Ah, the end of February. Shall I march in with hope?

The world today is just a tad beyond the usual madness. However, as the Mayans predicted for 2012, the changes have come home to roost as what once was the norm has been tossed in the bin; For good it seems. It was never about the planet blowing up, that was a load of tosh and waffle.
That simply said, the ways we did things, the constant swings would come to a screeching halt or begin to. Nature and centuries of idiocy then produced the horror that was the President of the United States in 2016 with the piece de resistance being the pandemic of COVID19.
We’re still learning, taking extremely painful lumps and coming to grips of not only what went wrong, but why and how – while being smacked or kicked in the head by it – we should be doing what was required as opposed to what sounded good that got us landed with more headaches and heartaches than a generation should endure.
But I suppose the expression Nature would use is; Humanity had it coming. And so far, she’s been spot on. So, until change becomes permanent and people start thinking and being more considerate, we’re stuck with this nonsense.

Okay, my thoughts and vents are over for now… On to something more to the theme of this blog.


So as I dream, to the heavens a wish
If it were so simple
My heart wouldn’t be in tatters
Could I be so close, yet light years away?
Is the human heart such a puzzle
A mystery wrapped in an enigma
Do I, as the cold runs to my hands
Could there be a way?
Is it destiny, the will of the fates
Did I cross the fine line between the warmth of the living
To the cold isolated realm of the departed
Do I wait till my final mortal breath?
Or will the answer avail itself unto me ere long?
I could wish, but why?
I stand at the curtain
My final act is upon me and my audience is awaiting a grand finale
Shall I alight the stage with soliloquy
A requiem?
Shall I, as I have declared myself before the universe
Or will I be, but a whimper
Shall the light fade
Or will I blow the candles dark?

Publishing Note:

I await, for the umpteenth time in my career, the decision of a publisher. I know, this is the writing field we’re discussing. patience is more than a virtue and rejection like leaves in the wind scattered here and there.
Anyway, it’s for the long awaited follow up anthology for Scales and Hearts. Dragon stories never go out of fashion, just out of sight and mind for a bit.
I’m through with the formatting of the first book of the second series on Camden’s Follies. yay. It’s a pain, true, but worth it!

Anyway, I now await the one who will be my cover artist.
Wish me luck folks – I’m going to need it!

For now, yours ever so truly ~

The Pirate Poet