Writing, editing and listening for the right tale at the right time…

13th Doctor

Above is my latest wallpaper and inspirational picture. Yeah, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a Doctor who fan from ages back starting with Patrick Troughton’s Doctor. Below, I’m going to put up the beginning of one of my short stories – just to see if I get some interest.
In the mean time, a note on my dragon stories – I don’t write from the usual drivel. I explore all the myths and legends surrounding these universally discussed beasts or beings. It would seem that every culture has a story or something of a great lizard like creature that either roamed the depths or the skies above.
All had some sort of magical properties or powers. Some were even shape shifters of no small ability… ah, but I will cover that in up and coming tales and anthologies – if not books.
Okay, so from Crimson Claw ~

Running. It’s not the most pleasurable of pastimes when one isn’t in any shape to do so.

A forest is the worst place to have to discover how much you’re not in any shape to try, let alone dream, of becoming involved with. And yet, in the midst of a smoke filled, disgustingly hot wooded area, a lone figure that best represented the couch potato crowd went tearing through the under-brush attempting just that.

Marion Arthur Rafael was pretty much a cubicle ground-hog. Anything above a relaxing stroll to the library or over to the pizza parlour he loved to patronise with his fellow computer analysts was usually too much to even dream about! It wasn’t until the annual physical that Marion was shocked in to the need for more vigorous exercise. When the company offered a camping and hiking retreat to Germany; It was an offer too good to refuse. There was even a chance to meet up with one of his online gaming friends.

So, he came on this camping trip to the great Black Forest in Germany to relax and improve his fitness level – not to die a horrible death at the hands of an unseen presence. Well, to be honest, he and the others didn’t need to see it; They saw the destruction it wrought after their guide accidentally or on purpose took a giant egg shaped object from a very large, and newly found, cave. Thus the mad dash to be anywhere a flame throwing and earth shaking thing isn’t!

Anyway, my sense of humour coming to the fore at the beginning of a tale… hope you enjoy and maybe go out and get the Ebook copy to enjoy –
Scales and Hearts is on Nook and Kobo  ~ * bow * ~

See previous blogs for links…

Okay, on to editing. I was trained from Primary school onward to tertiary school that I had to be able to dissect my own work as easily and as cleanly as I could someone else’s.
This was very important to my grammar and literature instructors/professors! Yes, you put your heart and soul, as you should, into every labour or laudable undertaking. However, if you truly love it – you’ll be more than prepared to take a deep breath and carefully read and work on your work. I’ve seen some of what some main stream editors call their best and am quite appalled! Ah, who knows? Someone may catch on… or not.
I just know that in exercising my education, I recall rules of writing and grammar much easier as to avoid future blunders.
That’s my take on editing. Period.

As always, tell the story as your heart dictates, write what you know with as much excitement and energy as you put in your first endeavour. Never sweat the details as it will be your downfall – worrying so over minor things. Always tell the tale as it comes to you – not as some cookie cutter type dictates! It’s your story that you were privy to see/hear in your mind and your pleasure to relate to the reading public.
Don’t be a carbon copy!

~ Cheers and ALLONS – Y!

~ The Pirate Poet






























































Another day….

So, congratulations to the Duchess – a baby boy!
Wow, Melania actually smiles? Oh wait! She was with a proper gentleman and former president… silly me.

All right then… a little something for the day ~

(C) 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

In defence of the Day, as strange as it may be
To all that give of their resources, time and energy
For that one particular passion, at least for now
So we apply to our everyday endeavours
Breeze, wafting through the windows and doors
Sunlight warm on the face
Lovely, the scent of blossoms in the air
This is the moment, time and your day


Okay, so on to other work.  I still can put together an encyclopaedia averaging around 10k pages for each of the worlds in my Camden’s Follies universe.  This touches on flora, fauna, religion, politics and ethnicities. Yeah, that’s a lot! However, we’re discussing a world that’s a couple of billion years old or so – even older than the Earth by lengths and furlongs.
I would say, for something as singular as Elder Offensive, I could do a bit more as the history is richer and more diverse for the colony world. I know mapping would be in order for all the places I’ve invented in the plotting room of my imagination.
* SIGH *
However, time to wait and see if the publisher agrees with my book writing approach. I did tell her it’s in British English and not in the American dialect….
Anyway, for a small sample I can post in the future… maybe do an online serial of sorts, eh? Don’t be shy! Let me know what would strike your fancy – other than fan-fiction. I try to avoid that like the plague as I have deep regard and consideration for my fellow authors and authoresses! We all put a tremendous amount of time , energy and love into our craft and when we make characters a certain way, we mean it exactly as we write it!
I simply can’t fathom why the reader can’t accept the obvious and just leave it alone – it’s our work and not theirs!
Note – if you do write fan fiction, then think of this; If you can re – write someone’s long hard slog and labour of love, you can write your own original tale! Leave ours alone…

Okay then, so, I’ll be off for now and back to the grind. I need to break a few writing records you see – typing wise!


