Something more…

In the wake of trying winds
On rough tides and many a road impassable
Still, on the horizon we find
A star shining to light the way
No country, flag, banner or pennant
It is the singing sun
It is the brooding moon
We are the children of the cosmos
Adrift and seeking the current that is life


Updates, thoughts and generally speaking…

So, weird week. Weather by mum is ridiculous! But I digress…

I’ve been reading over my 3rd part of Camden’s Follies Book 1 and have gotten as far as Book 2 part 5. I can only wonder at how I’ve managed to keep things as compact as I have. Under 200 pages each so far, amazing all in itself.

I know, to some, it’s wordy. Why? No idea. Could be the modern nonsense of under 5 words or less to say things or 240 characters. I find that preposterous! Codswalllop! I say, or my characters say, what’s needed with as many or as few words as deemed fit! ~ rant 1 over.

Okay, anyway, above are copies of my latest offering in the Camden’s Follies Series. Time’s up, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say…

Good luck, happy writing and see you … out there!

~ the Pirate Poet

Live on Amazon! Get your copy and more insights…

For my UK friends

And for my American readers…

Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 2: The Empire rises to Battle is now live and on sale.

Thanks for the shout out by Podcaster L.A. Rivers! ~ * bow * ~ thanks kindly ma’am!

Beginning anew with Part 3 – I’m setting my calendar for 6 months from now for release… so read up!

Yes! I’m working on Elder Offensive and the end is nigh! Er, the finish of the book is coming… I have a cover art for it…

* grumble growl *

Special bow and applause for Robert Hay! My artist and good friend who made it possible to get Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 2 to press!

He’s one of 3 artists I HIGHLY recommend for cover or any other art!

Look for him today ( and the others!)

Yours for now,

~ The Pirate Poet

Pre – release blahs… a few thoughts and memories…

So, here we are, post COSine. The last and no more from the sounds of it – I know, never say never. I enjoy such conventions as the ambience is always friendly. It’s almost like a family reunion! For some, images like the one I’m using above are considered vanity.
On the contrary! I know a good number of folk can’t or won’t be able to make all the events I participate in or my associates and friends partake in. I’m simply sharing one of my meagre moments of joy.

One of the questions I’ve heard, as of late, is how is it or why is it I bring so much anime based items to hand out and why don’t I ask for something in return? Simple! I enjoy sharing abundance as it comes my way. Smiles and happiness are a reward unto themselves. ~ * bow * ~ … and I have many more anime connections than Whovian… sadly. Anyway, sharing is far more rewarding than hoarding… to me.

A.L. Kessler and I goofing off before a panel

Above are memories, from the last convention. I wonder if I’ll ever cross paths with them again? Anyway, small moments that add up after a while to something more valuable than coin or pieces of paper with numbers or gold. It may not tell the whole tale, but enough to keep some joy in this world.. seems a theme with me on this blog.

So, Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 2 is getting put together – hopefully soon enough for end of the month release! I have my cover art, thanks to the wondrous gent: Robert Hay! Like all my talented friends, do look for his work on sale and support by purchasing or recommending him to the masses who crave beauty/art in their lives!

So, a sneak peek into Doctor James Camden’s latest? ….

Do recall, this is all copyright protected and even trademark pending!

Enjoy, none the less ~ * bow * ~

For Becky with a big hug for the other evil triplets, Charmaine and Kyrstin!

To James, Chaz, Sam and David, Katherine, Marc, Misty and Karen – my muses from down under. I wish I could list all my friends and extended family, but for now I’ll settle for using your inspiration in the form of characters here in.

Part 2

War comes from the Stars

Index pg 001

Chpt 1 The Garinthian empire rises to battle pt 4 pg 002

Chpt 2 Tack – So’s Wrath and Gran’s Revenge pg 011

Chpt 3 A brood, Arch Nits & Underground Transports pg 019

Chpt 4 The Arch Nit Colony pg 028

Chpt 5 The next platform, more allies and Magda help me – more female interest?! pg 037

Chpt 6 Cron maton, the hidden vessel pg 046

Chpt 7 Clues, hints and deadly finds pg 054

Chpt 8 Hidden treasures, a new maton and the next platform pg 062

Chpt 9 The Botanical Gardens, Bree Maton pg 071

Chpt 10 Prelude to the Battle of Coloracus pg 079

Chpt 11 Rise of the new Terramans ship, her first victory pg 087

Chpt 12 Family time & the Next Rescue pg 096

Chpt 13 The new threat, to the next Arch Nit platform – A Garinthian Ambush pg 104

