A thought, insight (?) and a few other rants, concepts and such…

Okay, this has been a ROUGH week or so. I admit, things have been coming to a head for a while on the political and social fronts. I truly feel for the people who suffer the injustices that have been ocurring for the last century plus now.
That being said, my first rant is :
Lay off Classic Literature. Period. It’s not to be blamed for every racist, sexist outburst from brain dead morons who still think that Christian White Males are the absolute rulers of the world.
Like the violence they enact or foster on others, it doesn’t matter which book it is they quote. The fact is, they have this ingrained in their very psyche/soul by parents and other family members who harbour this rubbish way of thinking.
If we truly want to move forward, sheltering from the past is a BIG no – no. Literature reflects the times, society and the upbringing of the author and if they grew or simply fell in line to the mentality of the crowd.
Popular culture – a few dictating to the many – tells what is acceptable and not these days. This is rubbish. This is turning people into reactionary automatons and not people.
Maybe some day, the point will make itself clear. Some day, we’ll solve and prevent such massive injustice as opposed to hindering or preventing it.
End of first rant ( Maybe more )

For now, on to Poetry… This is something I wrote a while ago, say a day or two… Please enjoy and maybe consider the words for a moment, if you would be so kind.

Moon Night

The rising moon looks balefully down
Would it so, the paying of respects
To bless a the departed on their way
Make for the shadows
Skirt the curtain of night
Have a care upon moors
On the streets, doubt the light
Of lone haunting wails
A hum of tears shed in grief and anger
All from on high, the dancing lights abound
A Dance of many movements
A song of fury and lament
Clean are the ways made by the blood of innocent and impure alike
What calls this madness on?
So few seem to recall
Only the reaper has the toll
None shall reveal, for only the extinguished lights can shed answers
Their voices are too distant to be understood
Shall we forget, as in dreams or nightmares come morning light?
To when do we owe more than homage for each candle?
For heavenly light to shine, life must be full
Lest the skies, even the moon, fail to illuminate

Now, to the news of the publishing variety …
I am , oh so close to finish typing up Elder Offensive: Ammutseba’s Stand. I just need the liquid courage, er, the added motivation to do so. Please, forgive me, killing characters off is a chore sometimes and I want the deaths not to be boringly predictable, okay?

Okay – Next Rant or rather observation ~
You really want change? Change how you look at things and things will change. That’s the broadstroke look. Basically, you have the power within you. No one can take that from you – EVER! If you feel you don’t have it or someone is messing with you mojo – Take charge. Reconnect with that inner strength and never let anyone talk you out of using it.
To change what’s going on the in the world, we have to embrace the true meaning of 2012. It’s the end of the world ” As We Know It “. Not the physical end. Not even all our lives wiped out.
The way we were doing things was off base, off kilter and just not working. The system is broken, needs to be tossed and how we put people in office needs a 180 degree turn.

  1. We need representatives – law enablers, NOT law makers.
  2. Listening is a PRIMARY skill requirement. You may get all across the spectrum ideas, but you’re encouraging and inviting all in the process. They may not like you, but you will have their consideration and will be more active in a helpful way rather than destructive
  3. Next, no more meme’s, commercials or anything for radio and television. You’re supposed to be showing your worth for the job of representative/president/etc. – This is not a Game Show or Reality T.V audition.
  4. Finally, for voters – Enough with the 3rd – Nth party idiocy. It’s a job interview that could potentially change thousands, millions or billions of lives and liveliehoods. Forget the sound good, sound bites, video clips, etc. VOTE WITH YOUR CONSCIENCE! THINK! Don’t ever, EVER, believe your vote is for nothing. It’s your right, voice and power – fight for it. Make the system count you as a person!

This is also not a ” I voted and that’s it ” siuation. This is step one. The first step. Next is keeping your candidate and your system honest. Don’t just stand there and let them walk all over you. Hold your candidate responsible and accountable. Make the system stay honest and if someone interferes from the outside, re do the election till you get it right – THIS IS IMPORTANT! No one is above the law. And if you want to break the debt cycle, hold people of the 1% accountable it is imperative you stay the course.

Next, and finally, please stay safe and well! When the dust settles and the fires are put out, maybe we’ll see how and where we should have changed to avoid this – All of it.

