Sorry for the delay… one of those months *SIGH *

If anyone is interested I shall be giving away a 3 chpt sample of either Camden’s Follies or Elder Offensive on PDF. Mind, I will need an email address via PM or something so I can send it to you. Pirates honour, nothing but the text will be sent!

Now, for something completely different…
Next month I shall be able to at least entertain the idea of commissioning my future cover artist Chaz. I hope I can sit down with him to discuss what he’d have in mind versus what I do and come to a creative Eureka!

As to this being Valentines Day – Bah! I’ve not properly celebrated this day in ages and no new prospects on the on the horizon – trust me I’d love to be able to date!
On the other hand, I may now work on my Horror/Action Novel conclusion and more follies for the great James Camden ~ Pirate Captain, Politician and physician… among other things..

Now, please ~
Engage, be happy, read, laugh, love and may abundance and fortune find you always!
~ Yours

The Pirate Poet