Chpt 14 Near Death, the proposed raid and down time with the new maton pg 113

Chpt 15 Raid on the Coloracus Garinthian Base; Arch Nits to the fore pg 121

Chpt 16 The Brood Rescue – Azor and Slan re – united with their cousins pg 129

Chpt 17 Seaside Brood, beginning the rebuilding project pg 138

Chpt 18 The Rogue Male and unwanted news from the front pg 145

Chpt 19 News from the front lines, announcements and a trip to Cerios pg 152

Chpt 20 More crew, wedding planning and other hap hazards of being a pirate, er, me pg 160

Chpt 21 Saying hello to the future and prelude to a mutiny? pg 168

Chpt 22 Mutineers, a new reputation and pre – formal – wedding jitters pg 175

Chpt 23 The Black Widow of the Dragon Helm pg 182

Chpt 24 A rescue, formal dinner and a randy pirate of a mother – in – law! pg 189

Chpt 25 Arz – Khan pg 196

© 2017 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the copyright holder, except where permitted by law. This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously.

The Garinthian empire rises to battle pt 4

The present…

“ Cut to port on my mark. Damn it man hold together!”

I yelled over the howling winds of the now open cockpit to Cynthia and a slightly ill McTavit. The shock-wave rocked the small craft and sent it plummeting towards the valley floor as a second energy wave started up behind it. The cruisers took off the tops of both mountains as the shuttle sped, almost helplessly, on what appeared a collision course for the canyon wall. Rock and debris flew in odd chunks in the air and through the sky. The wireless crackled in the background in a guttural language as Cynthia fought with the controls. I fought the flames on the interior of the passenger cabin as McTavit steadied himself with aid from mister Cafar as all struggled to maintain their balance. My thoughts were to Cafea and the other vessel. Four Garinthian cruisers in low orbit watching the same activity, two for each shuttle.

“ Now! Hard to port!”

We used the downward momentum and avoided being smashed to bits on the rock wall. I fiddled with the communications set for a moment.

“ … pinned down… need assistance.. James? Can you read me?”

“ Aye Cafea, I can and am on my way. Germain and company may be doing a permanent clean round at this rate… Be there shortly, hang on the the three of you….”

We sped off back in the direction of the fireballs that were warships a short while ago. Some simple raid this turned out to be!

Three Days prior…

“ All right you scabrous dogs, look lively!”

Captain Ackban cried with captain Germain standing just behind and to his right. Dr. Cuthbert looked a bit taken aback while he was holding onto Cafea’s recovering Liondarg cub. The rest of us ignored him and miss Longgrave who was assisting him with mister Canery.

“ Not you three!”

The old pirate yelled at part of our science staff.

“ Take the cub back to the pen or to the ward, we’ve got business to attend to… The rest of you lot, attention!”

I distinctly heard confused mewing from the cub as the three expediently made their way back over to the lifts, miss Longgrave struggling with the majority of the Liondarg burden. Mister Canery was nursing his arm and watching the cub warily as doctor Cuthbert made sure to stay far opposite the creature.

“ Mister Camden, I’ve need of you and your raiding parties. We’ve been eaves dropping on the Garinthians and it looks like we can do a bit of skulduggery on ’em soon. The dreadnought is busy on the other side of the planet doing some sort of survey of the area looking for us. That leaves only three cruisers and a nearly finished base. We’ve kept quiet long enough men! Misters Cafea, Azfar, Cafar, McTavit, Fizbark, Belle – Anderson front and centre! You and mister Camden will be using the two shuttles for the dual purpose of destroying their energy supply and raiding for supplies. There should be no problems, mild resistance and so far no orbital support, emphasis on “should be”. What we need from them are engine and weapons parts on the main, maybe food packets if ye can wrangle them.”

He began to pace.

“ If there be signs of that monstrosity coming back for support, with or without the plunder, you will leave in all haste.” He hesitated then added, “ Captain Germain and I have decided that that would be best course of action. We’re thin on the crew side and can’t afford to lose our best… that’s all for now, get back to your stations.”

~ The Pirate Poet

All good things..

Okay, some sad news – this is going to be the very last COSine convention this year. This means – no January to look forward to from here on.

