Allergies, writing, more editing; It’s Monday, damn it all ( ode to Clark Gable line)


From COSine 2017 I believe it has to do with Cosplay, the panel.


Writing, after navigating the multiple plausible routes my characters will take to the finish line that is the end of the story, I have found the best way that doesn’t defy the characters or the plot. This will not slow down the idea of Camden’s Follies being a 5 book series told in 4 parts each book. Each part is set for 25 chapters each upwards to 200 + pages in some cases. I plan the releases for 6 month intervals for that series.

For Elder Offensive – that’s a two book, 4 part horror/adventure with a smidgen of romance tossed in. Death comes like a Greek Tragedy in this one. So far, it’s picking the survivors that’s really a pain! It’s always easy to kill off characters in a horror piece… * sigh *


Now, I also have 3 ( possibly) complete short stories that got snubbed because name brands were given favour * SIGH * . However, I shall put them out none the less as I have found that Kindle or Nook will do so. I may, since each tale is roughly 10 – 20 pages long have them made into comic books. ~ Wish me luck there!

Perhaps some day the lesson to big publishing will set in – let the readers decide what they want to read and not some so – called – fan with an axe to grind! It’s the big reason I do my own edits – it’s my story, my way of story telling; Don’t Touch, you ruddy wanker! *LOL*
Needless to say, when and if I hire on an editor it is for line or grammar edits. I find changes of a different variety and someone doesn’t get paid! In fact I may sue for breach of performance, fraud come to that.
On a different note ~ No, not C sharp ~ I’ve encountered many a new author and have quite a few recommendations to give out!  The Anne Blanc mysteries comes to mind for one.
Jennifer Kincheloe I know of the first book and I understand there’s a new one as well.
Get this wondrous mystery as soon as possible or check out your local library and request it there. Great Read!
Also, I’ve been turned on to a new horror writer and will fill in the blanks about that one and Anne Blanc mystery novel as soon as humanly possible!














Belated wisdom and updates.

Our children are not our future, but extensions of today. It is not for us to pass on our problems to a new generation that we can solve today.
Listening means you listen sans giving advice. Deep down the one that requests the kind ear doesn’t need your solutions – they need to know that people who are closest to them trust their judgement and inner wisdom.
In one form or another, this has been said and ignored. Treating children like adults and adults like children. Honestly, when did humanity get so tangled in stupidity that it does what sounds or feels good over what, as individuals, they know is truly good.

How we make our choices is just as important as why. Never in haste, nor out of cruelty or cowardice or out of panic. From a place of calm, more can be done.
The way to defeat a bad idea is to embrace the good ones instead.

Okay, I’m off my box of reiteration for now.
To the updates!

Elder Offensive – I’ve narrowed down the survivors from the luncheon meat, er, the dead. Part one and two of the first book are ready for artwork and I have two more artists to consult on that front. Thus saving me the hair pulling and anguish of learning a computer programme that leaves me in tears every time I think I’ve got it sussed.

Camden’s Follies – Okay, how’s this for a pitch;
Near the early 20t century an unwitting forensic pathologist in training winds up on an alien world, to become a pirate and answer a vague prophecy! Sounds like excitement and really wild things? Not to protagonist James Camden!
This tale is a send up on all stereotypical heroes of the silent and early talkie films. It covers mainly what happens behind the scenes from his viewpoint – plus the odd insight from his compatriots in pirate arms. Romance, Comedy, Melodrama and over the top characters wrapped in a corking good tale ~ How’s that?
Anyway, I threw the rule book out and shot with a laser cannon to write this one. It’s a roller coaster ride that takes you to the outer spiral arm of the galaxy and back again.

Cheers for now ~
Yours poetically, fictionally and generally off the wall…

~ The Pirate Poet

I wonder what happened to all those folk I requested an interview for? * shrug  *


























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