Poetry and maybe an update …

Poetic moment ~

Silence as loud as cannon

The look that speaks a thousand words

Drifting on

Maybe someday

Paths often cross

The river of night

Moonlit song softly over the water

Waves often dance rather merrily

Quiet as a church mouse

My eyes barely move

For the interest I keep

Diving in

Head first

Tomorow is just a dream away

Alone in the world

Surrounded by a cacophony of voices


Where am I, in this vasteness of black and rainbows of ribbons

Who will I call

When there’s no one to turn to

I’ll just get up and quietly leave

Feelin the breeze in my face

Each step reminds me

Miles to go no matter how far I’ve been

Raise your glass to the spectre you see

Standing alone in the mirror

Or turning the back in a doorway

Never to be seen again

Ghosts in my reflection

So, as for the update… I may be putting out a hardback copy of all my books. Maybe. Until then, I’m working the 2nd of the 4 part 2nd series and hopefully will get even more interest in a good adventure with comedy and a tad of horror tossed in… Maybe

Till next time…

~ The Pirate Poet