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I may spout off on occasion and you may not agree with me. But it is my thread and I do my best to avoid religion as a subject, unless we’re discussing the cultures of my book titles.
If you don’t like me, my thoughts or what I write – Go somewhere else, there are tonnes of other blogs out there  from authors you may fancy to read.  If you’re a religious nutter – SOD OFF NOW!  I’ve got better things to do then engage in pointless post 11th century argument – more creative to be precise!

Okay, yes it’s divided – despite being only 16 chapters long *SIGH* …


This has been a roughly 2 year project and I feel relieved that I can finally take a moment and smell the flowers, or, in this case, coffee and scones!

Now to finish Book 2 of Elder Offensive: Ammutseba’s Stand and then go over notes for book 4 of Camden’s follies – parts 13 – 16. GERONIMO!

For now, back to the drawing board and writing desk ~ ALLONS – Y!

~ The Pirate Poet

New approach, new cover for Kindle print edition and of course.. more labour for yours truly!

Elder Offensive part 1 cover

Okay, since I was having a good uphill slog with the full edition and Ebook one at that…
I decided to go with a smaller book 7 x 9 ( or was it 10? ) print edition and divide into two parts for this run. Will put out a full novel or 16 chapters, in this case, soon!
Am cracking the use of the template and renewing my old type – set skills.

Please enjoy as this is still in process as I need to clear up where the ISBN numbers are going.. * shrug * Always something. Anyway, will be at COSine as an Author officially this time and try and make a few other conventions and work the trades room, etc.

Anyway, 3 book series – Scales and Hearts, Camden’s Follies and of course Elder Offensive are it for now… for now. I have a few hundred tales to put to paper or Ebook, so…

Cheers! Please read and enjoy, never say never and never be cruel nor cowardly! Support selflessly ALL independent authors, artists, musicians, etc.!

~ The Pirate Poet















































Okay, here’s a test image for Elder Offensive…

Cover Test Image

And before the smart arses start up … YES! I know I’m going to have to crop or otherwise the image of the eye… among a few things. Anyway, tis is a CONCEPT piece. Also, if you ave the energy and other resources to be an armchair critic – You can come up with something and donate it to me!
A long time ago, I got fed up with the ” I can do better than that ” crowd. Mainly because when push and shove came into play – they folded and fell apart like wet paper!

Anyway, that’s me progress so far… I’m thinking of a frame for the inner square since the Elder Gods are famous for warping views of reality to suit their evil purposes. ( or so the tales tell). I’m trying to incorporate microsoft paint and corel paintshop pro x8 and getting good information or hints on how to use it – all the tools – and get around a lot of minor barriers. So far, no one seems to want to be of assistance and as much as I would have hoped. Any time I DO have the funds to begin working with an artist – they’re either busy, not interested or incredibly expensive. * SIGH *
Believe me, I’d LOVE to be able to hash out the best and most profitable deal for both parties… it’s just getting people to the table. So, for now, I use what I have and make the most out of it. Thus, it’s taken years instead of months to just get the first part of book one of Camden’s Follies out, let alone a small anthology of Dragon Stories…

But for now ~ All be well and may the blessings/wishes/promises be upon you, fulfilled and granted!

~ The Pirate Poet



















Another strange day… but maybe…

Okay, here’s my conundrum –

Should I have a contest? Email entries or should I just put up a book for reward? An Ebook is simple as all it requires is an email address. A solid copy requires a mailing or physical address.
Anyway, that’s what I’m wondering for my book projects up and coming!

Now, for the strangeness –

Today was given a dreary and very disheartening forecast in the weather arena. I oft wonder if the world or nature has a long standing grudge against me due to this and other events in my life.
On the writing side, I now have some fairly great ideas for Book 4 of Camden’s Follies and a more solid and plausible ending for Elder Offensive.
Right now, it’s a contest for either raising funds again for book 1 cover art or working with someone who can help me watermark lizard – like eyes over a star background as well as an image of the top of a file folder… Hmmm… Sans scanning anything new in on the image front, I’m a bit flummoxed to say the least on this..
Well, I guess I can carry on and work on it . Chin up, full steam ahead and all that!



For now, or until I see you at COSine or a ComicCon near you with books for sale and a witty repartee for the panels…

~ The Pirate Poet

Folly dirgible_ Cover page 5

Scales and Hearts_ Cover 2






















































Plug and Promotion time again ~ ALLONS – Y!


Yeah, that’s me ugly mug on the back cover of an urban fantasy/fantasy piece about dragons from various eras in the last century at east…
Yes, I know it’s large and there’s a single sided cover edition that’s smaller that someone else helped out on and I’m using despite the title error.. Shhh!



And yes..
Camden’s Follies – Book 1, Part 1 is out… Get it while it’s hot in Ebook or print edition!
( I’m working on a smaller format for the book for a second edition!)
Also, working on smaller for the next parts of book 1 and beyond…
I should have copies available at COSine  in Colorado Springs, CO…
Below is where you can sign – up and get weekend passes


I know this is a small writers convention, but I believe in it and the people who run it are first class – even if the hotel is a bit dodgy ( They’re researching a new venue as I type this, quite diligently!)

Any suggestions for conventions to attend?! Leave me a message and link with costs for vendor/trades tables -PLEASE!
Am willing to share a spot and all ~ Especially for all my fellow independent artists and authors ~ GERONIMO!
Until next time ~ Here are links for my books ~

~ The Pirate Poet




















































LIVE! E – Yup! Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 1 Ready for reading!!


Folly dirgible_ Cover page 5
Now to work on Elder Offensive and the other parts… I’ve finally gotten the templates downloaded and maybe, if I have the right ones, I can format to their specifications and keep on track!
GERONIMO!!~ The Pirate Poet


Above, a special shout for an old mate… Give it a like and follow.. another brilliant one!