Frequently asked questions and other things… pt 1 of many


Okay, one of the frequent questions that gets over asked of any author – me or my associates and friends – is;

How do I get started as an author?

My answer remains the same:

Think about the story you want to read, imagine it, envision it and then pay attention and be prepared to start writing down what comes to mind. Don’t listen to anyone about it being a good idea or not. Just write. There are too many historic precedents where the one claiming to be all knowing was proven wrong to the demise of their careers or their lives!
( Yes, a few editors have committed suicide as a result of being proven wrong and being sacked!) Also, you don’t want to be a cookie – cutter author.
It’s not that you’re not marketable. Seriously, if anything from Pet Rocks to Chia Pets can sell, well, you get the point.

As to being unproven? What the bloody hell is that? If you write a novel or short story – or several.. not just talk about it, but really type out or write; To me that’s proof you’re a writer and not a nutter with a chip on their shoulder.

So, once again –

Just write. Let the story tell itself. If this comes naturally to you and you feel passionate about it – you’re on the right track to cracking your hearts desire!
Don’t wait for someone else to tell you who you are! Don’t be a cookie cutter person! Be the glorious, wondrous and creative you that you are in your heart!

On to other topics ~

Writing and editing are going well! Will finish Camden’s Follies part 12 in no time flat and will finish Elder Offensive just as soon.

May hit the convention circuit soon! Wish me well there..
I have the bulk of the questions for my fellow artists ready.. so.. The Pirates Corner is coming soon!

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