More of a Shadows Touch

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A shadows touch

Edgar stood frozen as his vision blurred and the scenery about him changed. The woman with ice blue eyes was gently touching his hand looking mildly concerned for him. Her voice was sing – song, but her eyes spoke of another emotion. He seemed to snap out of a temporary spell as her words washed over him.

” Sorry, you looked disoriented. Are you all right? Do you need anything?”

His awkward pause lingered a bit as he found his voice. ” I was just on my way north, to a retreat. I thought I’d stop for a bite and possibly rest. I’ve never seen this place before…” The woman laughed as her eyes, unreadable, seemed to dance over him, like a wolf with a fresh prey.

” Understandable. We’re a quiet little village of retirees, farmers and the odd wandering soul. C’mon. I’ll be happy to show you our pub!”

What was it? Something bothered Edgar to no end. It was as if there were a distant klaxon, warning him of imminent danger…

That’s it for the moment. I’ll try and blog more as I can!

~ The Pirate Poet

An online serial? We’ll see with the responses…


© 2019 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the copyright holder, except where permitted by law. This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously.

A shadows touch

In the eve’s first cooling touch
By the moon’s gentle smile
Through the hills, fields and cobblestone byways
The roar of silence fills the travellers ears
In copse and grove a stirring rumbles
The hunger of the night beckons and grumbles
For the weary, the kiss of the widows poison
Will most beg
A manner beats the heart of the living death
Shall the siren prevail ere the day comes in earnest?

Edgar read this twice, incredulous. No one spoke of a hidden village, let alone a deserted great house. No signs, banners or other announcements of declaration stating the name of the place. It was as if everything simply appeared out of thin air – just as he arrived.
Edgar Roberts was a man of business. He received an email about a retreat provided by his company, Elton Groves Hotel, in the north. Spas, equestrian activities and out of town catering were the big features.

He looked up to notice the lights coming on in a tavern to his left. It was like watching fireflies awaken, the buildings nearby following suit as noise began soon after. People, for lack of a better term, could be seen behind curtains, heard speaking low, in whispers.

He tried to walk over and see who was there, but as he did, he found himself by his car and no closer to the abodes. Slowly, eerily, a song rose from the muttered speech assailing him. A woman’s voice, clear as a bell and sounding distant, but coming closer.

She seemed to be floating on air. Her dark locks were moon bright, eyes like a cats – flitting here and there before coming to a rest on him. A face that looked both etheric and haunting at the same time. He was frozen like a deer in the lights of an on coming lorrie….

More to come. If the responses on twitter or here are good…

Till next time

~ The Pirate Poet

Insights on Camden’s Follies.. progress?!? And of course, the random rant.

Dragon Helm Clan Pennant

Okay, so, to Camden’s Follies… For those who need a road map and pictograms ~ * joking * ~ ( Or so I hope!)

This takes place, posthumously, at the turn of the century. Europe is heading for a collision course with war and history. Man has taken to the skies, via dirigible and a new fangled contraption called an aeroplane or air plane.
Auto mobiles are appearing world wide, much to the consternation and fear of pedestrians everywhere.
Dr. James Camden, a burgeoning Medical Examiner, is heading to Africa, or so he believes, to study decomposition and poisons. Unbeknownst to him, the British Government has other ideas. a decade or so previous, a Doctor Karl Verstein and his friend, engineer, former royal navy, Dr. Haimish McTavit have made a tremendous discovery. Aliens visited Earth 3 thousand years or more prior and left a plethora of advanced technology!
All the stories and myths surrounding the Mayans seems to have been true.
Now the British seek to exploit these new found marvels – secretly – and see if they can achieve a technological and military advantage.
Thus operation ” Endeavour Space ” is born….
Based on the translations done on the written records discovered, a bold expedition and test of this new boon is planned. Some of the finest minds and military are recruited to lead this mission – James being the last and never told as they wanted one wild card in the deck.
A former military man and one of the last to be an officer by field promotion, James is secretly spirited away on the air ship/space ship – ” Bernoulli” to an adventure beyond his wildest imagination and dreams/nightmares.
Fantastic creatures, alien races – pirates no less -, an evil empire bent on universal domination and more are in the offing.

Okay, so this is a bit of a rehash with some extra points to it. However, for those thinking about reading the tome – this is essentially, in a nutshell, what the reader is thrust into.
It’s told from the hero’s perspective, primarily. Also, this is my jab at classic silver screen heroes and their agonisingly constant winning the day, the girl and moneys beyond the dreams of avarice. I’ve added a few twists, reasons for the hero to do what he does and some dark humour as well as villainy – have to make the villains despicable and dislikeable, yeah?
Adventure, wild inventions, alien women, alternate life styles, pirates and strange alien creatures – loveable in some instances, what more could you want?