However, with all good things, more come to the fore. I’m not sure what, but I will endure and so will all of my creative friends. I have a feeling that, aside from press, dwindling numbers coming in plus the lack of good places to hold a convention played a key role.

From here on, I’m going to have to buck up the courage and funds – dipping into a depleted surplus as is – and had north to Denver, until I get back to England full time – then I’ve no worries as all things are within public transit or walking distance. I hate driving anyway, even though I know how to. It’s like a contest to see who can destroy more on the road – especially in America!

I am still finishing my work on y two big projects and of course working on short stories and ways to job/promote my books! As to the short short story anthology, it’s still a go – but with a twist. I am going to give certain authors access to what the world I’ve composed for those Dragon stories is about.

It will be a broad stroke introduction to be sure, but it will give a lot of leeway for my fellow people of the page to expand and use their imagination on this.
My goal is an author has little to do with awards – it has a LOT to do with providing the reading public as enjoyable a tale as I can tell!
I’m simply a dither over the idea that people are reading – period!

So, if and when I can, I shall give as much of a shout to my fellow indie authors and artists I can!

GERONIMO! and keep reading, dreaming, envisioning, enacting and writing!

~ The Pirate Poet

New year, progress and …

Okay, so I’m close to COSine and as usual a tad nervous and for the first time short in the wallet. I have no idea by how much – but there you are
In other news Camden’s Follies Book 4 – all four parts is back on the work table along with Elder Offensive – Ammutseba’s Stand!
I’ll put up the cover art as soon as possible and also, on my next posting be more in depth!
Keep reading, writing, believing!

~ The Pirate Poet

Post Christmas thoughts or at least beyond the Solstice ~ A new year approaches

I understand that many never bother to read beyond a first line. I pity those people for missing out. There are even some, who simply scan for phrases or colloquial expressions, catch phrases and such – I ignore them.
Currently, I’m plotting the final phase of Elder Offensive as I’ve had time to re – read and think out the deaths and surprises for the readers.
No, I’m not about to do world or character back – story prequels. It would take far too long and read like a text book or manual.
I DO have more dragon stories started! So, no worries. I’m also dragging my bottom on the new Camden’s Follies books/parts. No, I have a dozen already for varying edits and such and am more than ready to release Book 1, Part 2 – as soon as the cover artist gives me a price… January is the month: Stay Tuned!
Okay – Interim political comment and on to better, more relevant things:

So, for my friends and fellow Britons – Grow up, quit arguing and start problem solving ere we wind up like the American side with a Brit equal to ” The Donald “. Inactivity or complacency is just as bad as supporting the alt – right of the country. We ARE better than this and reverse this bad job and fix the problems at hand without blaming everyone else!

End of Rant

A reminder to the English side as well as my American associates and friends – All my current work is either on Amazon – novels and short stories or Kobo – Poetry. Links can be found throughout. However, here they are again… starting with England..

Okay, now as to the American Side, simply look up the titles by name on and have fun!

The new year I begin my journey/sojourn into the conventions in order to promote my books. I know, out of pocket expenses! I don’t have a sponsor or anything – so that’s that. I’ve thought about crowd sourcing, but then again – Do I have the interest?

Another brief rant –

The real difference between a proven and unproven writer is; material. There is NO unmarketable writer. EVER. If those imbeciles in the big publishing houses can push crap like Twilight or Eragon ( a cut and paste plagiarists guide on how NOT to be a writer, then they can find a way to market what they have, the manuscript before them, and not the tripe they try to turn it into via a bunch of child egomaniacs daring to call themselves EDITORS!

End of second rant.

So, to all out there – have a great, productive and happy new year and don’t let the idiots get you down!


~ The Pirate Poet

The actual cover of the smaller, more portable edition of Scales and Hearts volume 1…

Okay, so this is what Amazon did and for now, I’m keeping it… till I have to change it again… * SIGH * I wish the ORIGINAL idea I had translated over. Otherwise I have to unpublish this and re – do the cover.
All I can say is, the stories are the same and just as captivating as I recall writing them up..
Please enjoy and DO give some positive write ups on Amazon for me!


~ The Pirate Poet

I am working on a similar size for the other book series – Camden’s Follies and Elder Offensive. Otherwise, read the Ebook edition ~ * nudge – nudge, wink – wink * ~