Ranting, Raving or at least some book info/promotion…

Proposed cover for Elder Offensive Book 2

Okay, so progress on the horror/action novel is stalled due to overwork on Camden’s Follies…

Where the adventure and the humour began…

My goal was to get the 4th and final installment to Book one/Series 1 out before next year…. I may have to change those plans as it seems life has caught up with me. Also, I need to see more interest in Elder Offensive as I had a really explosive ending in mine for the 2 book series.

Anyway, as always… I shall place the links to my books now… they do make a great gift for Christmas! ( Nudge – nudge, wink – wink!)

Book 1 part 3 ~


Part 2

Part 1


British Edition part 2
Book 1: The Ammutseba Protocol
British Edition Book 1
British Edition

Okay, that wasn’t such a chore! Anyway, I’ve been put in Twitter time – out for idiocy of someone else… At 4100 followers… need 142 for the magic number 4242 – the answer squared!

For now…
~ The Pirate Poet

Another holiday season…

Kitty Santa?

Okay, so once again…
After fielding several qustions on a multitude of writing/reading subjects and fuming over children’s ( 20 something’s ) comments on literature – particularly classical…
I’ve finally got pretty much all my angst out – aside from being visited on by idiots.
My books are coming along swimmingly! Time is flying and I’m hoping to do more nice than nasty on the whole.
My rule on storytelling is the same as P.T. Barnum’s outlook on entertainment ~ You can please some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time!
Notes on Camden’s Follies –
1 – This is a part comedy and send – up or poke at serial heroes of the silver screen. It has its moments, melodrama, action and such – but it’s still primarily a send up

2 – The hero is cursed with good looks and charm

3 – This is from the ” Diaries ” of Dr. James Camden. I gave up to a degree on all the grammar as the majority of diaries out there are FAR from perfect grammar. Not to mention, who’s thick enough to take their diary to school for edits or for that matter hire and editor?
Hint: I’m going for the human angle!

4 – There is no proverbial Harem trope. It’s the hero’s curse.

More to come, but that’s the beginning.

I will be working on the online series – as soon as time and my head are up to getting on with it. Getting the second and final Elder Offensive book/part out is on my priority list! Same with the final of the first series/book of Camden’s Follies…

So please, keep reading, writing and being brilliant and I’m VERY sorry for the lateness of the latest blog ~ GERONIMO!

~ The Pirate Poet

In the interim
This is my first podcast interview! Please enjoy… Honestly, I was in a semi – caffeinated moment if I sound daft…
And here again is the link to the latest installment of Camden’s Follies ~