Baristas, Caffeine and things not so relevant.


So, another day, another cuppa.
One brief mention – Nikia, probably my most favourite barista,  you have a facinating sense of humour.
Okay, on to  something even more off the wall…

I can’t wait for the election season to be over! There. I said it and I feel better about it.
Looking forward to hearing more from Carol Hightshoe on the prospect of my anthology. It’s been in the works now for 4 years officially in one form or another. Dragons always have held my sway, from childhood on.
So, I decided to try an angle I haven’t read about yet and propose it to a bunch of veteran authors in an effort to see how they approach the subject. I know, dragons aren’t new, but it is always a challenge to a fictorian to come up with worthwhile material that captivates and entertains.
Am working on my q&a list for the first run of interviews. I may put up an audio file or a transcript or both. You never know with me!
Linzi Gold has hr new album out – that’s the latest musical buzz I have. I suggest you get it or head to England if you’re not already there and queue up to see her and get a copy of the album.
I highly recommend Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Espresso blenders – delicious


Till the interviews start and I finish my artistic dealings for cover art..















Interview or not to interview – that is the question

So, how does anyone feel about reading what some of the bright new stars of arts/literature and poetry are up to and if their work is up your street?

Needless to say, this will be a random exercise as the folk I wish to publish the thoughts of are on the constant move and are in high demand for their presence at Conventions, Books Signings and Art exhibits.

Otherwise ~
The mayhem and carnage of the Cthulu based novel is coming along quite well! I’m even feeling better about the Camden’s Follies first appearance on Kindle, Nook, LuLu and Kobo.
May the independence be yours!

~ The Pirate PoetAn officers tools.JPG

Today, a hectic time as always and maybe something coherent..



My writing partner and Mews…
Anyway, on to the hectic day:

Pushing my caffeine limits to finish part 3 of Elder Offensive. War against supernatural forces can be a bit tricky at the best of times, but that’s a given.
Poetry coming along, especially for the collection – may be a mini this time
Camden’s Follies is on hold as my brain needs to calm down long enough for the next 225 chapters of the saga. And yes, you read that right. I’m very close to 1 million words and not many monosyllabic ones; believe it or not. And I don’t if you don’t! Nyah!
Seriously though, this story takes place in another galaxy on many worlds that many will want some idea of what they look like and the peoples culture. There’s also the balance of humour, action, melodrama and of course some mystery.
On top of all this I’m having too much fun with the adult horror/action/adventure I’ve begun – 30 days to save the Universe.. YAY!
I don’t have to be overly sensitive about killing characters off as long as it’s spectacular or gory or both – the deaths that is! I can politically incorrect as much as I’d like and take no prisoners.
I’m exploring putting up interviews and reviews on my rants and raves blog here – any thoughts? I know many an author, actor/actress and have many questions on the business and of course how they enjoy their work/calling etc.

One of these days, I may actually get my book cover done to go live with my two series.. * SIGH * And yes, this is me practising melodrama in preparation of finishing Camden’s Follies. For me, writing must be like music – beginning, middle. end and of course a tempo. Getting Beta Readers is also a major/minor pain… but we’ll see if I get round that or wind up doing my nut.

Until next time… for my sole fan…
Peace, Great Reading, Music and Day be yours!

~ The Pirate Poet












My ranting Ravie… No, that’s not right. And neither are my views!

Okay. It’s official Sam Stone is now an all around artist as she delves into music as well as writing and maybe art? Dare we dream?

Okay, is it me or has the American Political debates been missing a banjo player?
Me, I support Jeremy Corbyn – labour party!

And now for my usual artsy ranting or summat like that –

If you want to write a really top shelf spaceship battle I would have you do the following;

  1. Watch old Buster Crabbe films, Star Wars and of course any swashbuckling classic with Errol Flynn (sp), Douglas Fairbanks jr. or sr.
  2. Read! There are many classic naval battles and such that can truly inspire any kind of ship battle!
  3. speak to a veteran of the Navy. – Experience and a first hand account of how such things transpire is priceless!

Now for my general fellow author shout out or mention!

Amity Green’s Witcher Chimes and Scales and their sequals – especially for the young adult reader crowd, very brilliant

Courtney Farrell’s Bait series – another young adult reader . This one has some real oomph to it. I may have to read it over so I can get a better feel for rhythm and such as well as a more comprehensive critique or review.
As I may have mentioned before – Chaz Kemp is working on a really brilliant Tarot Card set, perhaps with short stories. Anyway, he has a patreon page so I suggest you book on, contribute and help bring this brilliance to the world



Okay, enough for today…
ALLONS – Y! And remember, please be brilliant, at peace and keep on reading/writing/painting

My usual shout or mention and my event with the ladies – we summoned something worse than Cthulu; Mrs. Cthulu

Okay – so now I have your attention …

Just a brief word or two

My cover picture includes the amazing Chaz Kemp, Sam Knight and Mia Kleve! Chaz is the artist du jour, Sam is a writer of no bounds on subject matter and Mia is a dab hand at editing, writing an a great ear to bend when stuck on plot.
Not pictured her are the rest of the usual suspects ~ Courtney Farrell, Marie Whitaker, Quincy Allen and Tonya Lynn. Writers, Fictorians and a cosplayer/model of no small degree!
In my time I’ve met many a famous writer – Connie Willis, George R.R. Martin, Jim Butcher, Mike Resnick, etc. to name a few. I’ve seen a fair few artists, like Bob Eggleton and Chaz at roughly the beginning of their blooming in their careers.
I can honestly say I’ve been incredibly lucky or blessed – depending on your point of view or bent and I can honestly say I’ve learnt a LOT and can say I’ve been influenced quite a bit by their brilliance. All inspired me in one form or another..
So, to make this long winded brief talk shorter –

Thanks Guys and Gals! I shall always be grateful for the opportunity to have met, and in some cases, become friends with some of you. And so I dedicate my passion and hearts calling to you lot… ALLONS – Y!

