On writing, general thoughts and why ranting is wondrous…


I’m still not sure why people hang their hats on such outdated and obviously exclusive or non – inclusive approaches to publishing.
Variety, not repetition, per se, isn’t just the spice of life.
Telling me that editors are gods/goddesses who can make something a miraculous sales event/impact books is RUBBISH! They clean up the little messes and help as readers to point out flow and consistency – that’s it. NO MORE!
They don’t invent the worlds, nor do they perfect the languages, races/ethnicities or social/religious systems of beliefs. Nor do they bare their soul in the plot lines, let alone create them. Readers want and DEMAND variety! New perspectives on old themes and genres.

Morally bankrupt, empty personality characters are boorish, tripe and generally unreadable. Damn the idea of an editor being a fan of a genre!
Editors need to check THEIR egos at the door and just do their original job.

Me, I’m sick to the teeth of the ” Attitude ” characters with all the personality of recycled wood.

One of the reasons I don’t submit to big publishing is the absence of reading and more skimming, looking for cookie cutter phrases that sound great, but say nothing. I’ll have none of that!

Rant over.
I find these very therapeutic, the rants. I know very few pay attention or even care what I have to say, but one day, the words – as will theirs – and ideas will come back and revisit them.

May the world find sanity and a better creative atmosphere for all artists!

~ The Pirate Poet

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