Anyway, I was spurred on by my need to write this plus a few good friends. It’s a planned five book 20 part series with multiple adventures and follies by our hero with a definitive conclusion to this first series.
Unlike my grim tale – Elder Offensive, there are more light moments and such mixed with my personal views – to a degree – on religion and politics.

Anyway… For now, as I go back to edits, re – reads and writing more of Jame’s and his family’s follies…

I leave you with my usual – Happy reading, writing, creating and much luck and fortune in all your laudable endeavours!

~ The Pirate Poet

On writing, reading and a few other bits and pieces…

An old idea.. future cover? (C) 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

A note on our favourite subject – Writing!

One of the things/ideas/concepts that seems elusive these days, especially for our youth movement is;
Sentences must make sense.

It’s a simple concept we all learnt in grammar/primary/grade school and yet… If you wish to say something, something of import, informative or an interrogative statement for garnering useful information – use your education and speak/type/write it in the language, under the rules of grammar, that will convey this without being provocative/antagonising or sounding an idiot.

I know that for dialogue, we all can drop into street/common/slang vernacular. But doesn’t it do more for our readers if we can present more than the same speech over and over? We can and should do more to our education and the lifting of our audience, rather than diminishing all we’ve learned. Or was it a waste of 12 years of our lives? I think not!

We as authors have a duty. It’s definitely to entertain, but why can’t we do more on occasion?
I’ll leave this thought stand as I move on to other points of interest.

Ideas and formatting are coming together. I believe I have the cover idea sussed and will go to the artist to see if it can be done. Slowly, I’m getting my rhythm back in writing. My typing is taking time to catch up with me.. * SIGH *

I shall, as time permits, update this blog and progress on the future podcast. Sadly, I’m far behind the times on the technology end and I’m trying to catch up.

The final chapters of Elder Offensive book 2 are coming together nicely. Camden’s follies moves forward in earnest and I shall have all of the first 3 book out every six months or die trying!
Short stories need work on. I still have to keep on Wolfsinger Press to see if they’ll finally be available for volume 2 of Scales and Hearts. Any more comments from the American side on my style of writing an I head for two resources that point out how much more they need to learn before being judgemental..

Okay, enough of the angst! Still working on the next collection of poetry…
Until next time…

~ The Pirate Poet

Toils, trials and tribulations. The week begins…

Nap time

So, it’s a Monday. All it’s glory and silliness.

When it comes to tertiary school please remember –

  1. Check your ego at the entrance. No one needs opinions of a haughty nature – you’re there to learn and better yourself or expand your mind, one in the same thing actually.
  2. Never give up, never give in. Your professor isn’t there by accident – I hope. When it comes to literature, the professor is usually an avid and voracious reader.
  3. What you pick up in class or from assignment at the library is canon, tools to use in the future, not to burden you with useless tosh and waffle
  4. When asking questions/querying – you’re trying to learn something, yes? Then don’t be a git/Septic Tank and be aggressive/provocative, harsh or insulting. Use your old education, good sense and reason.

All any instructor/professor can do is arm you with tools, the way they’re used and sources of information/resources that you can utilise in your writing/publishing endeavours.

Wars don’t make a great warrior any more than an editor makes a great author. You write the story, they help clean it up, It’s not a class paper, but it does need the odd tidy round. It’s up to you to tell the story in your heart as it was meant to be told. Otherwise, you’re a ghost writer or working for one. – no offence to ghost writers, but big publishing makes far too much money on them and pays the actual authors very little in return, let alone the ghost writer – in my view anyway.

Find your groove, beat or whatever. Don’t sweat the details as you’ll never get ANYTHING done. Write, edit, read to cleanse and refresh, keep going and banging on your drum! There’s an audience for all of us out there. We can’t do any good or tell stories if we’re a nervous wreck!

Okay, so for now, sans the odd poem in the future..
Take care, be the ever brilliant you that you are, don’t worry ~ GERONIMO!

~ The Pirate Poet

Author Questions… does he get answers? Plus a teaser!

