Book lists, anticipation and finally, I hope, getting one of my two book series out… * crosses fingers *

And of course the free apps to be able to read them…
Very well then.. any questions? No? Good! I’m waiting on Wolfsinger Publications for word on Elder Offensive book 1. Otherwise, will try and get my act together soon for the cover art for Camden’s Follies. Still writing is an understatement…. more to come!

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Yeah, I’m finally closing out one of my two book series and waiting on Wolfsinger Press on getting book 1 published for the American audience.  2 years and about 1 month in hours of edits and rewrites I’m putting this baby out for the world to enjoy – once more for those not familiar with this piece, here’s the synopsis ~

Centurion Decade of the fourth cycle of the Emperor’s year – Kashimai

Venoshia 3 –

It’s been 10,000 years since the Unified Earth Alliance had been established. 20,000 years since humanity has taken to the stars to fight overcrowding, petty warfare and human created famine and disease. Multiple solar systems had been claimed, fought for and settled in the name of the old countries for which they represent. The Empire of the Human Race was teetering on the brink of all out civil war and rebellion… until now.

On the last planet on what was supposed to be the first system of multicultural existence an ancient alien people are discovered to have existed. An alien race older than humanity had lived here and told of a great catastrophic event that had occurred and could happen again. However, little did they know that supporters of the malignant beings of the previous incarnation of the universe still existed. They waited for aeons in the shadows to act and were almost on the brink of extinction until the discovery on Venoshia 3. In a last ditch bid for power, a cult of those beings that began on old Earth quietly waited for an opportunity. Then, as if the Elder Gods that they worshipped had heard them – a key was found. A device that once activated called across the fabric of time and space and not only activated its twin in another dimension, but awoke the ancient evil that is the Elder Ones or Elder Gods ruled by Cthulu.

Now, the race is on for a small group of Unified Earth Rangers and Special Forces to find and destroy a total of 52 keys in 30 days before a great gate is opened and the host of dark forces led by the Elder God Ammutseba would once again spill forth into our universe and destroy all in their path. Everything depends on Sergeant Arthur MacReady, Captain Pisti Aklonkonous, the alien beings – a Quartal named Ahk – Setnusam and her half – dragon and half – gryphon friend Ornaclan and the people in their command to navigate an entire planet, survive armies of horrific creatures and human collaborators and stop this ancient evil.

Also, am gearing up, once again, to head for Kickstarter to fund my projects with the usual rewards – character parts in another work, signed books and the like.
Once more ~ No independently published writer or other artist can live off of air alone. We have bills and such to pay and would appreciate being able to do something more than be in debt constantly.
You, the reading public, want fresh content and some stories to brighten your day and give yo something to read or watch? Support the independent artists locally and abroad! Even a dollar/pound a month from – oh say – 500 of my or someone’s readership would do wonders for all.
Okay, off my soap box…
I can tell you that from Millennials to my generation, there’s been lots of positive support for both Elder Offensive and Camden’s Follies. I did offer a teaser or promo 3 chapters didn’t I? Well, don’t be shy or afraid – I won’t share your email address and will happily let you see what I’m working on for novels.
Next, keep an eye on Wolfsinger Press for Scales and Hearts volume 2. I have quite a few of my good friends and fellow authors on the hook to provide a fresh perspective or dozen to a 20 story anthology with a different take on the world of dragons…
Who knows? Maybe I can get Sam Stone on board? Or maybe, if the gods of writing are on my side, Jody Lyn Nye? I can dream one way or another, yes?

So for now,
The Pirate Poet
Keep reading, dreaming, becoming, writing and doing!