Finally, I’m able to blog again and do a little self literary promotion!

So, I’ve finally gotte around to shrinking the physical size of my book in this second edition – so to speak. I may be able to put together a box set in the future, maybe. We’ll see, yeah?
Anyway this will fit the other three now :

All are now in the 6″ x 9″ category. And for those new to this sort of story let me illuminate you a tad ~

This is a steampunk/science fiction series that begins at the turn of the 20th century. Dr. James Camden is a general practioner of medicine heading to Africa to study to become one of the burgeoning or pioneering members of the forensic science or medical examiners. Little does he know that for the last 4 years he’s been being spied on and scouted for an expedition into the hitherto unexplored last frontier – Outer Space! Operation Endeavour Space had begun a decade prior after Dr. Karl Verstein and his colleague Dr. Haimish McTavit made a fantastic discovery in an old Mayan temple. It would seem that aliens DID visit earth and bequeathed the Mayans highly advanced technology to some unknown end. Tomes were discovered that discussed travelling the far reaches of space with perils undreamt of and scientific wonders to die for.
And now, James finds himself in a whole new galaxy, facing terrifying creatures, an evil empire and an ancient group of alien scientists bound and determined to achieve immortality at all costs!
From fantastic discoveries to space combat and follies in alien cultural understanding we join our intrepid former soldier of the crown and physician as he gallantly saves the day … and maybe himself in the process.

Cheers, Happy Reading and may this be a great new year for all!

Yours truly,

~ The Pirate Poet

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