Okay.. so when my interviewees arrive…
Here are some questions I’m interested in knowing the answers to…

  1. What was it you learned in school, that sticks with you and shows in your writing?
  2. When you look back, what influences directly or indirectly effected your writing style.
  3. Does reading clear your mental cobweb for you?
  4. If you could get the input from any author – living or dead – who would it be and what would the input be?
  5. When you dedicate your book, if you do, who do you think of first to thank or give credit to for inspiration?
  6. Is there a genre you wish you could wrap your head around and write in?
  7. What is the most shocking book you’ve read – the most audacious, over the top if you will – ?
  8. If there were an indie network for authors, artists and musicians; Would you partake?
  9. What do you want the reader to come away with after reading your work?
  10. Is being an author all you hoped or envisioned?
  11. Do you feel that your work should do more than entertain?
  12. What is more difficult for you? Love scenes, action, dialogue or…?
  13. If you partook in an anthology – who would you most wish to work with? And would you co – write with them/any single one?
  14. How do you convey emotions? Italics, Bold type, phrasing or…all of the above?
  15. Is it easier for you to create a world or write around an established fact?
  16. Was there ever a project you felt as if you were being a carbon copy of someone else
  17. Did you ever write something you were disappointed in or embarrassed about?
  18. What was your first story written/read?
  19. Do you think you influence others style or how they approach the business?
  20. What is the most ambitious work you’ve embarked on?

Okay, enough of the interview material… A little short story now, eh? At least a teaser! From my mini anthology ” Scales and Hearts ”

Crimson Claw

© 2019 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the copyright holder, except where permitted by law. This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously.

Running. It’s not the most pleasurable of pastimes when one isn’t in any shape to do so.

A forest is the worst place to have to discover how much you’re not in any shape to try, let alone dream, of becoming involved with. And yet, in the midst of a smoke filled, disgustingly hot wooded area, a lone figure that best represented the couch potato crowd went tearing through the under-brush attempting just that.

Marion Arthur Rafael was pretty much a cubicle ground-hog. Anything above a relaxing stroll to the library or over to the pizza parlour he loved to patronise with his fellow computer analysts was usually too much to even dream about! It wasn’t until the annual physical that Marion was shocked in to the need for more vigorous exercise. When the company offered a camping and hiking retreat to Germany; It was an offer too good to refuse. There was even a chance to meet up with one of his online gaming friends.

So, he came on this camping trip to the great Black Forest in Germany to relax and improve his fitness level – not to die a horrible death at the hands of an unseen presence.

Well, to be honest, he and the others didn’t need to see it; They saw the destruction it wrought after the guide accidentally or on purpose took a giant egg shaped object from a very large, and newly found, cave. Thus the mad dash to be anywhere a flame throwing and earth shaking thing isn’t!

~ The Pirate Poet

From today… and beyond.

Let’s begin with the odd verse…

A soft warble, song of the morning lark
Arise as the sun gentle rouses you
To what do we owe ourselves
A fine and fresh start
The toils of yesterday, a promise of the present
Tomorrow the mystery we’ve yet be given to
Never a guarantee
The whisper of an idea, a song that moves with the breeze
Send me back to the place of dreams
Allow me the magic for one day to bring the vision to reality
As I craft the story that is my life
Walk with me from the shadows
Dazzle me with colours that is the realm we live in

Okay, after some problems presented by Kindle Direct Publishing, now unto the breach I will go once again and sort out both the format and the cover art for Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 3.

Poll for those who care…
Do I go with ~

  1. Space Battle
  2. Underground scene
  3. Something with children
  4. Readers choice/idea

For cover art, is an idea I seek for. For now, how about something of a short story or part of one from my published work? Do let me know!

~ The Pirate Poet
Send me those links and blurbs so I can showcase here! I’m working on my first podcast for Anchor FM… who knows? I may wrangle a live interview or three.

Links! WB Welch & Tory Hunter… ” The Last Letter ” …

Okay… Update! Here’s where you can pre – order your Ebook or Hard Copy of an anthology horror fans are sure to eat up!  – WB Welch’s website  – Tory Hunter’s website  – to keep up with The Last Letter news and announcements  – paperback pre-orders  – kindle pre-orders

Coming soon ~ More authors! Maybe an interview… Who nose! * get it *

~ The Pirate Poet

Updates, more promotions – from a dynamic duo of lady authors, plus a bit more ( maybe)

The enigmatic Tory Hunter
Aiuthoress WB Welch

Okay, here we go – above are the two genius minds behind a new horror anthology that will satisfy the most die hard fans ~ The Last Letter.
I shall begin with some gathered info on this gem from a pair of indie wonders!

A few words on this wondrous horror anthology:

“Really cool concept. I think the zombie sub-genre of horror is a somewhat saturated at this point…having a really clever way of telling the story…already makes it fresh in my mind.”

-D C Wight-Hammer, author of the Between Two Minds series

With the publication of her horror anthology, Blood Drops, WB Welch brought a fresh voice to the horror community, exploring the psychological side of what scares us while showing us how far some are willing to go. Now, WB Welch has teamed up with co-author Tory Hunter to create The Last Letter, a zombie story that will break your heart as it tears out your insides.

The power has been out for a month, the roads are clogged with abandoned vehicles, and the dead roam the streets. In a quiet suburb on the outskirts of an unnamed city, the only survivors of this apocalyptic nightmare hide out in their homes with plywood on their windows and furniture blocking their doors.

