.. and so it goes

Still working on this, above, and of course waiting on my cover artist to be brilliant as always…

No worries, I’ve not forgotten about the horror tale. I knwo there are a couple out there who want to know more. However, it takes a bit and I’d like to finish my latest Dragon short story as well as set up Book 1, Part 4 of Camden’s Follies… which I hope to have out around Christmas.

I’ll be at COSine the revival in January. It’s in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Hotel Elegante. It’s a small, non big media Science Fiction convention with all the folk that are in line for having books converted to series/films in the future. It’s a great way for young writers or just new authors to learn something and talk to or listen to the veteran authors speak on various topics!

Indeed, formatting finished and I’m ready to roll this baby out as soon as the cover art is available…


~ The Pirate Poet