The Horror Tale… Choose your… way? Plus a few more plugs for the books ~ * bow * ~

To the Horror tale… Wondering where I’m going? What the finish is? Is the monster obvious? The victim?
Don’t just sit there! Speak/Type up!
An end is in sight – whose end is up in the air!

Now for the book plugs!

Book one of the 2 book series, before the end comes…
Find out how it got this far…

To briefly set – up.20k years into the future, humanity is amongst the stars! But instead of being united in exploration and at peace for all the living space and advances in medicine – they are on the brink of war on an interplanetary scale! Their last best hope is a newly discovered system.
However, after a series of events that would change the view of the universe for ever, an ancient device is discovered. A key. Not just any key, but one that connects to a sub-dimension where the minions of the anti – life are imprisoned. Cthulu and his brethren are awakened from a lengthy slumber to rally and attempt, once again, to infiltrate our universe and bring it back to its primordial state of chaos, death and darkness!
A team of the military’s finest are sent under the premise of stopping terrorists, but instead find horrors not seen since earth of prehistoric times.

Can Sergeant MacReady and the Wraith platoon, his alien allies Ahk Setnusam and Ornaclan plus the remnants of Liekos Company turn the tide and save the universe from an eternal nightmare?

Camden’s Follies

Part 1 & 2

Dr. James Camden thinks he’s going to Africa to expand his knowledge in his quest to be a medical examiner. However the British government has other ideas. Operation: Endeavour Space is under way and the good doctor and former soldier for the crown is being Shanghaied as a wild card element on this seemingly impossible mission – To be the first modern people in space!
Following hastily interpreted designs and notes left in a Mayan temple by alien visitors, the British have converted a dirigible – the HMS Bernoulli – into a space fairing craft. The goal is to find new sources of revenue and maybe even conquer or claim a planet for the queen!
However, once their, they are beset on by one of the many space pirate clans and the evil Empire that they seek to expel from their quadrant of space! It’s the beginning of a wild, dangerous and humorous ride for our would be hero! Can he save his friends, crew mates and new allies from certain death.. or worse?!

Scales and Hearts

A series of 4 short stories with a slightly different view of one of the most discussed mythical creatures ever – Dragons!

More story, some views and maybe…

© 2019 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the copyright holder, except where permitted by law. This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously.

A shadows touch

He felt like he stepped through the mirror, like Alice of the story. An old fashioned juke box sat in the prominent corner of the establishment. A stage was at one end with care worn instruments – big band if he recalled his terms – sitting in stands. The place was pristine. The only sign of age was a cobweb, of all things, just at the dark corner of the bar.
The patrons sat and conversed as if he weren’t there. His chaperone, for lack of a better word, led him to a table nearest the music box/juke box.
” Relax. I’ll get us a pint, I’m sure you’ll love our local recipe for bitter, Mr.?”

Edgar had another voice lost moment before he answered her. ” Roberts. Edgar Roberts, I’m CFO for my company. Miss?”
She smiled at him, like a wolf in a way. He could swear she had small fangs or something in her toothy show of politeness. ” Arcane. Lesley Arcane. I’m caretaker for the Morris estate, just up the road. Perhaps I can give you a tour after you’ve had a moment to relax and gather yourself for your long trip.”

She turned abruptly and stepped up to the bar. Edgar took a moment to survey the crowd better. Was it his imagination or did no one look older than him? Mostly, faces were an ashen colour of some variety. The conversation almost seemed forced or rehearsed.

Was this some sort of elaborate pantomime? He shook his head as miss Arcane arrived with their drinks.

Curiouser, and Curiouser…. Want more?

Let me know!

Is it me, or is that every time I seem to get close, things seem further away?
Are people more dismissive, of change or anything unfamiliar?

Just my wayward mind again, questioning society and humanity as always.

So, an action cover for Camden’s Follies – Prams, Dynasties and New Orders. Okay, I can live with that!

For now… I’m going to retire to the editors desk and prepare to drive myself out of my mind formatting for Amazon. YAY!

Keep well, writing, imagining and dreaming!