~ The Pirate Poet


I don’t care about your religion! Period! This is not a religious thread. PERIOD! I’m not a church, synagogue or mosk recruiter. If you think you can post something that’s sole purpose is to start fights  – I’ll label you as spam and then report you if push comes to shove.
I may spout off on occasion and you may not agree with me. But it is my thread and I do my best to avoid religion as a subject, unless we’re discussing the cultures of my book titles.
If you don’t like me, my thoughts or what I write – Go somewhere else, there are tonnes of other blogs out there  from authors you may fancy to read.  If you’re a religious nutter – SOD OFF NOW!  I’ve got better things to do then engage in pointless post 11th century argument – more creative to be precise!

And so, forth with, we go…


I find the generic start for a tale a bit tedious. Honestly, how many stormy nights can one encounter?! ( Aside from old Weetabix head) And who is this screaming female/male? Did the antagonist hire a voice over person?
I personally don’t mind tossing readers right into the action. ( see Camden’s Follies or Elder Offensive or better yet ~ Hearts and Scales! * in print currently with 4 stories *)
For horror, I prefer a different tense and tension. There has to be a certain feel and tone that reminds one of a classical orchestration.
To me, Jaws – the film and the book, Silver Bullet ( I hope I got the title right – memory is a bit dodgy these days) and Relic are good examples aside from the Kat Lightfoot series by Sam Stone ( Blatant plug ~ There’s a 6th book on the way, by the by!).

My point is, you must have a sense of rhythm and timing.  Comedy is timing and set – up, action is a bit like a carnival ride with slow, high and low points, rests and then sharp dives or wicked action. Science fiction, well, that’s complex along with Steampunk. A bit like classical Jazz improvisation.

Anyway, getting closer on Camden’s Follies Book 1 part 1 all 25 chapters….
Get ready, the ride is boarding now, book on and hold on!

Cheers and until next time ~

~ The Pirate Poet

Book 1 part 1 Index


























































































All righty then…

First, to get this off my chest ~

I hate cowards, liars and those with gutless excuses!

Okay, now on to something of a literary discussion ~

Killing off characters:

You can either do so with impunity and lack of good sense or you can use your brains for something other than a sponge for idiocy and work with the plausible. Timing is everything and, if you do it right, with forethought and planning you can give a gut wrenching moment for the audience that makes them scream for your head on a platter!
It’s also imperative that you give meaning to the death, for extra impact. I like the idea of Greek Tragedy myself, start slowly and leave people gasping for more! ( Or less if they prefer their characters/like the majority of the protagonists and antagonists)
Character driven tales require a LOT of planning in this regard ( as implied/mentioned earlier). So really, really plan this out or it becomes a depressingly boring exercise in blood, guts and the occasional Al Gore. ( Yeah, I’m not fond of someone more stiff than a cadaver)

Okay, so maybe something poetic?



© 2017 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

Oh to hide behind falsehoods and deception

A spy of the heart

An assassin of dreams

For one cold moment, did I open myself

An eternity will I regret

A pain that leaves no visible scar

Not even a tear shed in sweet, but dour, sorrow

Would it be, that even a tower needs a resident?

Even lonely echoes are a song brighter than wind

Moans, a viable alternate to silence

Yet, I have neither

Never even the comfort of the smallest of creatures
Pity is even enviable to the state of my spirit

A punishment not thought, nor given conscious attention

Should your reward be!

Away with your poison! Let me cry freedom and release my darkened soul from the confines of this tortuous prison of finery

Today you have your trophy, held tightly in your hand
Covered in blood and tears

Taste the spite in the air, defiant and grim

But only a frame, a portrait within a larger mosaic or tapestry
Low, I shall prevail
For now, I heal

And for now, till I rant or at least come up with something other than political to discuss …

~ The Pirate Poet



























































Today and beyond…

I find myself at crossroads these days for no other reason than I’m just getting older. True, that’s not news all in itself, but it does add to the poetry angle ~ ~

© 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

A little colder
I wish I could soar above it all
Maybe, if I close my eyes
Just let go
A sensation of falling for a while
Wind whistling in my ears
No bottom
No place to land
Would it be so difficult?
Could it be that hard?
To let the currents carry me
From star to star, nebula to cosmic birth
Simply, eloquently

Not sure if that’s a hit or miss, but it came to mind! Still writing and finding more and more that fiction is simpler than real life ~ and a tad saner and easier to explain!
Now for the world of humanity to catch up…
So, once again, editing off hand and working on my basic writing skills. I find it very difficult to relate to anyone who doesn’t do something at a basic level to keep up with grammar, spelling and punctuation. A lost art it seems to be becoming and I for one am going to go down swinging and never be lazy about it!
I’m wondering if we the independent artists, authors and musicians should band together world wide to apply pressure to be paid reasonable rates and not pennies on the pound/dollar! Change must come and soon ~ Don’t you agree?
More dragon tales of the unconventional – or so I hope – are on the way! New ideas for horror and the odd fantasy are also availing themselves to yours truly.
Until that time I can break the mould fully ~

Take care, be creative and  ~


~ The Pirate Poet

































































And so it goes….


