More writing, a distraction or two and of course… something of an observation… maybe.


Oh deer! Yup, her highness has discovered deer roaming about. Not sure who was watching who, but there you are.


My feline muse and editor cometh back for tuna… and to complain about the new neighbours *LOL *.

Okay, so I’m a tad of a maverick or revolutionary. To me, nothing is impossible, just probable or improbable. I never listen to the supposed experts – what sells, who’s proven and who’s not.
Face it, if these blokes and birds were that bright and brilliant then why can’t they sell what’s in front of them instead of making it sell – able? It’s clear  by how often they’ve gotten it wrong – obvious examples being 150 years prior when a female was told she couldn’t write a really good horror story, a former head of the department of the Oxford English Literature Department’s story about a wee person in a fantasy setting was impossible to sell and recently a story about a boy wizard coming of age and beating a powerful villain in his quest for a peaceful life was an absurd idea that could never be sold.  Yup, never tell me what can and can’t be – that’s not my world.
I never sweat the details as kids say. My concentration is on scribing the story in my heart via the language and imagination of my mind. Write! That’s what is advised or observed the most by my contemporaries. So, that’s what I do. That’s my job in life. Write. Be the fireside teller of tales in my heart and let the story be heard, read and told.
How difficult can that be? Yeah, there are moments of typing errors and such, it happens to we humans. Then again, no one just comes with perfect anything these days – especially grammar.
I simply know that the readers of my tales will be able to envision the story unfolding and enjoy it for what it is – not nit – pick or be condescending, patronising or spewers of bile, vitriol and arm chair criticism. True builders and producers never destroy. How can they ever accomplish anything? When it comes to being an author – consider twice and type as often as need be.
You’ll always find the words. Have patience with yourself and let what you want to say or be read flow from within..

For now, Adieu

~ The Pirate Poet
















































































More cover ideas for Elder Offensive…


Above, somehow, I’m not sure how they did this… I have two further concept art works for the Ebook on Amazon and the one for the print edition… I think I’ve cracked it… but you never know.. what say ye?

Okay, here’s a test image for Elder Offensive…

Cover Test Image

And before the smart arses start up … YES! I know I’m going to have to crop or otherwise the image of the eye… among a few things. Anyway, tis is a CONCEPT piece. Also, if you ave the energy and other resources to be an armchair critic – You can come up with something and donate it to me!
A long time ago, I got fed up with the ” I can do better than that ” crowd. Mainly because when push and shove came into play – they folded and fell apart like wet paper!

Anyway, that’s me progress so far… I’m thinking of a frame for the inner square since the Elder Gods are famous for warping views of reality to suit their evil purposes. ( or so the tales tell). I’m trying to incorporate microsoft paint and corel paintshop pro x8 and getting good information or hints on how to use it – all the tools – and get around a lot of minor barriers. So far, no one seems to want to be of assistance and as much as I would have hoped. Any time I DO have the funds to begin working with an artist – they’re either busy, not interested or incredibly expensive. * SIGH *
Believe me, I’d LOVE to be able to hash out the best and most profitable deal for both parties… it’s just getting people to the table. So, for now, I use what I have and make the most out of it. Thus, it’s taken years instead of months to just get the first part of book one of Camden’s Follies out, let alone a small anthology of Dragon Stories…

But for now ~ All be well and may the blessings/wishes/promises be upon you, fulfilled and granted!

~ The Pirate Poet



















Today and beyond…

I find myself at crossroads these days for no other reason than I’m just getting older. True, that’s not news all in itself, but it does add to the poetry angle ~ ~

© 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

A little colder
I wish I could soar above it all
Maybe, if I close my eyes
Just let go
A sensation of falling for a while
Wind whistling in my ears
No bottom
No place to land
Would it be so difficult?
Could it be that hard?
To let the currents carry me
From star to star, nebula to cosmic birth
Simply, eloquently