~ The Pirate Poet

On writing, general thoughts and why ranting is wondrous…


I’m still not sure why people hang their hats on such outdated and obviously exclusive or non – inclusive approaches to publishing.
Variety, not repetition, per se, isn’t just the spice of life.
Telling me that editors are gods/goddesses who can make something a miraculous sales event/impact books is RUBBISH! They clean up the little messes and help as readers to point out flow and consistency – that’s it. NO MORE!
They don’t invent the worlds, nor do they perfect the languages, races/ethnicities or social/religious systems of beliefs. Nor do they bare their soul in the plot lines, let alone create them. Readers want and DEMAND variety! New perspectives on old themes and genres.

Morally bankrupt, empty personality characters are boorish, tripe and generally unreadable. Damn the idea of an editor being a fan of a genre!
Editors need to check THEIR egos at the door and just do their original job.

Me, I’m sick to the teeth of the ” Attitude ” characters with all the personality of recycled wood.

One of the reasons I don’t submit to big publishing is the absence of reading and more skimming, looking for cookie cutter phrases that sound great, but say nothing. I’ll have none of that!

Rant over.
I find these very therapeutic, the rants. I know very few pay attention or even care what I have to say, but one day, the words – as will theirs – and ideas will come back and revisit them.

May the world find sanity and a better creative atmosphere for all artists!

~ The Pirate Poet

Observations, a pitch(?) and updates or maybe a preview?!?

Notes on Camden’s Follies ~

I wrote this with a bit of tongue in cheek humour. I decided to do a send – up or poke at heroes of the silver screen of yesteryear. One of the topics I added, or ingredients for flavour if you would, is what some term alternate life styles. Me, I always wondered about that as it seemed an organic way of being and not a choice. I’ve known and am related to a fair few from the LGBT community. To me, none of them just woke up one day and decided to try romancing someone of the same gender.
I’d say they came to terms with the real them and acted accordingly. Love only has rules, no actual boundaries and it comes in varieties and levels.
In my book, I use no labels. People are who they are. Period.

To fashion an entire universe is truly a task. Several alien races, cultures, an empire and tying them together with a common belief system is no small feat. If I printed up a full working set of references for my tome, it would be the 10 times the size of Tolkien’s library of notes! This doesn’t even count the prophecy of Magda (c).

Okay, one observation ~
Don’t force yourself to write beyond your reach of understanding. Always remember the best teacher is the best student. Expand your knowledge every day, read, even in parcels, daily, weekly or monthly. Never abandon that! And never judge a book by it’s cover!

The world is a very large place with more than just the American and British sides. Travel some, never assume, keep an open mind and heart.
Also, never give up, never give in. Never be cruel, nor cowardly!

A brief intermission – pitching my book again!

Blurb – I know this seems a bit simplistic, but…
Centurion Decade of the fourth cycle of the Emperor’s year – Kashimai Venoshia 3 – It’s been 10,000 years since the Unified Earth Alliance had been established. 20,000 years since humanity has taken to the stars to fight overcrowding, petty warfare and human created famine and disease. Multiple solar systems had been claimed, fought for and settled in the name of the old countries for which they represent. The Empire of the Human Race was teetering on the brink of all out civil war and rebellion… until now. On the last planet on what was supposed to be the first system of multicultural existence an ancient alien people are discovered to have existed. An alien race older than humanity had lived here and told of a great catastrophic event, brought upon them by the Elder Gods/Elder Ones from a universe before our own, that had occurred and could happen again. However, little did they know that supporters of the malignant beings of the previous incarnation of the universe still existed. They waited for aeons in the shadows to act and were almost on the brink of extinction until the discovery on Venoshia 3. In a last ditch bid for power, a cult of those beings that began on old Earth quietly waited for an opportunity. Then, as if the Elder Gods that they worshipped had heard them – a key was found. A device that once activated called across the fabric of time and space and not only activated its twin in another dimension, but awoke the ancient evil that is the Elder Ones or Elder Gods ruled by Cthulu. Now, the race is on for a small group of Unified Earth Rangers and Special Forces to find and destroy a total of 52 keys in 30 days before a great gate is opened and the host of dark forces led by the Elder God Ammutseba would once again spill forth into our universe and destroy all in their path. Everything depends on Sergeant Arthur MacReady, Captain Pisti Aklonkonous, the alien beings – a Quartal named Ahk – Setnusam and her half – dragon and half – gryphon friend Ornaclan and the people in their command to navigate an entire planet, survive armies of horrific creatures and human collaborators and stop this ancient evil.

