Live on Amazon! Get your copy and more insights…

For my UK friends

And for my American readers…

Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 2: The Empire rises to Battle is now live and on sale.

Thanks for the shout out by Podcaster L.A. Rivers! ~ * bow * ~ thanks kindly ma’am!

Beginning anew with Part 3 – I’m setting my calendar for 6 months from now for release… so read up!

Yes! I’m working on Elder Offensive and the end is nigh! Er, the finish of the book is coming… I have a cover art for it…

* grumble growl *

Special bow and applause for Robert Hay! My artist and good friend who made it possible to get Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 2 to press!

He’s one of 3 artists I HIGHLY recommend for cover or any other art!

Look for him today ( and the others!)

Yours for now,

~ The Pirate Poet