New Years, COSine and beyond…


So, the New Year is nearly upon us. Me, I just want a few things…
1) Get rid of the American Congress and Senate as it is and get real people and not monsters and puppets. Mum needs a break!
2) To have enough funds to pay my cover artist – Seriously, would it kill people to back an indie author/poet? Even for 1 day?!
3) Mutual, international understanding and for the North Korean and other idiot leaders to drop dead so we won’t have to worry over nuclear weapons and climate change.
4) For the Alt Right to drop off the face of the Earth. We beat the Nazi machine once, we can do it again and more permanently!
5) For my next big project – Scales and Hearts to do well! Not to mention, I would love it if sales picked up on the first volume.. despite he fact that Epub form doubled the pages on me with no mercy and I refuse FLATLY to do anything further to edit the four story collection. I’ve already edited till I’m blue in the face and am SICK TO THE TEETH over the idea of having to re – format just because someone else is too THICK to change and accommodate my writing – * gets off soapbox and breathes into a paper bag *

I’m looking forward to having fun and sitting with some friends at COSine Science Fiction Convention – the non – big media one with writers and readers in mind. I will try and attend as many panels and such as I can and get the odd autograph and such…
Needless to say, I’m looking forward to giving a few things away for my anime club and all.. Cheers!

Okay, enough of the rants…
Seriously, if anyone wants to see what I’ve been working on –¬† try donating to my kickstarter campaign to get my ruddy book covered!!!

Thanks for your time… please, be safe, kind to one another and as always –
Be brilliant!

The Pirate Poet


Better late than never,right?

Hi. Long holiday season as well as keeping busy plot planning and such. Cover art is STILL a wee bit of a stick in the mud. Otherwise, I’ve been keeping up on the news and I have one question for America:

Have you lost your bloody minds?!? 

Honestly! How long are going to sit on your arses while that munchkin brain, weetabix head, butt wipe and general moron drives you towards ecological, financial¬† ruin and war?!? That thing has done more damage in a few short months, that even Hitler and Hirohito couldn’t in 10 years. Mind, the body count is still to come, however, this doesn’t explain or excuse the complacency by an entire populace and governing bodies to not put the reins or at least muzzle the mango Mussolini!


Okay.. off the soap box for the moment. I’m still warming up on the whole bad behaviour by the American male population or the lack of brains used by said gender at any level.

The Good from the writing and artistic world part 2:

I’d like to add that the gems that I mentioned are, but a small handful of those that really keep me excited and hopeful for the future, As much as we love what we do, there are moments when we must choose to live indoors and eat as much as be expressive. Thus, like myself, we are staunchly against copyright thieves and pirates.
We deserve to have a livelihood and be able to thrive without threat of someone stealing our work and starving us out. I know, I’m digressing badly, my apologies. However, I must bring the topic up as it is prevalent in all our every day endeavours.

Chaz is my front runner for cover artist for my Camden’s Follies series. His steampunk work is outstanding to say the least! I lead with this as I find that we cannot rely on the big publishers or medium ones and art houses for original content any more.
They produce 1 book with 50k covers, re – colour pictures and try to tell you they’re new characters… it’s just pathetic after a while.
It’s an insult to those that love reading and to those that would love to read more or and own portable beauty or at least he variety they can proudly pass on to the next generation.
This, the independent published and produced artists, authors and musicians are the the new paradigm and the future. They are the inspiration and the refreshing moments we all need to keep going and get us to be the people in our hearts and not the labels of society.

For now, I’m off and remember…

I am The Pirate Poet

No worries, I’ll have something poetic up soon or a teaser for when the release of either of the book series is coming.. So stay tuned! I will never give up or give in. Never cruel, nor cowardly!