A thought, insight (?) and a few other rants, concepts and such…

Okay, this has been a ROUGH week or so. I admit, things have been coming to a head for a while on the political and social fronts. I truly feel for the people who suffer the injustices that have been ocurring for the last century plus now.
That being said, my first rant is :
Lay off Classic Literature. Period. It’s not to be blamed for every racist, sexist outburst from brain dead morons who still think that Christian White Males are the absolute rulers of the world.
Like the violence they enact or foster on others, it doesn’t matter which book it is they quote. The fact is, they have this ingrained in their very psyche/soul by parents and other family members who harbour this rubbish way of thinking.
If we truly want to move forward, sheltering from the past is a BIG no – no. Literature reflects the times, society and the upbringing of the author and if they grew or simply fell in line to the mentality of the crowd.
Popular culture – a few dictating to the many – tells what is acceptable and not these days. This is rubbish. This is turning people into reactionary automatons and not people.
Maybe some day, the point will make itself clear. Some day, we’ll solve and prevent such massive injustice as opposed to hindering or preventing it.
End of first rant ( Maybe more )

For now, on to Poetry… This is something I wrote a while ago, say a day or two… Please enjoy and maybe consider the words for a moment, if you would be so kind.

Moon Night

The rising moon looks balefully down
Would it so, the paying of respects
To bless a the departed on their way
Make for the shadows
Skirt the curtain of night
Have a care upon moors
On the streets, doubt the light
Of lone haunting wails
A hum of tears shed in grief and anger
All from on high, the dancing lights abound
A Dance of many movements
A song of fury and lament
Clean are the ways made by the blood of innocent and impure alike
What calls this madness on?
So few seem to recall
Only the reaper has the toll
None shall reveal, for only the extinguished lights can shed answers
Their voices are too distant to be understood
Shall we forget, as in dreams or nightmares come morning light?
To when do we owe more than homage for each candle?
For heavenly light to shine, life must be full
Lest the skies, even the moon, fail to illuminate

Now, to the news of the publishing variety …
I am , oh so close to finish typing up Elder Offensive: Ammutseba’s Stand. I just need the liquid courage, er, the added motivation to do so. Please, forgive me, killing characters off is a chore sometimes and I want the deaths not to be boringly predictable, okay?

Okay – Next Rant or rather observation ~
You really want change? Change how you look at things and things will change. That’s the broadstroke look. Basically, you have the power within you. No one can take that from you – EVER! If you feel you don’t have it or someone is messing with you mojo – Take charge. Reconnect with that inner strength and never let anyone talk you out of using it.
To change what’s going on the in the world, we have to embrace the true meaning of 2012. It’s the end of the world ” As We Know It “. Not the physical end. Not even all our lives wiped out.
The way we were doing things was off base, off kilter and just not working. The system is broken, needs to be tossed and how we put people in office needs a 180 degree turn.

  1. We need representatives – law enablers, NOT law makers.
  2. Listening is a PRIMARY skill requirement. You may get all across the spectrum ideas, but you’re encouraging and inviting all in the process. They may not like you, but you will have their consideration and will be more active in a helpful way rather than destructive
  3. Next, no more meme’s, commercials or anything for radio and television. You’re supposed to be showing your worth for the job of representative/president/etc. – This is not a Game Show or Reality T.V audition.
  4. Finally, for voters – Enough with the 3rd – Nth party idiocy. It’s a job interview that could potentially change thousands, millions or billions of lives and liveliehoods. Forget the sound good, sound bites, video clips, etc. VOTE WITH YOUR CONSCIENCE! THINK! Don’t ever, EVER, believe your vote is for nothing. It’s your right, voice and power – fight for it. Make the system count you as a person!

This is also not a ” I voted and that’s it ” siuation. This is step one. The first step. Next is keeping your candidate and your system honest. Don’t just stand there and let them walk all over you. Hold your candidate responsible and accountable. Make the system stay honest and if someone interferes from the outside, re do the election till you get it right – THIS IS IMPORTANT! No one is above the law. And if you want to break the debt cycle, hold people of the 1% accountable it is imperative you stay the course.

Next, and finally, please stay safe and well! When the dust settles and the fires are put out, maybe we’ll see how and where we should have changed to avoid this – All of it.

~ The Pirate Poet

More writing, a distraction or two and of course… something of an observation… maybe.


Oh deer! Yup, her highness has discovered deer roaming about. Not sure who was watching who, but there you are.


My feline muse and editor cometh back for tuna… and to complain about the new neighbours *LOL *.

