It’s coming along with a copy of Scales and Hearts – collectible error cover!



Below, from Book 1, part 1  ~ The one I’ve waited TOO long to be able to put out..

Folly dirgible_ Cover page 5

Below is the one I need to work on… Seriously! I need – either more sleep or caffeine!



Okay, so I’m waiting for 5 copies of Hearts and Scales.. * SIGH * I know what the cover above says…. I’m WELL aware of the goof. However, I can and will correct it on my Corel PaintShop Pro X8! For now, I will have 5 copies – FIVE for myself and 4 lucky readers!
Who knows? I may have a copy of Book 1, Part 1 for everyone I choose – friends and family for example – signed and such!
For now, celebrating overcoming a minor hurdle and preparing to save for a table at COSine and a couple of other  venues… I CAN’T WAIT!
A SOLID excuse to hang and knock about with me mates!!!!

For now ~ I did you adieu and clear skies with smooth sailing!

~ The Pirate Poet











































































Never a dull moment…


Okay, so now that I’ve cheesed off a fair few editors…
Let’s see then. I just tend to go with the crowd that believes in themselves and not co – dependency. I find that just because one title sells doesn’t mean you have to re – write a perfectly good tale to bore the audience or insult them to tears and a desire NOT to read.
If you can market rubbish – you CAN market solid work. It’s publishing’s job to SELL what they have or find or make a market instead of settling for the tried and boorish bog standard ones.
The new paradigm is us, the authors and artists, realising that we’ve been paying to do all the work ourselves as is. It’s time to unite under a banner of mutual support and true karma. Karma is finding a goal and and then discovering others desirous of this end and helping selflessly to achieve it. We get the energy and resources we truly need in return and expand our knowledge and become better for it in the end.
If it were up to me we’d have a union, with dues and crowd source support and possibly even the odd fund raiser. Work together, support our intellectual, copyright and trademarks by providing legal assistance as needed. Show a united front against the pirates who would profit off of our hard/smart work and encourage more creativity than stifle/snuff it!
No more having to go into debt for what you love! No more sending out manuscripts to just anyone – especially those that don’t return them so they can profit from their cheap ghost writing labour!  For those who couldn’t afford dues – the fund raisers for them and selfless aid in their laudable undertakings. Also, free legal advocates and research – time to get the professors and students of law some real world work, yeah?
Anyway, that’s my rant and I’m sticking to it!

Cheers and keep your eyes on Kobo and Amazon… almost done with the tweaks for Camden’s Follies and SOON, very soon, I shall even have Elder Offensive book 1 out!


~ The Pirate Poet




























































Above is a link to something I was trying to recall for a while. In this day and age, the words seem to resonate that much more than ever before.  wonder how many would participate in such massive acts of destruction and violence if they pondered these very words?
I know. One cannot dwell on all the evils of the world without falling into an abyss of darkness, but on the other hand – we need to remind ourselves of what our individual contributions are working towards. We cannot cure the whole till we solve ourselves and then we can go forth – not in anger or spite, but in healing.
To some, this is a soft approach of folly and subject of ridicule. Me, I just know what works.

On the story front ~
Working, maybe, on Time out of Balance. A slight horror and alternate reality story..
Still working on which way I wish to end one of two story series. Getting there in regards to which path and all.
On the horror front – coming along nicely.
Dragon stories abound and I struggle to limit myself to a few short stories and maybe a novel.
Maybe one day I’ll find a script writer who actually READS the material instead of trying osmosis, telepathy or skimming. I guess reading is a lost art, yeah?

Okay, enough of the proverbial anger management…
On to and back to writing and getting my readers their stories/tales!


~ The Pirate Poet

… plus a bit of follow up.

Mushi - shi 4.jpg


The above is from Mushi – shi or Mushi master. To me, this is what X – Files should have been and a worthy successor for Kolchak: The Nightstalker.
However. back to topic.

