The actual cover of the smaller, more portable edition of Scales and Hearts volume 1…

Okay, so this is what Amazon did and for now, I’m keeping it… till I have to change it again… * SIGH * I wish the ORIGINAL idea I had translated over. Otherwise I have to unpublish this and re – do the cover.
All I can say is, the stories are the same and just as captivating as I recall writing them up..
Please enjoy and DO give some positive write ups on Amazon for me!


~ The Pirate Poet

I am working on a similar size for the other book series – Camden’s Follies and Elder Offensive. Otherwise, read the Ebook edition ~ * nudge – nudge, wink – wink * ~

Okay, this isn’t the cover art per se, * SIGH *

Cover art – originally

Anyway, got the 6 x 9 version of my paperbacks. They got the cover art from the larger version for some stupid reason, mind, the stories are still quality and all…
However, reading the title will be a bugger till I can edit it… * SIGH *

Until next time…
Keep reading, recommending and being brilliant!

~ The Pirate Poet