First, I know it’s not mother’s day yet, but all the same – Have a grand day and may it be the first of many celebrations of you and all the wonders of being a matron!
Big Kitten Hug to all!


Now, since all stories have a slight to very deviant angle to them the tempo is very important. Even chaos has a beat! No matter if it’s the villain’s day or hero’s, if love wins or is tragically lost, the temp must be adhered to. Like a great symphony, one must divide into many parts or movements and conduct them accordingly.

Conversations must flow like water and be ever changing like sky. Moods and actions change, but never roughly or choppy. An end can be abrupt, but never a cut off. Cliff hangers are an occupational hazard and not mandatory for all tales.
As I’ve noted before ~ Let the story tell itself. Simple really,
I thought of an interesting beginning for a tale – let’s see how this is received or perceived….

  Mirror me this…

© 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

It was over. All that was left was to go to bed and dream away the nightmare. Darkness and crept in and silver light shone from the sliver of moon hanging in the air. A tomb would have been louder and yet…
Something was troubling. Why did the shadows remain in the hall with the lights on? As she passed the vanity in the main bedroom, it seemed to ripple and distort her features. Marcus was already miles away by now, could she reach him in time? She reached for her mobile only to find that despite the image in the mirror, it wasn’t on her night stand!


Okay. Another tease of sorts and hopefully a good example.

Write well, be brilliant and creative ~ Always!

~ The Pirate Poet


































































































Of course, it was a Monday… * sigh *

Let’s see;
Got someone hacked enough to nearly scream at me and take me head off – Check
Was run ragged by mum’s cat  – check
Nearly didn’t get breakfast or lunch done – check
Found my little toe bleeding where I sliced it, a little deeper and could have taken it off  – check
That was my day sans the usual good news on weather and of course getting myself to type up story/plot lines. On top of having nearly 3 hours of sleep from the previous week
It’s just spectacular to be me.. * sigh *
Okay, how about a little something of a musical nature?
My list to play today as soon as I can ~
REM man on the moon
Scorpions  Send me an Angel
Queen Show must go on
NightHawks On my way
Coldplay Charlie Brown
Coldplay Sky full of Stars
Queen Under Pressure
Led Zeppelin Kashmir and Immagrant Song
Five for Figting(?) 100 years
Metallica Ain’t my Bitch

I’d say that was a good start. Now for a poetic moment
(c) Jon Corres Pirate Poet
A pale shadow and a pall
What comes over the horizon
Sail on for the quiet
Silver moon and night black sea
Arrested in my thinking
Soul soaring through the clouds
A divide of insurmountable breadth
Of what do I look forward to
Trading night for day
Cold comfort or a comfortable pain
In service of the sightless
Would I if I could
Spill even a drop of my life’s fluid
Even if to have a mystery as a marker of my passing
Quietly and from nothing virtually to something
Akin to a phantom, wraith or shade
To live in shunting
Return once more to the soundless void

Reading on the horizon, revision, rewrite and repeat – The waiting game and more, oh joy! Well, at least I can say I’m doing something I love – Story telling and poetry.

So, for now, this brief rant of gobbledy gook or Orcish tongue is over ~

Cheers and to one of my least noteworthy days – My birthday…


~ The Pirate Poet


































































Progress, the waiting game and what to get for Birthday?!?

Well, all is going well for the novel series – both – I’m writing and editing. Decided to re – read and work on the Dragon Short Stories as well as break from the horror ones for a while… I need to really be able to describe some deaths better!

Also, still waiting on my friend and publisher at Wolfsinger Publications. Life moves at the speed it deems fit it seems…

Also, what to get for my birthday? I know I’ll either be heading to Amazon or Right Stuf International for either books or anime items. Any thoughts?

Now, here’s a little something for the offering…


© 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

On the Edge of For Ever
In Shadow we do script
Lights lines and exposition
Tracing our lineage, futures past and events present
A symphony playing out to a sea of stars and worlds
The tales of a singular light and life
Strands of the tapestry that speaks of those gone, here and yet to come
What is lost in the snippets, edits and margins circumscribed
In the flotsam and refuse echoing and pinging
What songs were sung in vane?
For a moment, the moon smiles as the sun quietly naps
A brief respite from the drudgery and pantomime
To begin again
Such is life

For now …

Yours truly,
~ The Pirate Poet