One of the other reasons I don’t work with an editor, aside from not wishing to insult all my previous professors from my days in academia, is ego. The ones I’ve encountered have them at the size of a small planet at least, editors that is.
None of them should think themselves, gods, experts, nor magicians. There is NO magic in destroying a perfectly good work because it doesn’t meet your personal standard of excellence. That’s being FAR to subjective for my tastes.
In my view and observation, if there’s no market for it – MAKE ONE! Don’t be lazy or try to be a pale copy of a pale copy of a masterpiece.
For me, if the blurb doesn’t catch my eye, nor does the first few pages make me want to read more – forget it! I’m not investing in rubbish! PERIOD!
To market rubbish – one more time – is to insult current readers and prevent new readers who then prefer to watch mindless idiocy, rather than read it.
I know many an author, whom, despite their best efforts go unnoticed as some idiots prefer catch phrase and cut and paste to actual literature. Story telling s an art that must and is done out of love and not for the monetary signs. If we get paid properly for our work, it’s an after thought. It’s more important to be read first and foremost.
True, we all need to live indoors and eat, but to do so only for money is a barren existence at best.
If you believe in what you do, put your passion and energy into this effort, it will pay off in the end. Keep your eyes on the goal and NEVER sweat the details. If those wunderkins/ brilliant and flawless people at the editorial and marketing departments are on their game – your books should be selling really well. If they can market rubbish that makes Pet Rocks look desirable, then they can put the same energy in your manuscript!
As is, we wind up doing all that and more in some instances. We’re not millionaires or billionaires, expenses out of pocket are daunting at times. And if it’s up to us – then why do we need them?
Just food for thought…
For now, enjoy your day, write if you are an author, paint or draw if you’re an artist/illustrator or play/sing like no one was watching and let your heart and soul soar!

For now…

~ The Pirate Poet


































































































And then, there was this…



I was on twitter when I noted a re-tweet from Neil Gaiman.  A young and up and coming author asked a question; What do I need to do to become a better writer? His answer; Write!
However, this went over the head of the woman in question. She basically replied by stating that she might have just caught the great author off guard and he was tired.  She just concluded her statement with ~ ” So, I was like, thanks, that’s … o.k?” Or something like that.
Gee, if his answer was more straightforward it would have hit her on the head and bum simultaneously while yelling at her.
Let me add the following to your confusion – if you’re young and starting on your path.
You don’t call yourself a singer if all you do is read about and listen to people singing, do you? Nor do you call yourself a musician if you did similar. You have to pick up the instrument and play it, get behind the microphone and sing before you can even discover how far away or along you are. To find out how much you have to learn or often you must practise. And even then, by practising, playing the instrument or singing – you get better.
Writing is NO different. Don’t wait for someone else to write your tale for you or tell it. Write it! Break yourself of bad habits and refine or expand your mind, genres, vocabulary and technique – WRITE! There is no instant gratification or pill to replace this. WRITE! It’s the first step into a wide, wondrous universe of endless possibilities. WRITE!

The read some more. I can honestly say the best of tales will open the cinema/theatre of the mind and engage your imagination. A great/good story will refresh and leave you ready to tackle the conundrums of everyday living. It will revive you like a walk in the park or a good meal could.

So get out there, don’t bother with advice – WRITE! And be sure to finish what you start…
And if you want top network – go out and make friends, at conventions, libraries and school. Keep each other in the know and do it without thought of reward – selflessly!

So, for now …


~ The Pirate Poet

























































































On a slightly brighter note…

Okay, so now I’m almost through with the idea of beating the concept of good fiction versus horrible into peoples heads.
Here’s the latest…
Going over typos and generally getting evil ideas about more books! Now to do some extra research as my memory is getting wonky from all the facts there in. I would like to add that I’ll be doing more research on area knowledge for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and the north as a whole.
I’m always fascinated by tales of Nessie, but to be honest, I’m looking for obscure creatures unique to the areas mythos/legends/monsters list.
I love writing Camden’s Follies and looking forward to the reception for book 1 of Elder Offensive. One of the few times I get to let my mind truly wander and give death a shot at some characters.
And no, I STILL won’t trust the average American Editor with anything of mine, thanks very much! The last thing I need is an over inflated ego having at my work so they can cut it into a pale carbon copy of some rubbish piece that will only be popular for maybe a year or more realistically 6 months or less.
* gets off soapbox *
Anyone can come up with a good/great monster or villain. I’ll grant that! However, coming up with the complex how’s and why’s of the situation are the bugger aren’t they?
I find it best to watch some tellie and then read as well as observe humans in action prior to writing. Never be afraid to make an amalgam of personalities to avoid being boring or tripe. It’s a grand challenge! Of course, if you must stick to one singular type, that’s okay too! Not ever disparaging that course of action, only mentioning an approach.
Stories will, and must, tell themselves. So no matter what the perspective – give it life and its due as well as something bigger than a 2 – dimensional approach. Your goal is to get the imagination of the reader going and working. Let the cinema of the mind play itself and keep the reader engaged, er, entertained!

So, for now, I bid you adieu and sorry if I’m repetitive, but I must say, some topics bare closer looks or repetition to get the point home, yes?