Not sure if that’s a hit or miss, but it came to mind! Still writing and finding more and more that fiction is simpler than real life ~ and a tad saner and easier to explain!
Now for the world of humanity to catch up…
So, once again, editing off hand and working on my basic writing skills. I find it very difficult to relate to anyone who doesn’t do something at a basic level to keep up with grammar, spelling and punctuation. A lost art it seems to be becoming and I for one am going to go down swinging and never be lazy about it!
I’m wondering if we the independent artists, authors and musicians should band together world wide to apply pressure to be paid reasonable rates and not pennies on the pound/dollar! Change must come and soon ~ Don’t you agree?
More dragon tales of the unconventional – or so I hope – are on the way! New ideas for horror and the odd fantasy are also availing themselves to yours truly.
Until that time I can break the mould fully ~

Take care, be creative and  ~


~ The Pirate Poet

































































Another day….

So, congratulations to the Duchess – a baby boy!
Wow, Melania actually smiles? Oh wait! She was with a proper gentleman and former president… silly me.

All right then… a little something for the day ~

(C) 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

In defence of the Day, as strange as it may be
To all that give of their resources, time and energy
For that one particular passion, at least for now
So we apply to our everyday endeavours
Breeze, wafting through the windows and doors
Sunlight warm on the face
Lovely, the scent of blossoms in the air
This is the moment, time and your day


Okay, so on to other work.  I still can put together an encyclopaedia averaging around 10k pages for each of the worlds in my Camden’s Follies universe.  This touches on flora, fauna, religion, politics and ethnicities. Yeah, that’s a lot! However, we’re discussing a world that’s a couple of billion years old or so – even older than the Earth by lengths and furlongs.
I would say, for something as singular as Elder Offensive, I could do a bit more as the history is richer and more diverse for the colony world. I know mapping would be in order for all the places I’ve invented in the plotting room of my imagination.
* SIGH *
However, time to wait and see if the publisher agrees with my book writing approach. I did tell her it’s in British English and not in the American dialect….
Anyway, for a small sample I can post in the future… maybe do an online serial of sorts, eh? Don’t be shy! Let me know what would strike your fancy – other than fan-fiction. I try to avoid that like the plague as I have deep regard and consideration for my fellow authors and authoresses! We all put a tremendous amount of time , energy and love into our craft and when we make characters a certain way, we mean it exactly as we write it!
I simply can’t fathom why the reader can’t accept the obvious and just leave it alone – it’s our work and not theirs!
Note – if you do write fan fiction, then think of this; If you can re – write someone’s long hard slog and labour of love, you can write your own original tale! Leave ours alone…

Okay then, so, I’ll be off for now and back to the grind. I need to break a few writing records you see – typing wise!


~ The Pirate Poet







































































Just some quick shots and shouts or just a single shot


My ranting Ravie… No, that’s not right. And neither are my views!

Okay. It’s official Sam Stone is now an all around artist as she delves into music as well as writing and maybe art? Dare we dream?

Okay, is it me or has the American Political debates been missing a banjo player?
Me, I support Jeremy Corbyn – labour party!

And now for my usual artsy ranting or summat like that –

If you want to write a really top shelf spaceship battle I would have you do the following;

  1. Watch old Buster Crabbe films, Star Wars and of course any swashbuckling classic with Errol Flynn (sp), Douglas Fairbanks jr. or sr.
  2. Read! There are many classic naval battles and such that can truly inspire any kind of ship battle!
  3. speak to a veteran of the Navy. – Experience and a first hand account of how such things transpire is priceless!

Now for my general fellow author shout out or mention!

Amity Green’s Witcher Chimes and Scales and their sequals – especially for the young adult reader crowd, very brilliant

Courtney Farrell’s Bait series – another young adult reader . This one has some real oomph to it. I may have to read it over so I can get a better feel for rhythm and such as well as a more comprehensive critique or review.
As I may have mentioned before – Chaz Kemp is working on a really brilliant Tarot Card set, perhaps with short stories. Anyway, he has a patreon page so I suggest you book on, contribute and help bring this brilliance to the world



Okay, enough for today…
ALLONS – Y! And remember, please be brilliant, at peace and keep on reading/writing/painting