Pre – Halloween Blog – Sorry, no chocolates, I’m afraid.

So, alls quiet on the western front… unless you count political rants.
Anyway, on to somthing relevant ~ Books and writing.
Bucking up the courage to re-format my first book of my Camden’s Follies series. I’m still working on cover art – I’m waiting for some artists to realise that the majority of us authors aren’t independently wealthy * sigh *.
I’m thinking of using a less complete cover for book 1 – From the Diaries of Dr. James Camden, lunar physician and pirate.
I will, despite the delay after delay, get the 2nd and final installment of Elder Offensive out. Now, for getting with actor and director friends to put together something for my short stories and action/horror piece I mentioned earlier.

Now ~ A poetic moment…

Feel the winds, cold and bitter
Upon the lands they whisper
Leaves rustle, the trees whip and bend
All moaning a quiet lament
A mist rises, swirls and disappears
Retreating with moon behind the horizon
Earth is hard, but not enough
Let the stirring of the restless begin!
Undo the light
Shadows to the fore
Come one and all
Walk the land once more
A thing that stalks
two legs or four
Death awaits his charge
Spoke the Raven

So, as always, here are my and my colleagues works for your consideration ~ Enjoy!

A wonderful YA series!
The next in a very intense series!

There are more artists of the page that I’d love to list… However, until I get some links or book titles ~

Till next time ..

~ The Pirate Poet

One thought on “Pre – Halloween Blog – Sorry, no chocolates, I’m afraid.

  1. I felt compelled to purchase a molded sculpture of an octopus months ago. I’ve been painting it for some time. Dark purple with yellows on outer and delicate pink and bright pink underbelly


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