Okay, lied a little – I’m pitching 2 books today…

Scales and Hearts – updated blurb

A cubicle ground hog, an adventurer and nature documentarian, a burgeoning reporter and a war hero. All have one thing in common;
An encounter with the fantastic – Dragons!
Imagine, what would you do when confronted with myth and legend come to life? Read all four of these tales and be ready… wonder awaits!

And now a preview… Camden’s Follies part 3!

Camden’s Follies

Part 3

Dynasties, Prams and New Orders

Chpt 1 Arz – Khan’s fall and hints for future

© 2019 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the copyright holder, except where permitted by law. This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously.

The Savion Reaper danced between two cruisers as the Empress Dragon took fire from the support group of fighters and cruisers on the port side. The shuttle that Azfar and mister Cafar was using as part of the initial assault was floating behind the Camden’s Folly as crews worked to put out fires. Cynthia was a blur of motion and the wireless radio was overwhelmed. I had decided not to use the Bernoulli in the initial engagement and put McTavit in charge of getting her ready as we drew off the command vessel and the dreadnoughts. The Final Fire had led 2 of the dreadnoughts to the dark side of the moon on a diversion, but ran afoul of the 4th fleet who were hiding there. Captain Kuul however, was just as clever as I thought and was currently fighting from a position of stealth while keeping them at a distance.

As for us, we blasted through the first fleet before the support carriers and cruisers came from the nearby planet, at the moment I can’t recall the name, but they weren’t expecting a small fleet to come and meet their gauntlet. I spent my time between the bridge and the rifle stations on the shuttle with Scy Lors, when we were connected by a boarding tube. She’s currently in the hospital wing with mister Kildro, wounded with burns from a glancing shot that set off a pair of weapons mounted near her as we tried to dodge enemy fire.

I told that Admiral that he picked the wrong pirate captain to threaten, all the while the stealth skiff made for the command vessel to rescue the War Dragon Fire crew and maybe use the ship to fight from the inside, that was 4 hours ago and misters Sali, Forraz and Renault weren’t exactly the first people I’d form a rescue squad with. I jumped over to the firing station as Cynthia looked as if she was going to collapse. Cafea’s voice was on wireless screaming our names to see if we were alive. I forgot to mention she was with McTavit awaiting my orders to launch. I got off a pair of volleys at a closing pair of cruisers and hit the massive command ship on her aft.

Updates: Getting ready for final edits on Camden’s Follies, still working on the final chapters of Elder offensive book 2 – the explosive ending!

That’s all for now… Hope to be posting other’s work links here..
And always remember ~ GERONIMO!

~ The Pirate Poet

Pitches, plots and a roguish Pirate Poet…

Wondrous work by a friend and colleague

Time travel, romance and horror! What an amazing combination…
Here’s the blurb …
” Matthew Winters is in trouble. Everything he’s worked so hard to achieve, is gone. One snowy Christmas Eve in 1932, he’s offered a second chance. He meets Henry, the proprietor of a thrift store. It isn’t your typical thrift store. The wares Henry purveys are magical. He returns home to confess everything to his beautiful wife, Anna. He convinces her that they can start anew, and use the timepiece Henry gives him to travel through time. “Don’t ever let it stop ticking,” Henry warns. In this mystical tale that marries time travel, romance and psychological horror, journey with the Winters across many decades to see what happens when you let love lead the way. A grotesquely beautiful love story that will test the hands of time. “

Honestly, give this tome a try, order a copy and you WON’T be disappointed!

Okay, so, how are we feeling about the horror story? Want to read more? Let me know!

I have tonnes of plots to sort out, this may be one of the more fun ones..along with Camden’s Follies… as seen here…

And here…

The second part of book 1
The cover for part 2 of Camden’s Follies

Now, let’s make the authors mentioned on this and other blogs day and buy and enjoy the read


~ The Pirate Poet