Okay, so I need social commentary?

In the world today, there are more people commenting than really doing anything. Once in a while, I’ll throw my 2 pence worth in, just not that often as it seems.

That being said – my view on editing;
I treat it like I would my old profession of detective – with Care, Consideration and patience. You can never get the plot from osmosis, telepathy or a cursory glance. That’s just rubbish! As to fonts – I’ve had to read everything from bog standard type to written in blood! There’s no room for folding arms, rolling eyes or taking an attitude or being combative about it. How many good authors and stories must find the rubbish bin before the printing press!?!
I have nothing against most fonts as I can easily translate even the pictogram variety to readable with a simple ” select all ” and going to the font section. In my hay day we actually had language and grammar books or we knew people who were bilingual and could assist us if we had a communications problem.
It’s overly simplistic to dismiss off hand. A really good editor will read a manuscript at least thrice so they can identify potential grammar problems or communication misunderstandings.
I’ve edited a fan magazine and had to review many a crime scene written piece of evidence in order to get a periodical out or profile a type of predator in my two jobs – now one.
I know this isn’t that easy a task – unless it’s up your street, comes naturally and you have a passion for it. Either way – none can afford to act the machine or cold hearted judge and jury. I listen to my readers more than a publisher or their editorial staff because the readers are the one who want the stories and read them. But that’s another topic al;l together.
What ever your art is –  writing, painting or otherwise – go with your heart, let the story tell itself, the painting guide you or the rhythm take you away!

Peace and Creativity be Yours!

Sunday, ice cream Sundae, er, never mind – more drivel from the Pirate Poet


Some folk I may have mentioned and the day… again

Above is one of the folks I never got round to mentioning. I seem to have the best luck in finding talented people these days! She is one of the potential future cover artists for my work. Visit her site, buy some prints – you’ll love it! She’s a really talented and smart person. You can even, if you have the time and are lucky enough, catch her at one of the science fiction and fantasy conventions in the Southern U.S.

For Chaz -the friend I mentioned the other day

You can find the list of her amazing work here and search for her on Amazon Kindle and Books… I think she’s still on Barnes and Noble. Also, do look for her on Telos publishing.

Okay, now on to some of the proverbial boring me stuff…


© 2016 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

Fading roses, a dusty window sill

Filtered light, cold and unfeeling

So much for what could be

In the haste of the moment

Things said, not said or implied

Like the flotsam in the air it hangs

As a memory it echoes softly
A haunting voice, taunting and elusive

Yet, palpable sorrow

Never again, a shade or spectre shall I become

My heart lay in the remains of the hearth

Your tears water the brown grass and withered flora

This is not a home, but a mausoleum

A testament to futility – mainly my own
A wretch was forged as love was consumed in the fires

Ire marches in your nightmares

Oaths given and curses invoked

Happiness, a dream unattainable


This is going into my new collection, due out as soon as I can find a photo for the cover * shrug *.  As to my novel work… here’s a snippet/teaser for the action/horror fans


























Today, every day and beyond

This sounds a lot deeper than it is – really. I just learnt that there is an animated feature that is based on a Philip K. Dick novel! He joins E.E. Doc Smith and Heinlein as famous authors with a story turned into an animated feature. I find it surprising more Science Fiction and Fantasy authors don’t subscribe to the idea of putting their work/submitting it for the manga/anime producers – it reaches quite a broad audience.
Yesterday, I finally got on with Elder Offensive! * SIGH * I will have to go with a generic not great art cover for the moment as it’s going to take time to sit down or commune with one of my cover artists as he’s quite busy – Look for Chaz Kemp on patreon or his web site to see his amazing artwork or support his latest project! Yes this is a blatant plug for a good friend.
However, I know many gifted, talented and brilliant people – like Linzi Gold; Singer, writer and all around artist from Manchester. ~ another blatant plug ~!
Yes, it’s a bit rare for me to blog… so, on to the rest of the drivel
Back to my book series – both of them.
I’m waiting with patience to get my parody/send up of serial film heroes to market and get the two cover artists paid. Camden’s Follies has a lot of wind up’s , over the top melodrama and action – all from one or more character perspectives. All I can say i – it isn’t easy being the handsome male hero…
As to Elder Offensive ~
This is an action/horror in the spirit of Aliens and in the Universe of Cthulu  – Blood, guts and major turns and twists with a roller coaster ride of action with some calm spots to to re – charge a relentless slew of battles!
I will endeavour to keep a high standard and ignore the nay sayers as always!

For now ~ Cheers and May you always have your imagination engaged, an open mind and peace with love in abundance!!