For 2018 and, aw skip it…




Okay, so, I’m almost ready for a non – media or small convention. I have anime swag, my Star Wars Jacket and of course my Slytherin jumper seen above. However, despite that I still don’t have print copies of my books, nor do I have a solid cover – apparently – for the beginning of the 2 series.  E – Yup, I will be putting up a kickstarter campaign if I can again. Maybe this time the ones that want new content will put their money where their mouths are.
We really must stop the idiot cycle of dismissing good to great writers because some barm pot decided the work didn’t have catch phrases, osmosis didn’t garner the plot or they declared reading too hard. If the big companies can put out rubbish like Twilight, they can get behind and sell a well written piece as well.

Ah well, back to work and … a little something from the poetry corner…

Curtain Fall

© 2016 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

Once again, the light of the Universe shines its brightest spotlight upon my being I still recall the first time, when I arose from the mists of obscurity

Climbing the stairs of wisdom, pain, and lessons learnt

I walked, erect and with purpose in my stride

I looked out upon the cosmic ocean and theatre of the living

A vast expanse of whispering shade

All mumbling incoherently

None of that mattered as I fixed my gaze upon the very heavens that were in attendance and announced in a clear, loud and concise voice

I am!

As in all great plays, mine was three acts; This is my final

Before the curtain drops

This time I hear the voices of those who had addressed the vastness before me

I am bid to come forth and join them, to move on

My make – up has faded, the costume tattered and worn

None else join me in my fond farewell

I have vanquished my demons, raised many a spirit, laughed and loved

So now, to retire

The spotlight is shining on, awaiting the next brave soul

And thus I make way and leave you with this one thought ~

To whatever end you seek or goal of your desire

Always be that which resides deep within your heart and soul

Good eve and Great Fortune to one and all


Enjoy and let’s make this year better and more people and Earth friendly, yes?

Yours as always…

The Pirate Poet