Thoughts, views, expectations and just being a Pirate Poet

I feel, as of late, like a bit of a yo – yo. Back and forth, all over the place. Getting anything done on the story telling front is a bit daunting. I’m seeing more divide than unity, even the writing world.

The past is our foundation. People like Tolkien, Homer and Shakespeare are points of light in a very clouded universe. Setting the bar on goals or setting a standard to build on – it’s all important.
For anyone, particularly on the American side of things, to cast disparage, degradation or encourage pointless arguing and insult laden diatribe regarding to the ones who set the table for them to be authors. It’s simply unthinkable, deplorable and downright insulting!

A piece of paper, a degree of a graduate nature, is not license to be degrading, diminutive, insulting or just simply combative and vulgar.
It’s a responsibility and a promise to do more, share knowledge.
Superiority complexes need to be tossed with ego into a bin after an accomplishment like that.

I don’t care to be better than anyone, but myself the other day. This world is already polarised, divided, combative and degrading without adding to it. As a race, humanity WILL fall divided. We are stewards of life – not judge, jury and executioner.

Earth covered crimson
The sacrifice of more than life, but soul and conscience
A language, superfluous and colour of cloth
All that bleed, bathes the soil in red
One life for the many, one sacrifice for the few
Let not this day go unnoticed or dismissed
Shall we gather, not to disagree
But to solve and unify, feed and edify

I’ve grown so tired of expressions that begin, ” What’s so great about ________” . If your friends or peers won’t leave you alone about or try to disparage you because you’re not reading/seeing what the in crowd is.
Don’t take it out on the writers or people who produce for the stage and screen. Blame the true source. Don’t narrow your mind or diminish your world of beauty – expand it.

It would be wondrous, if all my friends and followers on twitter would pick 5 authors a month. Not everyone need do this at once, but to purchase a single work – even if it is to donate to charity, a public library or school charity – you would be doing more than boosting income, so much more!
I live for the days when we of the indie artists/authors can turn to the snobs of big publishing and say – ” See! It did sell without your precious egos and overpriced marketing people. We ARE known, published and MARKETABLE! Take that doubters!”

So, for now, stay safe, keep writing, drawing, painting, playing music and making films – You ARE relevant!

~ The Pirate Poet

A tease, some thoughts and a scurrilous pirate poet…

Camden’s Follies part 2: The Empire rises to Battle

Okay… so… let’s see a brief look into James Camden’s Follies…

Excerpt from Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 2 – The Garinthian empire rises to battle or War comes from the Stars
© 2019 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the copyright holder, except where permitted by law. This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously.

4: The Arch Nit Colony

McTavit and Fizbark quickly referenced the location of the descending Garinthians and activated the train on the platform so I could get there in a timely fashion. Cynthia, on the other hand, was going spare as predicted.

“…. promised that you’d do nothing heroic! Why can’t Havershime or McTavit…”

I cut her off, yet again, in mid rant.

“ Once again, I’m a better shot, I have the element of surprise and they’re descending and I can blast them before they discover this little gem below the ground. Nothing fancy or dangerous, just me sitting and shooting them before they can report. Now be a good wife and prepare to start jamming their radios as soon as McTavit gives you the frequency…”

I heard a crustacean level grumble from behind me.

“ Er, my mistake, I meant mister Fizbark shall relay the frequency and mister McTavit will keep an eye on the soldiers and me appraised. Drake already has his hands full with guarding these two so it’s impossible to do anything else. Now please be so kind as to calm down and don’t worry… this will be a piece of cake, honestly!”

I mentally crossed my fingers and made my way down to the train. Thankfully, no signs of insect or other activity at the lower levels. On the other hand, this was too quiet and I hated how that usually meant…


I nearly flew out of my skin! It was some sort of bat like creature, one of what seemed a few hundred in the ceiling. This one skimmed me to the floor and clung to one of the posts on the other side of the tracks. Four eyes, double wings and of course it just had to have fangs! Big pearly white and bared at me like I was a morsel of food. Was it just me or did all these predatory types find me delectable? It poised itself to spring when I shot it. The explosion sent goo all over the walls and woke up its brethren on the ceiling. Only option was to run for it and fast! I made into the train and slammed the door behind me, once again hoping that this was safety. As the lights automatically came on, I became more reassured and made my way to the engine car, or so I hoped.

That’s a teaser from the second part of the adventures of Doctor James Camden. Please enjoy and buy the book!

Rant alert!

Okay, one more time, only the author can create a great story. End of discussion, end of argument. When the egoists/egotistical American side realises this we’ll all be better off. Editors get the finished product for polish, true enough – but they are NOT the ones who created the story and I’ll be damned to the depths if I give them credit for making a story of mine great!!

Ranting over.

Working on reformatting my poetry collection for Amazon sales. My horror action is doing better than my action comedy, * shrug *

I’m editing Part 3 of James Camden’s adventures. I do hope that all who dive in begin at the beginning and finish this one off with me…
Elder offensive – the conclusion to the Universe saving from Cthulu tale, should be out relatively soon! I promise and swear to finish this one…
With much death destruction and the occasional Al Gore – truly scary!

For now, I’m off…
Till next time ~

~ The Pirate Poet

To be continued… my rant returns to raves – maybe.

I get a lot of curious looks for my favourite comment/quip/quote from Groucho Marx

This applies to groups. Basically, it wasn’t truly about the idea that Groucho got snubbed by a country club so much as it was why he was snubbed. The management looked at him as if he were scum, trash or something other than who he was. They acted as if their view of who belonged or could play at their precious golf course was the definitive view and only one that counted.

What I’m driving at is – I’m an anti – elitist. When groups or clubs put in exclusionary questions, statements that are clearly non – inclusive, I want no part of. I’ve seen this in many an organisation – especially the writing ones. Not all are exclusionary – I’m part of a really great indie writing one and I really love the company and human interaction.

However, enough are that I will always keep my distance. Instead of yelling or typing my displeasure, I shall instead just keep moving on and banging my drum. I will endeavour to prove them wrong by being the best me and thriving despite their disparage.

My next rant… English is not solely the domain of the American. Face it, most of Europe has signs that say ” English spoken, American generally understood… with the right translators “. If you have something important to say, say it as if you really are educated and not a numbskull, dunderhead or brain ineffective idiot! Multiple needless new meanings for well established vocabulary and tosh and waffle sentences really do get under my skin.
I am truly learning to detest words and phrases such as “Dude”, ” Like”, ” So” and “Whatever”. Ideas, feelings and concepts aren’t things! How DARE you dehumanise such expressions!!

And do refrain from trying to tell me that – ” This is the way it’s always been.” Especially the youth crowd! I was there when your grandparents were in nappies for goodness sake. I’m not sure what’s worse – them or the adults who get them to think that way.

Nothing is impossible, I’ve proven this more than once. Improbable, is another concept all together. We can be what we are in our hearts. It’s a case of using the attentive ear and observant eye over the flapping gums of the mouth. Phrasing questions in the least provocative way; As in to learn and not antagonise. Discussions/discourse is meant to be civil – NOT an excuse for argy bargy! Pre 11th century arguing has nothing, NOTHING to do with disagreeing. It’s the sharing of information and points of view that enrich your day and expand your horizons, not fighting…

Ah well, for now, I’m done. Next I shall promote my books and even have a review of a good colleagues work.

~ The Pirate Poet