Tales from the Con: My colleagues and friends from COSine

The Magificent Tale teller/Authoress ~ Ms. Dacia Arnold
As promised, below are the commercial links to her wonderful works!
List of literary offerings printed and Kindle

Book 1 of Ms. Arnold’s series
Ms. Arnold’s wonderful Anthology/Short story collection

Here are the offerings of Ms. Venessa Robertson, authoress and wondrous tale bringer!

I believe this is the list of her current works…

And now the Captain America of the Colorado Authoring world ~ Mr. Josh Vogt!

The list from the search on Amazon
From the World of Pathfinder

And now, fromt he Dynamic Duo of Chaz and Carolyn K ~

A list from the Amazon Search
For the role playing enthusiast!
This is a great book and works wonders with the gorgeous Tarot cards Mr. Kemp has created!
The second in her series from the marvelous Carolyn K!
Ms. Kay’s fantasy series begins!

As time rolls on I shall also be putting up the Etsy and other links for all to delve into this magificent duo’s work! Also, I’ll be putting in word for a new distributor for me – Ms. Stacey Vowell and my good friend and story/comic book writer Christopher Salas. I’ve recently met a pair of sister’s new to the publishing community and will be promoting them soon!

In the meantime, do buy their work, speak of kindly and let others know of ALL these fine folk ~ * bow * ~ !
As always, keep your ears open to 1001 L.A. Nights for more on yours truly as well as hearing shouts/promos for all of the above artists, authors, poets and musicians!

Till next time ~

~ The Pirate Poet

COSine report: Sort of, with great mentions for a few of my American mates!

An aisle in the Trades room/Dealers Room

COSine 2020 is now in the books ~ Pun intended. The good news was, I made it through. Bad news is – I’m really starting to wonder if anyone ever left Secondary School/High School. * SIGH * Anyway, I’m doing my best despite a week reminiscent of my primary protagonist in Camden’s Follies.

My amazingly amazing friend and future convention distributor of books Ms. Stacey Vowell

On a positive note or three…

Christopher Salas, author and comic book story writer extraordinaire was on my right with Stacey Vowell and her nephew Sean with some other business partners. A lovely pair of sisters with a with a new publishing company were across from me and my old friend and author Josh Vogt had a table nearby. I had the good fortune of sitting in on a pair of panels or so with my cover artist’s wife Rebecca as well as knock about with the magnificent artist and friend Robert Hay. A really lovely and wonderful indie publisher, Carol Hightshoe was also in attendance, I shall be submitting a short story as soon as I learn the details as soon as possible. I’ll also be jobbing for Scales and Hearts volume 2, the long overdue follow up to my solo act of volume 1.

The Fantastic Dacia Arnold, Authoress and future source of hit Fox/CW American sci-fi/meldorama series!

Dacia Arnold, authoress and future source for a Fox/CW hit series was there and I got to sit on a panel with her. Look for her on Amazon and acquire her current series! Chaz and Carolyn Kemp, the dynamic duo of artist and authoress who are simply too talented to list all of their artistic contributions and skills, were also present and I got to catch them at one of the panels on Sunday. I’ll post links soon enough for all

A wondrously promising and entertaining new series!
Authoress Vennesa Robertson, talented lady and a possible Netflix series contributor!

Ms. Robertson is a hidden gem! A true fan of the art and a wonderful human being. Her steampunk adventure crosses time and borders and looks quite an engaging read!

My table on Sunday before final tidy round
My table part 2
The talented Ms. Robertson… again!

On my next blog, I’ll have professional contact information. The authors and artists listed can be found on Amazon.Com via there names. Remember: Support the indie artists, authors, musicians – all over the world! Let’s show the bog media producers we ARE the future, present and even past that they should have taken seriously.

~ For now, yours in all things michief, The Pirate Poet

Convention Time and Reflections of past gatherings

Tally Ho! The Pirate Poet at COSine 2019

COSine is upon me once again. Since 2008, I’ve been attending this small, eclectic and surprisingly fun venue/get together. For only the 4th time I’m a participant and this time I’ve advanced notice! This means I don’t have to guess at the panels I’m up for, nor am I feeling put upon to keep glancing at my badge to be certain of where and when I’m to be at my panel. This year I’m on the following ~
J.Nathanial Corres (Trapper)

• Fri 5p, Telluride: The Doctor through time

• Sat 9a, Snowbrush: Female superheroes

• Sat 11a, Snowbrush: Maintaining privacy in the Internet age

• Sat 12p, Snowbrush: Voldemort: nature or nurture?

