Camden’s Follies Book 1 Part 4 ~ Live as of today!

From the web page!

Above is the link. Please enjoy! The next 4 books are being worked on as I type this… More follies, Enemy combat and … Pirates! Please enjoy the tale ~ * bow * ~

Here’s the blurb:

James is missing!

Is James dead or on the run?! Calieb 7 was a disaster! Cafea can only watch as the Bernoulli dives in between a massive destroyer and its dreadnought escort as the Fire Fan tries to hold off a pair of cruisers. Her last view is the red and green energy of cannon fire and billowing smoke swallowing up her husband’s ship. The planet is virtually dead and the Garinthian empire is scrambling to regroup. Rival clans hear the news and step up their efforts to finish off the Dragon Helm clan with aid from the empire.
What will our heroes, James family and friends do now? In this fourth instalment of Camden’s Follies the tides have turned for the worse and it’s up to the ladies to come to the fore. Will our protagonist survive this latest run of bad luck or will his new family finish him off? Hold on dear readers, the adventure is just beginning and the Follies keep coming…

I’ll post the british link… here…’s+Follies&qid=1580754718&s=books&sr=1-1

Anyway, the first series is done! The second and third are on their way!


~ The Pirate Poet