner and we can make every day – even Monday brilliant.













Preparing to open the Pirates Corner and other news…

DSCN0987  f2.jpg

Okay, first, the above is a shot of a panel at my favourite science fiction convention – COSine held at the Hotel Elegante in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s a non – media, per se, event that features a really great art show, sci – fi/horror/steampunk authors and artists panels plus opportunities to get some really great reads.  It’s a perfect time to see and pick the brains of the geniuses behind some of best new, old and future great books that drive fandom and encourage new films, comic books and t.v series in some instances.

Okay, so enough of the pitch man for conventions, eh.

I’m gearing up to open what I’m tentatively naming ” The Pirates Corner” . This will be a series of interviews and discussions – written Q&A’s , audio, visual and sometimes both, or all three of the above – depending on time constraints. Included in this will be an eclectic group of artists, authors and musicians that include ~
Chaz Kemp – artist extaordinaire & singer/musician. Pamela Nihiser – Rocker, Horror Author and radio show host, Quincy Allen – Author of Blood Ties plus a number of great books plus road video blogger, Aaron Michael Ritchie – Author most wondrous and possibly Amity Green & Courtney Farrell – a pair of up and coming future best sellers of the YA fiction writing genre, Chris Salas – accomplished indie author/musician/comic book aficionado/author, Sam Knight – all around genre author and great source of wisdom and Willow Raven – Artist most wondrous.
Anyway, this is a small list of whom I intend to feature and draw some positive attention to – and yes, these are some of my good friends and fellow fictorians.
So keep a keen eye on this space, tell your friends and fellow fans – it’ll be a treat with round robin discussions, reminiscing and insight plus solid wisdom and maybe advice too!

~ The Pirate Poet