Once again, there we are…

So, after the beginning of a trying week, I find myself wanting to scream again!

Let’s list this out…

1) It’s nice you run a dating service. It’s not okay to randomly follow people on twitter so that your obnoxious ads can pop up where they’re not wanted.

I have nothing against making money for sake of business. The people who run said business should remember that it doesn’t give them license to go out an annoy people to death by forcing it down their throats!

2) You’re educated. Act like it. Type like it, speak as an educated person would and lay off the American “DUH”!

Assumption is supposed to the last line exception and not the rule. Making people guess at what you’re thinking, feeling or desirous of is just poppycock, balderdash, tosh and waffle! You have an education – USE it!
Why do you think throughout Europe there are signs that say clearly ~
” English spoken, American generally understood with some translation assistance.”
Really, if you have something of import or impact to say would it kill you to use the language you were taught and NOT the one you created through butchery!?!

3) I’m single. That means there is only one of me. Do I need someone in my life to be complete? NO! Of course not. It would be nice to have a life partner, but I refuse to be pushy or be pushed on it. Also, this is not license to friend me/follow me on twitter with the goal of playing on my solitary existence. My mum’s cat does that just fine – and at least I know it’s because she wants tuna or something!

Book 2 is still fresh on the shelves folks… Let’s give it and other new reads a shot before making up your mind about things. Also, I’m British. That means I use the original English language, not American. So now you are for warned… Perhaps a glimpse into the world/Universe of Dr. James Camden – Lunar Physician and Pirate of the Dragon Helm Clan?

© 2019 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the copyright holder, except where permitted by law. This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously.

From Chapter 2: Tack – So’s Wrath and Gran’s Revenge
Book 1, part 2 – The Empire rises to Battle

Mister Cafar, how much time till they’re fully charged… now would be helpful!”

“ I’d say another 15 – 20 minutes and they can cover an area of around 50 miles radius. Too short to get to our base, but we’d be burned pretty good.”

“ Man the cannon…”

I got on the Bernoulli provided wireless radio. Put us into full speed and paid no heed to the groaning of the tether and shaking of the shuttle. We may cut it close, but if I had to die that day I was taking that ruthless fool with me!

We made it just under the massive gun mounts on the dreadnought when I saw the green flash of Cafea’s cannon! The explosion was intensely hot and forceful. Cafar barely got my signal to fire as well when the initial blast of the hit caught us and sent us flying sideways under the big gun ship. Our shot hit near the underneath of the bow just below what I could imagine was the bridge support floors. More debris and massive pieces of ship flew through the air and the dreadnought started to fall from the sky. I accelerated for as hard and as long as I could, I smelt the burning outside of the hull and the engine behind me being pushed to its limits. Cynthia shouted something and I chanced a glance behind me. The great ship was sideways and fighting to right itself as more explosions lit up the sky and hull around it. The two remaining cruisers that may have been only mildly damaged were crushed beneath their larger brother. We made it as far as the next range north of our old position when everything shut down. McTavit ran back from wherever he was.

“ Stand down captain, I can have the emergency back up and we can use the propellers we installed before hand to get us back the long way. No communications with the base for a while, but we’ll get back one way or another, slow and steady. I’d get with lieutenant Cafea if I were you sir, I think they’re side by side with us now…”

He smiled kindly. Before I could do anything I noticed the hatch was open and Cafea was standing in the entry way looking a bit burnt and covered with soot, but very much okay. Cynthia was the first to give her a, erm, warm greeting. I came in and found myself sandwiched between them for a short time. Then I got a smack on the head, not very hard, but a bit of a jolt.

“ Husband mine, that was both very brave and foolish! I know you didn’t have time and we were in no position to argue … “

She kissed me deeply.

“ A pirate if I ever saw one… told you, as did misters Cafar and Azfar, those bellies were ripe!”

She laughed and so did a slightly weepy Cynthia. I hugged and kissed them both and we all sat down as Cafea explained the damage to her shuttle.

“ … despite the fire we had full engines at our command, just no way to engage them. I know that looked awfully impressive, the explosions and all, but all we were able to do was temporarily wound admiral Tack – So’s pride and set back his ship a bit. If we had the Bernoulli, different tale in the telling. A dozen blasts in short order would have incinerated her. I pity his underlings about now, being replaced forcibly by being killed and others promoted… but that’s not our worry. I think we can tow you lot for a while, as soon as mister Fizbark finishes his temporary repairs on the controls. Azfar, can have a bridge of sorts between us, that is if you’re not afraid of heights, either of you my loves…”

She grinned at us both and then I disengaged to get us something to eat and a bottle of wine. Misters, Azfar and Fizbark were fine on their shuttle, just too tired and worn to speak. Cafar looked like he tried to kiss the exhaust of the engines of our shuttle, but I got a thumbs up and a mumbled request for something to drink and eat. McTavit would probably need a sandwich and a couple of bottles so he could work in peace. That would be something I’d be more than happily oblige him on.

My hand held wireless radio from my raiding gear crackled on. It was a bit of a shock to hear the base calling for us.

“ This is captain Ackban to raiding parties… what in the devil is happening out there?! Sounds like the whole Garinthian fleet is taking target practice!!”

I calmly explained the situation, how we got our plunder, as much as we could and what happened and promised a written report done up as soon as I got back for captain Germain.

The rest can be had in ~

Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 2: The Empire rises to Battle

Available at Amazon.com

Okay, my ranting and book push are over for now. Take care, keep reading, writing and dreaming!

~ The Pirate Poet

Once again, unto the breach…

I begin anew with strange tidings and of course lots of writing and editing. More story ideas and possibly some new venues to attend and sell some work. Weather by mum is insane to say the least – can’t make up its mind between winter and spring!

For those that miss poetry

A shadowy figure
A lone silhouette striking against the night sky
Ever on the move
The hunt is seldom over
Never truly solitary, but then never with company
Silent is the strike
Seldom seen, always felt
Within the confines of a private nightmare
The prey awaits cold and lost
Not innocent, nor unsoiled
Spoilt by a false sense of security
Crimson adorns the landscape once more
A harvest most dear
Not a sound, or a whisper
Yet a clear path marked

Above is Darkness Spent, so the title goes… wait for my third instalment or collection in the near future!

I’m still scouting out the science fiction convention trail. I may even bid for the American Westercon for next year – if I can still find the right group to query about assisting in running it. I’m still debating going to the Denver Starcon this month. I know I should wind up at MALcon or Myths and Legends convention for Harry Potter and a couple of other shows…
I may post links soon – like now
I know the artist guest of honour and he’s brilliant! One of the reasons I want to attend so much!

Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 2: The Empire Rises to Battle

The search is on for cover art for part 3! An ancient evil has arisen complicating an already desperate situation – and that doesn’t even begin to cover the complications of family life on an alien world. Ah, the woes of a hero…


This should be due out in…. August/September


Life goes on and I write and prepare for the final two books in this end of the adventure as well as prodding myself forward to the bloody end to Elder Offensive: The Ammutseba Protocol – Ammutseba’s Stand!
The race to keep the ancient Elder Gods back in their home dimensions speeds up, the stakes are high and survival rates are horrendous!

Till next time

~ The Pirate Poet