~ The Pirate Poet







































































Progress, a teaser and … we’ll see

For Yesterdays future


J.Nathanial Corres

In heavens gate do all wish to gather

Of deeds yet to be done

Regrets we linger, yet never dwell in

Someday’s future

Gambled with toady’s stakes

There was never a moment, none in recent memory, of worlds colliding with such strange effect. It was once hypothesised that for action taken or denied, an alternate reality blooms. However, none suspected just how close the worlds or universes were and how little it would take to cross from one to another…

For these few, the ones that have the “Knack” as it were, a meeting of the minds will be quite enlightening.

Above is my introduction excerpt for an idea I’d been meaning to write about and touched on briefly elsewhere and below is something of a preamble/intro page for the book I’m thinking of trying out…

A game of numbers

J. Nathanial Corres

Stare into the abyss

a singular silence prevails

In the heart of a dead star
A song of ages past and yet to come

All around, numberless

The lights of a billion worlds

Millions of eyes upon, but one, not the masses

To become one with the nether

Or to sing in harmony

Do we, in our madness

Could it be understanding

Clarity is such a subjective view

To that end or any other

We contemplate the mind of the watcher

Never consider our own position

Would, at final stroke, at last

Shall we finally solve the equation?

Dare we even speak its name

That’s where I’m at officially. Unofficially – wait and buy the book! Okay, all of this is under my copyright already, so no fuss. I’m thinking of writing the guide to the world of Hearts and Scales with a few added bonuses for the writing few. This is a fun project, meant to test the limits of humour and such and how people perceive creatures like dragons. For my end, I’ve tried to explore the forgotten aspects of the myths of dragons and the odd tale no one has paid much mind to.
I’m even wondering if I should write up Dragon Politics. Yeah, I’ve had a few years to contemplate or ponder such questions. It’s hard not to like or be fascinated by the idea of dragons.
This doesn’t even count the stories about Cthulu and all that other worldly being topics that I tackle in Elder Offensive. Over the last 4 years, between poetry writings and such, I’ve done a lot to finally write the tales/stories locked in my heart that were screaming to be told/written.
Now, to the fates and my own personal finances to pay off a good artist. I wonder what ever happened to being able to count on folk for prices other than a king’s ransom? Oh well… One must do what one must and soldier on..

Till next time ~

The Pirate Poet

Commentary and request for reviews…

Ah, so it goes…
Okay, first I still have a big axe to grind with big publishing over the “ marketable” – “non – marketable” & “proven” vs. “unproven” writers“. Talk about gall! They can push crap like Twilight and Eragon, but not make an effort for a good piece. They can throw out, arbitrarily, a manuscript – sans reading – and declare it unpublishable. Listen to people with fancy pieces of paper, but not the reading public. They can produce 50k of the same book with different proper nouns, but not a new take.
Thus, I shall support all independent publishers and artists I can!

Now,  a good friend of mine and fellow Brit is in need of some solid reviews. Me, I’ve not had time to get round to such extra reading – yet. However, I will, along with the book from L.F. Patten and a few others… whether they know it or not!
I definitely need to get Carolyn Kay’s newest offerings. It looks like prime fantasy fiction!





Above are 3 links to two people I mentioned above. I could mention more, but that would take a great deal of time and all… and I do have more blogs to write up! Needless to say, as I go through my paces in writing horror, action, comedy and such, I find myself needing a breather every now and again. I guess I’m getting old or summat like that!
Okay, keep an eye peeled as I will be announcing an anthology for the future and I would like some ideas on what would be good for a title.
For now, stay safe, read lots and never let anyone take your power!

~ The Pirate Poet























































Alternate realities and of course… the usual coffee induced rants.

So, here I am in the middle of writing a new series of short stories involving horror, comedy and alternate realities.
The premise is quite simple ~
What if the speculation of alternate realities and dimensions isn’t far fetched? What if all the poltergeists and ghost stories are merely encounters with an alternate time line? Or if they’re dreams crossing over from our other selves?
Title is still to be determined, but the opening poem is called ” A game of numbers ”
It details the idea of looking into eternity… of all things..

However, I shall leave that subject on that cryptic note…


Now for my coffee induced rants ~

What in the world is happening? How is it, that despite all the information to the contrary, people and leaders seemed bound and determined to re-create the mistakes and disasters of the past? It’s more than climate change impacting the weather – it’s the change in the social and political climate.

