Okay, slight variation on a cover theme high jinks. Welcome to the harried world of the Author * bow *

Hearts and Scales
LIVE ON NOOK! Sorry for the shouting, but there you are. I’m now on Kobo and Nook books looking to land my print edition gold.. soon! I realise that self promotion seems vane, even by my standards, but I must say I’m pleased as punch to get this out to the world and Camden’s Follies is following suit with Elder Offensive!
So, please do READ the book, enjoy and let others know about it. A populace that reads is less likely to be assumptive, pre judging or arrogant. ( A take on Mark Twain’s observations.)
And while you’re at it…
Put down the devices and get out into the real world and safely traverse the my miles and expand your knowledge!

The Pirate Poet and Author J.N…