Opening Day, release Date or however you wish to call it ~ Camden’s Follies 2nd series is here!

The second series of Camnden’s Follies begins…
The Empire is reeling. James and the Dragon Helm have become the largest threat in the eyes of the Emperor and his new cronies the Amanor. Attacks by the Garinthians have stepped up and increased in ferocity as newer ships are brought to bare and a new more frightening device, a siege engine that can decimate planets from orbit, are being produced with the aid of the Amaonor. The family is divided and politics rule the roost as Cynthia and Sha’l Ter head to run a new base on Varloon 4 in the heart of the Dragon Helm’s latest allie, the Orlans.
Trust is at a premium as Ackban is desperate to make this new united Pirate Clan work. James is working tirelessly as the Dragon Helm’s best raiding captain is taxed to his limits!
So stow your gear, man your station and get ready for more Follies!!!

~ YES! The new book is here…

Til next time
~The Pirate Poet

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