• Sat 5:30p, Ballroom 2: Author Reception & Mass Autographing

• Sun 12p, Snowbrush: Fan-fic to fic (transitioning)

Wish me luck oh fellow people of the page! I’m going to do my best to have fun and enjoy the moment as I find that these are quite fleeting and my memory is getting a bit wonky in my old age.

Hopefully, for the first time in ages, I’ll be able to attend a dinner with more than just myself.
It’s been a very long time since I sat with the SG – 14 costume group. We always wound up at Solo’s. It was a restaurant created from an old WW2 plane and the appeal was it reminded me of the Indiana Jones films. However, it was the comradery and the pleasant non – work conversations that I enjoyed so much and got me to look forward to the convention. That’s what made Solo’s special. To some, it’s just an old restaurant with average food. To me, as I stated before, it’s lots more.

Then again, almost a decade or so has passed since we all sat together to break bread and converse in a jovial fashion.

Sorry to wax nostalgic! This will be my second year as an author attendee. I’ve put out 5 books so far with a couple of Ebook poetry entries as well with a 6th on it’s way in regards to novels.

Camden’s Follies has been a dream project of mine. With the first 3 of 4 parts to the first series or book already out I’m more than confident that I’ve cracked it! It’s a story that takes it to the hero as I’ve explained to so many before. A tale wrapped in an adventure with enough humour to really show up those old silver screen heroes. Embedded within is also the odd drama and melodrama to play out with villains to despise and hate and a supporting cast of characters from engineers to alien pirates and beyond. Basically, I set out to tell a fun and engaging tale and I did it!
Now, I just have to slowly and carefully work on sales and such and avoid the odd group that solicits me to join for a fee or anything. Honestly, I don’t need a tribe or anything – I’ve got family and a village of great talent who support me and I them. Our goal is to prove the establishment wrong. We are the new paradigm and rising. Dismiss us for being on Kobo, Nook, LuLu and Amazon or any indie published work/publisher! We care not. Our audience is set and even growing; even without the big money publicity! Ours are original points of view that aren’t cookie cutter or bad clones of something that briefly fooled the public into popularity. Our work is for the long term.

I know, I’m far afield on the topic. Sorry about that once again. However, at this convention there are many, many talented people who are under – read and overlooked. I believe this will change. Slowly the word is getting out about this one and more interest is coming.

This is the convention where, if you’re a sci-fi, fantasy, horror or steampunk fan, an artist or fan of really good sci-fi, fantasy, horror or steampunk based art – you’ll find some hidden gems and new reading! Yes, it’s in America. Colorado Springs, Colorado to be precise. But it is fun and they even have a gaming area for RPG, Video and Strategy Board games!

I’m going to try and keep all informed on Twitter and Facebook of my adventures and such. Perhaps after the convention I’ll be posting many of my new find memories!

Until next time, please keep reading – especially my work, be kind and never cruel nor cowardly as you never give up or never give in…


~ The Pirate Poet

A new year! let’s see where this goes…

Unused book blurb

Okay, so, let’s try poetry..despite the blurb promo above

Noons shadow over cast
Does the dark become more so?
It is the question, nor the answer
But is it the existence that leaves us cold
Or is it the promise, the hint, the tease
Of things more insidious or naturally unseen
For whom do we palce our faith
Such times as the light extinguished
Do we find our sight by the torch?
May we at least see by our hearts guide
Never more to feel the dread
Or do we blind ourselves to the living
Just to march with the dead

Currently, I’m sitting in the 4k sellers mark in the Amazon sales for Steampunk. I know this can only improve! So please, do read my work after purchasing! And if it’s not your cup of tea, get copies for your local library or donate to the secondary/high school/university near you… and not just my books, but all my indie author friends and colleagues on Twitter!

For links to my work ~

Pt 3 of Camden’s Follies


Pt 2 or Camden’s Follies below..

Pt 1 – The Adventure begins

Don’t pay attention to the review! It was done by a young author who never read a British language book – Ever!

Anyway, please read and enjoy all! And, when I get an opportunity, I shall post links to my colleagues work as well ~

~ The Pirate Poet