Late Holiday or Winter Break blog

Greetings and Welcome aboard!

I know, that sounds a bit too energetic for me, yeah? Well, despite the unusual cheer in this tome ~ hee – hee ~ I can honestly say that I do feel good about the idea I have around 5 box sets to get through ere long of anime plus another 10 in science fiction programming to watch. Life is taking it easy and so am I.
Needless to say, mum is getting over the dratted bug and I’m getting over the fatigue of having to make sure she has her remedies and such to keep her comfortable. I call this needless to say as usually I just go with something of a minor rant or review.
All I can honestly tell my readers is – THANK GOODNESS, GOD or GODDESS that 2016 is almost OVER!
May whatever stupidity or insanity that got this started go bye – bye so we can clean up our messes and get on with actual living!


I will also do my best to get the artwork done for my book covers so I can at least have something started. It really grinds my gears to have to do all that work only to have to hurry up and wait. I realise that there are many good reasons for this, but my readers would disagree – vehemently and with threats of pitchforks and torches!
As much as I love the idea of working with the two I want to; I still need to eat and live indoors as well. So, it’s Corel Photoshop/Draw for me plus some hand drawn work * SIGH * …
Again, don’t get me wrong! I really think that these two are brilliant and am looking forward to my cover art being wondrous. However, it doesn’t help me keep up with the bills in the interim and not rushing submissions and such. It has been 2 years since all my projects began and by the gods, goddesses or whatever divine power out there – I will have my books out and selling, even if it kills me horribly!!!
And yes, I will still have them do one cover each – Id’ just like to be able to predict when…

Until next time,
Yours truly ~ The Pirate Poet