Okay, so I’m a tad of a maverick or revolutionary. To me, nothing is impossible, just probable or improbable. I never listen to the supposed experts – what sells, who’s proven and who’s not.
Face it, if these blokes and birds were that bright and brilliant then why can’t they sell what’s in front of them instead of making it sell – able? It’s clear  by how often they’ve gotten it wrong – obvious examples being 150 years prior when a female was told she couldn’t write a really good horror story, a former head of the department of the Oxford English Literature Department’s story about a wee person in a fantasy setting was impossible to sell and recently a story about a boy wizard coming of age and beating a powerful villain in his quest for a peaceful life was an absurd idea that could never be sold.  Yup, never tell me what can and can’t be – that’s not my world.
I never sweat the details as kids say. My concentration is on scribing the story in my heart via the language and imagination of my mind. Write! That’s what is advised or observed the most by my contemporaries. So, that’s what I do. That’s my job in life. Write. Be the fireside teller of tales in my heart and let the story be heard, read and told.
How difficult can that be? Yeah, there are moments of typing errors and such, it happens to we humans. Then again, no one just comes with perfect anything these days – especially grammar.
I simply know that the readers of my tales will be able to envision the story unfolding and enjoy it for what it is – not nit – pick or be condescending, patronising or spewers of bile, vitriol and arm chair criticism. True builders and producers never destroy. How can they ever accomplish anything? When it comes to being an author – consider twice and type as often as need be.
You’ll always find the words. Have patience with yourself and let what you want to say or be read flow from within..

For now, Adieu

~ The Pirate Poet

















































































I don’t care about your religion! Period! This is not a religious thread. PERIOD! I’m not a church, synagogue or mosk recruiter. If you think you can post something that’s sole purpose is to start fights  – I’ll label you as spam and then report you if push comes to shove.
I may spout off on occasion and you may not agree with me. But it is my thread and I do my best to avoid religion as a subject, unless we’re discussing the cultures of my book titles.
If you don’t like me, my thoughts or what I write – Go somewhere else, there are tonnes of other blogs out there  from authors you may fancy to read.  If you’re a religious nutter – SOD OFF NOW!  I’ve got better things to do then engage in pointless post 11th century argument – more creative to be precise!

It’s coming along with a copy of Scales and Hearts – collectible error cover!



Below, from Book 1, part 1  ~ The one I’ve waited TOO long to be able to put out..

Folly dirgible_ Cover page 5

Below is the one I need to work on… Seriously! I need – either more sleep or caffeine!



Okay, so I’m waiting for 5 copies of Hearts and Scales.. * SIGH * I know what the cover above says…. I’m WELL aware of the goof. However, I can and will correct it on my Corel PaintShop Pro X8! For now, I will have 5 copies – FIVE for myself and 4 lucky readers!
Who knows? I may have a copy of Book 1, Part 1 for everyone I choose – friends and family for example – signed and such!
For now, celebrating overcoming a minor hurdle and preparing to save for a table at COSine and a couple of other  venues… I CAN’T WAIT!
A SOLID excuse to hang and knock about with me mates!!!!

For now ~ I did you adieu and clear skies with smooth sailing!

~ The Pirate Poet











































































Never a dull moment…


Okay, so now that I’ve cheesed off a fair few editors…
Let’s see then. I just tend to go with the crowd that believes in themselves and not co – dependency. I find that just because one title sells doesn’t mean you have to re – write a perfectly good tale to bore the audience or insult them to tears and a desire NOT to read.
If you can market rubbish – you CAN market solid work. It’s publishing’s job to SELL what they have or find or make a market instead of settling for the tried and boorish bog standard ones.
The new paradigm is us, the authors and artists, realising that we’ve been paying to do all the work ourselves as is. It’s time to unite under a banner of mutual support and true karma. Karma is finding a goal and and then discovering others desirous of this end and helping selflessly to achieve it. We get the energy and resources we truly need in return and expand our knowledge and become better for it in the end.
If it were up to me we’d have a union, with dues and crowd source support and possibly even the odd fund raiser. Work together, support our intellectual, copyright and trademarks by providing legal assistance as needed. Show a united front against the pirates who would profit off of our hard/smart work and encourage more creativity than stifle/snuff it!
No more having to go into debt for what you love! No more sending out manuscripts to just anyone – especially those that don’t return them so they can profit from their cheap ghost writing labour!  For those who couldn’t afford dues – the fund raisers for them and selfless aid in their laudable undertakings. Also, free legal advocates and research – time to get the professors and students of law some real world work, yeah?
Anyway, that’s my rant and I’m sticking to it!

Cheers and keep your eyes on Kobo and Amazon… almost done with the tweaks for Camden’s Follies and SOON, very soon, I shall even have Elder Offensive book 1 out!


~ The Pirate Poet




























































Why can’t all burger bars have all day menus?

Okay, so, quite a lead in for my lunch endeavours.  I’m having to pick up some fast/convenient food and I’m looking at a generic burger bar.
In regards to writing…

How to wind up the audience. I’m a firm believer of slight of hand in plain sight. Thus I can set – up a gotcha scene or event with either a cliff hanger or gut punch/line.  Use your intuition and of course experience for delivery purposes.
Now, looking for other writers/story tellers/authors for Volume 2 and 3 of Hearts and Scales. Dragon world where dragon encounters happen in modern, medieval and bronze age times.  For extra world info – leave message.
My only rub is finding the right place/publisher for this… to a degree the range of audiences goes from young to adult. Romance, comedy, steampunk, science fiction, horror are ALL on the table.
My only rule is  – keep to the guidelines as broad as they are. You and only you – dear authors – can set the final pro and antagonists, if any, for your tale.
Right now I am waiting for a good friend and publisher to have a free moment or to ask her close friends and author/editors for an assist.  Me, I’m always available to assist in laudable undertakings! Besides, she’s a wondrous human being and much better than a lot of the established main stream types.

