Careening around in the corona world…

Okay, so I’m taking care of mum and her cat. That’s the most benign of my news. Or, I should say it’s the least exciting. Working on my series – Camden’s Follies – I find myself at a loss for some reason. Well, okay, I should be working on finishing the final book in Elder Offensive.
But you know, it’s a bit of a drag trying to be certain of how to kill off characters in a way that will be either heart string tugging or just hack off the audience due to how well liked the characters are.

Anyway, I’m surviving on Oreos, Pizza and of course caffeine. I can’t wait till the Comic Book Store and or the Trading Card shop are open. Also, I really want to get Taco Bell in person and NOT via some non – company delivery service.

I’d even revel in having access to Titan Comics Dr. Who! Never mind the idea of putting my set of Amonkhet together.

So, on to more writing since writers generally read my blog.

I’m thinking of trying to either lead in or build around a poem. A little like what Agatha Christie did for one of her more famous murder mysteries whose name escapes me at the moment.
I could even parce out the verse as chapter titles!

I’m simply flumoxed over what variety of story. Fancy a go and in depth horror or, perhaps, something of a mystery witha science fiction edge to it?

Oh well…
Until next time world

~ The Pirate Poet

3 thoughts on “Careening around in the corona world…

  1. I found your page via twitter, and I’ve enjoyed what I read so far. Your blog posts are very inviting to new visitors.


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