Book plugs minor rants and of course … More Pirate Poet rants/poetry/something

So, this is the first of many of these for the month of May. Well, okay, so at least some or a few to say the least depending on how much feedback I get.
I can only say that you should follow ALL these wonderful artists on their journeys and support them by buying their work for your own personal enjoyment plus recommend to friends!

Our first offering is from Author Dave Johnston! It’s in the vein of thriller akin to 24. As the blurb says…

A girl is locked in a room with a bomb counting down to zero.

The intensity levels are rising.

What would you do, if you only had one hour left to live?

Give this one a read! I have a good feeling about it and I believe you will enjoy this one from start to finish with rave reviews!
Our next is from a good friend of mine’s wife and a great lady of the page Carolyn Kay! This is her 3rd or 4th offering and is getting wonderful reviews .

Also check out Dien Vek while you’re at it…

This next one is a Cyberpunk adventure by Travis Heermann author of the Ronin series.

Action, adventure and romance! Don’t take my word for it… Read today!

And finally, from Aaron Michael Ritchey

Another exciting take on Asian Myths and Legend from the author of the Juniper Wars and many other great tales!

Remember folks, as I mentioned before, please support, follow and share the joy by telling others about these great reads!
As always I’m blown away by how many hidden and obvious literary gems are well within reach and the above are no exception. In the near future I shall be putting more links of recommended reading for all…
Or at least the adult crowd!
As for my rants… Well, I fibbed… a little
I’m slowly getting the final part of my Cthulu action/horror piece together and marketing my bottom off for my first Steampunk/Romance/Melodrama/Sci – Fi/Comedy series.
Keeping my fingers crossed on Scaes and Hearts vol. 2 being picked up as I have an array of great authors with magificent tales to enthrall the audience!
On the poetry front ~
Will wait till next time… Sorry!

Till then

~ The Pirate Poet