Also, poetry request time –
I’m game if you are to request one.

Until next time …

~ The Pirate Poet













































































Of course, it was a Monday… * sigh *

Let’s see;
Got someone hacked enough to nearly scream at me and take me head off – Check
Was run ragged by mum’s cat  – check
Nearly didn’t get breakfast or lunch done – check
Found my little toe bleeding where I sliced it, a little deeper and could have taken it off  – check
That was my day sans the usual good news on weather and of course getting myself to type up story/plot lines. On top of having nearly 3 hours of sleep from the previous week
It’s just spectacular to be me.. * sigh *
Okay, how about a little something of a musical nature?
My list to play today as soon as I can ~
REM man on the moon
Scorpions  Send me an Angel
Queen Show must go on
NightHawks On my way
Coldplay Charlie Brown
Coldplay Sky full of Stars
Queen Under Pressure
Led Zeppelin Kashmir and Immagrant Song
Five for Figting(?) 100 years
Metallica Ain’t my Bitch

I’d say that was a good start. Now for a poetic moment
(c) Jon Corres Pirate Poet
A pale shadow and a pall
What comes over the horizon
Sail on for the quiet
Silver moon and night black sea
Arrested in my thinking
Soul soaring through the clouds
A divide of insurmountable breadth
Of what do I look forward to
Trading night for day
Cold comfort or a comfortable pain
In service of the sightless
Would I if I could
Spill even a drop of my life’s fluid
Even if to have a mystery as a marker of my passing
Quietly and from nothing virtually to something
Akin to a phantom, wraith or shade
To live in shunting
Return once more to the soundless void

Reading on the horizon, revision, rewrite and repeat – The waiting game and more, oh joy! Well, at least I can say I’m doing something I love – Story telling and poetry.

So, for now, this brief rant of gobbledy gook or Orcish tongue is over ~

Cheers and to one of my least noteworthy days – My birthday…


~ The Pirate Poet


































































Today, a hectic time as always and maybe something coherent..



My writing partner and Mews…
Anyway, on to the hectic day:

Pushing my caffeine limits to finish part 3 of Elder Offensive. War against supernatural forces can be a bit tricky at the best of times, but that’s a given.
Poetry coming along, especially for the collection – may be a mini this time
Camden’s Follies is on hold as my brain needs to calm down long enough for the next 225 chapters of the saga. And yes, you read that right. I’m very close to 1 million words and not many monosyllabic ones; believe it or not. And I don’t if you don’t! Nyah!
Seriously though, this story takes place in another galaxy on many worlds that many will want some idea of what they look like and the peoples culture. There’s also the balance of humour, action, melodrama and of course some mystery.
On top of all this I’m having too much fun with the adult horror/action/adventure I’ve begun – 30 days to save the Universe.. YAY!
I don’t have to be overly sensitive about killing characters off as long as it’s spectacular or gory or both – the deaths that is! I can politically incorrect as much as I’d like and take no prisoners.
I’m exploring putting up interviews and reviews on my rants and raves blog here – any thoughts? I know many an author, actor/actress and have many questions on the business and of course how they enjoy their work/calling etc.

One of these days, I may actually get my book cover done to go live with my two series.. * SIGH * And yes, this is me practising melodrama in preparation of finishing Camden’s Follies. For me, writing must be like music – beginning, middle. end and of course a tempo. Getting Beta Readers is also a major/minor pain… but we’ll see if I get round that or wind up doing my nut.

Until next time… for my sole fan…
Peace, Great Reading, Music and Day be yours!

~ The Pirate Poet












My ranting Ravie… No, that’s not right. And neither are my views!

Okay. It’s official Sam Stone is now an all around artist as she delves into music as well as writing and maybe art? Dare we dream?

Okay, is it me or has the American Political debates been missing a banjo player?
Me, I support Jeremy Corbyn – labour party!

And now for my usual artsy ranting or summat like that –

If you want to write a really top shelf spaceship battle I would have you do the following;

  1. Watch old Buster Crabbe films, Star Wars and of course any swashbuckling classic with Errol Flynn (sp), Douglas Fairbanks jr. or sr.
  2. Read! There are many classic naval battles and such that can truly inspire any kind of ship battle!
  3. speak to a veteran of the Navy. – Experience and a first hand account of how such things transpire is priceless!

Now for my general fellow author shout out or mention!

Amity Green’s Witcher Chimes and Scales and their sequals – especially for the young adult reader crowd, very brilliant

Courtney Farrell’s Bait series – another young adult reader . This one has some real oomph to it. I may have to read it over so I can get a better feel for rhythm and such as well as a more comprehensive critique or review.
As I may have mentioned before – Chaz Kemp is working on a really brilliant Tarot Card set, perhaps with short stories. Anyway, he has a patreon page so I suggest you book on, contribute and help bring this brilliance to the world



Okay, enough for today…
ALLONS – Y! And remember, please be brilliant, at peace and keep on reading/writing/painting