Next ~
How is it that even bots can’t spell correctly, let alone form a coherent line of even post eleventh century argument – and that’s a glorified child’s insult fight!

And don’t get me started on gun rights and all that! I must say taking away the means to be mass destructive along with assisting the mentally disturbed is a great start. But it’s only a start as other factors must be dealt with.


Finally, still trying to get the gumption or nerve up to head back to kickstarter to see if I can raise the funding for publishing my book series – ere long. I feel like it’s an unnecessary strain on the finances and too much of stumbling block. I may pick up being an all around artist just to move things along… but only just.

Anyway, for now ~
Do stay safe, sane and be ever brilliant!

~ The Pirate Poet































































A poetic overture and of course, news from the writing front…

Curtain Fall

© 2016 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

Once again, the light of the Universe shines its brightest spotlight upon my being

I still recall the first time, when I arose from the mists of obscurity

Climbing the stairs of wisdom, pain, and lessons learnt

I walked, erect and with purpose in my stride

I looked out upon the cosmic ocean and theatre of the living

A vast expanse of whispering shade

All mumbling incoherently

None of that mattered as I fixed my gaze upon the very heavens that were in attendance and announced in a clear, loud and concise voice

I am!

As in all great plays, mine was three acts; This is my final

Before the curtain drops

This time I hear the voices of those who had addressed the vastness before me

I am bid to come forth and join them, to move on

My make – up has faded, the costume tattered and worn

None else join me in my fond farewell

I have vanquished my demons, raised many a spirit, laughed and loved

So now, to retire

The spotlight is shining on, awaiting the next brave soul

And thus I make way and leave you with this one thought ~

To whatever end you seek or goal of your desire

Always be that which resides deep within your heart and soul

Good eve and Great Fortune to one and all

The above is an oldie to a degree. However, thought I’d share a slice of what’s coming in the next poetic collection. As for the books… started a series of related subject short stories based on the following premise ~

It has been speculated and discussed that we are the primary progenitor of a multitude of dimensions or alternate universes. I have to say, that I believe that most hauntings are simply projections into this universe from alternate time lines coming forth. Ghosts and Poltergeists are the manic id of dreams and nightmares from our alternate existence selves. However, what would happen if we collided with our other selves? What if we could cross over at such times? Would we have to battle the monsters of nightmares dreamt of or created by ourselves?

All I need now is a title. What should I call it?
a) The numbers game – Improbable maths of reality?
b) Our futures past and present – when we face ourselves
c) Connections and bifurcations – Worlds beyond belief
d) Readers choice?

I’ve taken a brief hiatus from Camden’s Follies and Elder Offensive to get the new worlds and stories in gear. I’ve already penned/typed up 14 books so far, not including the poetry written. Still working on nailing down a good artist and such for covers, but getting there none the less and have my pain and nerve tonic for both editing another anthology and of course working on my own projects.

Until next time ~
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or title suggestions. Silence may be golden, but that gold is worthless here!

~ The Pirate Poet



















































































GERONIMO! Happy Spring and all that nonsense… Back to work or mild holiday with benefits



Okay, so I broke down and got myself another windows machine and am currently breaking it in for use on the road. I’m going to take a writers break and clear my mind of all the tosh and waffle of life and the overlapping plot lines I’m experiencing.
Mind you, this is, but a bump in the road for me. I know I can churn out a good 50k words or more when putting me mind to it in a 2hr span.
So, Book 2 of the two part series for Elder Offensive is still in the works as new ideas have hit me like rounds in one of the Elite Wraith’s fire fights. Then again, book 4 parts 13 – 16 are also in the works as the Universe is not done with the great James Camden and the native, erm, Goddess isn’t through putting him through the wringer for a laugh.
Still daunted by the idea of cover art. It shouldn’t be that much of a chore, but there you are.
It seems I need to raise around $5k in American to pay off an artist for at least, now hold on to your hats, 2 cover renderings! This is on top of keeping up with mum, her cat Shadow and their needs. Me, I need a holiday with an additional holiday for the recovery!
I’m looking forward to working with Wolfsinger Publications as they are brill enough to get the likes of Connie Willis and Jody Lyn Nye – I can add to the wonderful world!  A Science fiction legend and one in the making ~ My heroes along with Professor Tolkien an J.K. Rowling! ( with Honourable mentions for Rick Riordan!)
I can’t wait for the readers to get full blast of  my world of horror/action Cthulu style with a comedic universe of James Camden ~ The pirate doctor!

So, for now, ALLONS – Y! And mind the dalek on the 4th floor!

~ The Pirate Poet