Something more…

In the wake of trying winds
On rough tides and many a road impassable
Still, on the horizon we find
A star shining to light the way
No country, flag, banner or pennant
It is the singing sun
It is the brooding moon
We are the children of the cosmos
Adrift and seeking the current that is life

Updates, thoughts and generally speaking…

So, weird week. Weather by mum is ridiculous! But I digress…

I’ve been reading over my 3rd part of Camden’s Follies Book 1 and have gotten as far as Book 2 part 5. I can only wonder at how I’ve managed to keep things as compact as I have. Under 200 pages each so far, amazing all in itself.

I know, to some, it’s wordy. Why? No idea. Could be the modern nonsense of under 5 words or less to say things or 240 characters. I find that preposterous! Codswalllop! I say, or my characters say, what’s needed with as many or as few words as deemed fit! ~ rant 1 over.

Okay, anyway, above are copies of my latest offering in the Camden’s Follies Series. Time’s up, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say…

Good luck, happy writing and see you … out there!

~ the Pirate Poet