For weeks, a young waitress named Laura is stuck in her attic and running out of food while the dead pile into her house, drawn to her scent. Down the street, her friend Morrigan, a firefighter before the world ended, has barricaded herself in her two-story home with her dog, unaware Laura is still alive.

When a neighbor named Jacob begins making supply runs and delivering them to the survivors on his street, he rescues Laura, secures her house, and offers to carry a letter to Morrigan. Thus begins a correspondence between friends and, together, they discover the dead might be the least of their worries.

THE LAST LETTER is a zombie story for people who don’t read zombie stories. Tense, emotional, and gritty, this series of letters explores how fast the dark side of human nature emerges when society collapses.

The co-author experience was a new one for both Tory and WB, but they note that it worked quite seamlessly on this project. They had a vision for how they wanted the story to go. Not a tense structure, but they seemed to know how they wanted the book to make people feel. The letter format allowed for a natural evolution of the story.

“It reminded me of my childhood, when having pen pals was a real thing. It made me nostalgic, waiting to receive my next letter from my friend, even though I knew I was watching this tense story evolve.” -WB Welch

“It made for a more interactive experience than the typical method of writing a narrative. Through the action of writing and trading letters with WB, I was able to immerse myself into this world and really feel Laura’s fear and anxiety.” -Tory Hunter

Available on Kindle!

Some more from the authors/editors/publishers ~

Above is the link for the kindle edition. I shall endeavour to get the one for the paperback edition A.S.A.P

A zombie story that will break your heart as it tears out your insides.

In a zombie apocalypse, two friends try to come together, but the deads aren’t the only ones keeping them apart.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. It might bite back.

If you think your neighbors are crazy now, wait until the zombie apocalypse hits.

With the dead roaming the streets, two friends trapped in separate houses must rely on a post-apocalyptic postman to communicate.

To me, this one sounds a winner for the horror enthusiast. Look for the pre – order/order notice on and reserve/order your copy today!

Now, on to some minor news from yours truly …

Progress is coming along nicely. Even on my dragon story progress, though I haven’t heard from the kind lady I want to work with *SIGH *.
Currently, I’m trying to get an idea for the cover art for the next Camden’s Follies offering ~ Dynasties, Prams and New Orders…
Any ideas, from anyone who has read the first two parts?

I have it down to ~
1) Space Battle
2) Underground scene/drama
3) Alien Children

Please feel free to send any reasonable ideas!

~ For now, keep reading, writing and dreaming; It’s your life, make it an adventure to savour!

~ The Pirate Poet

Promos! Time to bring the new blood to the world of readers… be kind and enjoy the tales they weave!

Our first of two is an English Authoress and burgeoning fantasy creator/writer.
Keira Heckman is a Londoner and a wondrous human being… Here’s a little something with link to her first offering – Give it a grand read!

Rosalind Clifford works for an agency dedicated to eradicating magical beings, but when her own name ends up on the kill list, she knows she has to do something to avoid her inevitable death. So Rosalind escapes to a place that, by most people’s standards, doesn’t exist – Wonderland.

Ah! I really love the premise! Bit like Grimm or Men in Black meet Alice and Wonderland. She tosses you right into the action and the ride just gets better! Read and enjoy ~ Brilliant!

The yet to be integrated Sapien Solar System is on the verge of major economic, political, and social change. In an attempt to unite the nine autonomous planets, seven of which are ethnically pure, under the solar alliance, the Supreme Council encounters all types of obstacles foreseen and unforeseen. Each of the triumvirate of politicians aligns himself with a faction of the underworld in an attempt to push their own personal agenda. Vice Chancellor Theris Lamont, the most honorable of the politicians, is forced to enlist the services of mercenaries and smugglers from the crew of the Starship Whisper, led by Mulati Soldaat, to embark on a mission that he hopes will ultimately bring harmony and unity to the human race. Along the way, they encounter Francois Larue, a rogue member of the notorious DOD gang. After betraying the DOD, Francois has to conceal his past affiliation with the gang as he tries to assimilate into his new environment with the tight-knit crew of the Whisper. Mulati has to balance duty and unit cohesion, all the while obeying his own conscience. Add the fact that he is apart of the less than one percent of the solar system who is of mixed race, and the challenges abound. Inevitably all sides collide and the Sapien Solar System is caught in the middle. What unfolds is a tale of murder, deception, betrayal, loyalty, trust, and greed.

T.O Burnett is a gifted American author and it shows as this offering promises a great deal and I have faith that it delivers mightily! Political intrigue, space travel – what more could you ask for?! Dive in and give this a really in depth read…

Thanks ladies and gentlemen of the reading world ~ * bow * ~

~ The Pirate Poet