Post Christmas thoughts or at least beyond the Solstice ~ A new year approaches

I understand that many never bother to read beyond a first line. I pity those people for missing out. There are even some, who simply scan for phrases or colloquial expressions, catch phrases and such – I ignore them.
Currently, I’m plotting the final phase of Elder Offensive as I’ve had time to re – read and think out the deaths and surprises for the readers.
No, I’m not about to do world or character back – story prequels. It would take far too long and read like a text book or manual.
I DO have more dragon stories started! So, no worries. I’m also dragging my bottom on the new Camden’s Follies books/parts. No, I have a dozen already for varying edits and such and am more than ready to release Book 1, Part 2 – as soon as the cover artist gives me a price… January is the month: Stay Tuned!
Okay – Interim political comment and on to better, more relevant things:

So, for my friends and fellow Britons – Grow up, quit arguing and start problem solving ere we wind up like the American side with a Brit equal to ” The Donald “. Inactivity or complacency is just as bad as supporting the alt – right of the country. We ARE better than this and reverse this bad job and fix the problems at hand without blaming everyone else!

End of Rant

A reminder to the English side as well as my American associates and friends – All my current work is either on Amazon – novels and short stories or Kobo – Poetry. Links can be found throughout. However, here they are again… starting with England..

Okay, now as to the American Side, simply look up the titles by name on and have fun!

The new year I begin my journey/sojourn into the conventions in order to promote my books. I know, out of pocket expenses! I don’t have a sponsor or anything – so that’s that. I’ve thought about crowd sourcing, but then again – Do I have the interest?

Another brief rant –

The real difference between a proven and unproven writer is; material. There is NO unmarketable writer. EVER. If those imbeciles in the big publishing houses can push crap like Twilight or Eragon ( a cut and paste plagiarists guide on how NOT to be a writer, then they can find a way to market what they have, the manuscript before them, and not the tripe they try to turn it into via a bunch of child egomaniacs daring to call themselves EDITORS!

End of second rant.

So, to all out there – have a great, productive and happy new year and don’t let the idiots get you down!


~ The Pirate Poet

And the winner is…

Okay, so I got back to NaNoWriMo and entered my novel… And…
Won! as the featured image states!  ~ * bow * ~
Anyway, for a preview, just ask and I’ll post something up… a tease, mind, but a preview none the less!


~ The Pirate Poet