~ The Pirate Poet
























































































* YAWN * Someone tell me I have a good bead on the day.. or at least I can quit with the faux paux’s …

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m getting senile a tad early. How can I read submission guidelines and STILL send the wrong format!?!
* SIGH *
Oh well, I’ll get it right – I hope!

On a note from the other blog entry ~
Bad literature/fiction is just as bad, if not worse, than being victimised by a literary pirate! Let me elaborate further…
How can you encourage a new generation or keep the hopes alive of a current crop of rally good writers if the publishing community keeps promoting rubbish for work?
Honestly, a good friend and muse of mine, Connie Willis said it best – It’s up to us, the authors to get the work out and the publisher to market it. I’d add they can create a market for anything; why not good, from the heart, well done material?
A quick cash cow effect can never erase the negatives of poor product. Not to mention, I’ve noticed more Twilight titles in the used book/charity stores/second hand shelves gathering dust over Rowling’s work.
Needless to say, I’m glad to be an independent artist/author.  Thanks to some really sound professors, I take enough pride in my work to be able to objectively edit and no take away from the story.
It is the sole job of the author to tell the tale – no matter the perspective. I shall NEVER throw away, arbitrarily, my near 2 decades of education – NEVER! In all likelihood, I will wind up marrying my future editor – a bit like John Le Carre actually – rather than hire one.. Just a bit of a hint ladies of the page!

Okay, so onward and yonward or something like that * LOL * …
Cover for part one of Camden’s Follies is coming along – can’t wait to put out the Ebook edition! And, in reference to my submission faux paux – I’m going to buck up my courage and re – do my submission for Wolfsinger Publications.
Honestly, if I were spread any more thin I’d be 2 dimensional


For now, back to the grind …
Yours always

~ The Pirate Poet
















































































Tuesday, it must be Belgium and NO! I won’t get over Twilight and the other rubbish that followed!

Okay, so now I have your curiosity up – or is that your dander? – let me elaborate…

Never tell me to get over Twilight or Eragon. Ever. To me this was a turning point or a major set – back for everything done by J.K. Rowling. Rowling created something, a story of great depth, that transcended age limits and got a generation to quit staring at a video screen and get up and do something. They actually were motivated to read and take up writing!
This doesn’t even count how this could be an insult to John Le Carre or some of the other authors who put their heart and soul into their work. By marketing rubbish and then justifying doing so by sales numbers – in terms of monetary gain -, it simply gave license for more rubbish that did even more to convince people NOT to read or take up writing.
Or has no one noticed the decline in book sales – Ebook or otherwise – and the rise in mindless video games and other none though provoking or non thinking encouraging activities or items?
And what of the idea of turning really good individual authors into Ghost Writers? Or do you think that putting your success into the hands of an editor that proclaims themselves a god of writing and only THEY know what the reading public wants – and not the public itself – is acceptable? I know I don’t!
The norm of the day needs to be replaced and FAST! Anyway, in England, I’ve noted what some call best or million sellers can be picked apart with absurd ease on the technical and story telling end. How some of this rubbish isn’t any more than pop – culture tripe is beyond me.
I know, many people set store by editors – and that’s their right. But for me, I’m tired of lazy people tossing up to 16 years of education – from primary to tertiary – out the window in favour of relying SOLELY on someone else because they proclaim themselves true fans and know better than you.
Tell the tale in your heart as it was meant. It’s up to us to dream and write up these tales. It’s up to THEM in publishing to market it on its own merits! No more cookie cutter please!

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day and I DO feel better for it!

Until next time and hopefully a happier and more centred blog


~ The Pirate Poet.



























































Another manic Monday…

So, what is it about the American side that everything has to be a fight? Or at least the majority of what they hear or read must become war incarnate?
Anyway, the next time my fellow brother or sister of the page voices an opinion or observation  – I’ll stay out of it! I’m tired of the screaming sessions or close to it and the condescending comments and not so veiled attacks.
Too much bother and not enough peace!

Okay, Off the soap box for now.

Looking at lunch out today, maybe getting enough caffeine in me to do more work. Looking forward to reading some more of my fellow authors work and getting more done on mine.
Hopefully, the rest of the day will be dull and routine. UGH! I think we should all outlaw Mondays as a general rule of thumb – too much grumpy and all!

Now to find some Aztec hieroglyphs for use in my Camden’s Follies book cover for Ebook.

Until later and when I have my self in order with more to write …

~ The Pirate Poet