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Some more from a lovely lady and talented artist! Give this a shifty and BUY THE BOOK!
and while your satiating your reading..
Remember, Scales and Hearts vol. 1 is now available! Am working on getting the gang of usual suspects on board for a rousing series of tales about the world of Dragons and Humans! Look for the work of Sam Stone while you’re at he library or at Amazon, Kobo or Nook.. she’s another brilliant lass and a queen of the horror page!
In other words, there’s always a good to great book/read availablePlease support my future cover artists as listed in previous blogs as well!

Chaz Kemp is a treasure as is Willow Raven… Don’t hesitate! Support Chaz’s Patreon page and keep buying art and books! The greatest weapons against boredom, insensitivity, ignorance and intolerance!

The Pirate Poet * bow *

 P.S. For the lady from the book store

A four short story release.. * holding breath *

Okay, here’s my first offering. Remember, getting a quality cover artist cost a LOT these days. Also, once again, if you think you can do better – show me! Submit something! Complaining or not giving to a fund raiser so I can hire on an artist isn’t done, not with me…
Anyway, now I’ve through ranting…
Please buy the Ebook. I will be trying for a different cover and submit to Kindle and Nook for a hard cover/Ebook edition. Be gentle and READ fully, if you please! SCAN5123 JONS PREFERRED SCALES AND HEARTS 14JUNE17 5

New cover art beginnings and such


Cover concept 1


Concept 2

Anyway, I have to work with what I have for now * SIGH *, so no complaining or laughing at this! I would use a name artist, however, some people think/believe that I should suffer first – which is bollocks – before they contribute to any Kickstarter project.
It’s bollocks because, if these morons want new content – it’s about damn time they did something like pay for it instead of sponging and pirating for their own benefit.  ~ gets off soap box ~ Sorry, this is kind of a sore subject for me.

Anyway, Scales and Hearts is going to be before Camden’s Follies and Elder Offensive. I need to get an old file folder and sort out how to make a picture look like it has tentacles coming out of it. The evil eyes in the background are easy – relatively.
Anyway, this is coming soon… perhaps on LuLu, Kobo and Kindle -have to look in on Nook again.. * sigh *

Peace and Prosperity or all and sorry for the brief soap box moment and emoting!

~ Cheers!
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Take it easy on me oh world…



Okay, so no ready plugs today unless you count a small convention in the out of the way town of Colorado Springs – a comic and toy fair. For details, use you voice… believe it or not I’m not half the dragon you may think me.

Okay – My offer du jour ~
I’m willing to put up the first three chapters… once a week… of my two feature novel series. Only thing stopping me; Your input! Yes, I prefer to hear it from the throng of actual readers – not skimmers, cover fan boys or girls or psionic want to be’s.
This is your one chance to see the inside scoop or at least a chance to see if you find it entertaining enough to want to read. Grammar Nazi’s need not apply! I want people who want to read and be entertained, not be haughty or comparative/contrast oriented.
If I want the torture test I can head for the Oxford University English Literature College!!
Now, remember folks…
I will be trying my hand at kickstarter again in the near future. As an independent Author/Artist this is mainly how I get my work out- aside from saving up.
Anyway, I’m off my soapbox for now…

And while you’re out here… check out Chaz Kemp’s site as well as the likes of Carolyn Kay and Sam Stone or Corie Weaver’s publications or even give Sam Knight a read!
Everyone needs an imagination refresher and art and reading are great sources to kick start your brain!

For now ~ voting Labour and ~ ALLONS – Y!

~ Yours
The Pirate Poet!
Will have something poetic soon, I hope. Look for my current collections on Kobo – the reading app is free and well worth supporting along with LuLu!!