The Horror Tale… Choose your… way? Plus a few more plugs for the books ~ * bow * ~

To the Horror tale… Wondering where I’m going? What the finish is? Is the monster obvious? The victim?
Don’t just sit there! Speak/Type up!
An end is in sight – whose end is up in the air!

Now for the book plugs!

Book one of the 2 book series, before the end comes…
Find out how it got this far…

To briefly set – up.20k years into the future, humanity is amongst the stars! But instead of being united in exploration and at peace for all the living space and advances in medicine – they are on the brink of war on an interplanetary scale! Their last best hope is a newly discovered system.
However, after a series of events that would change the view of the universe for ever, an ancient device is discovered. A key. Not just any key, but one that connects to a sub-dimension where the minions of the anti – life are imprisoned. Cthulu and his brethren are awakened from a lengthy slumber to rally and attempt, once again, to infiltrate our universe and bring it back to its primordial state of chaos, death and darkness!
A team of the military’s finest are sent under the premise of stopping terrorists, but instead find horrors not seen since earth of prehistoric times.

Can Sergeant MacReady and the Wraith platoon, his alien allies Ahk Setnusam and Ornaclan plus the remnants of Liekos Company turn the tide and save the universe from an eternal nightmare?

Camden’s Follies

Part 1 & 2

Dr. James Camden thinks he’s going to Africa to expand his knowledge in his quest to be a medical examiner. However the British government has other ideas. Operation: Endeavour Space is under way and the good doctor and former soldier for the crown is being Shanghaied as a wild card element on this seemingly impossible mission – To be the first modern people in space!
Following hastily interpreted designs and notes left in a Mayan temple by alien visitors, the British have converted a dirigible – the HMS Bernoulli – into a space fairing craft. The goal is to find new sources of revenue and maybe even conquer or claim a planet for the queen!
However, once their, they are beset on by one of the many space pirate clans and the evil Empire that they seek to expel from their quadrant of space! It’s the beginning of a wild, dangerous and humorous ride for our would be hero! Can he save his friends, crew mates and new allies from certain death.. or worse?!

Scales and Hearts

A series of 4 short stories with a slightly different view of one of the most discussed mythical creatures ever – Dragons!

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