No, Virginia I don’t hate Editors




Okay – quick note. ( Not c sharp)

I don’t hate editors. My last comments may get some riled or raise the odd hackles. However, let me edify those of my specific position.

  1. It’s not all authors, my axe grinding is with the younger crowd that believe pieces of paper and titles make them authorities or gods/goddesses of writing
  2.  I believe that there are many good editors out there – they know how to read; For example, actually apply grammar and are very unbiased.
  3. Marketers aren’t editors.

Okay, hope that makes things clearer for you all. In edition – just because the plot used in one story works for that genre; It doesn’t mean that it’s a one size fits all preposition. Far from it chaps! Certain authors, as does certain stories, work best or shine in certain formulae , but not all! Each author, as each story, is unique and should be treated individually; not as a collective.
Note that one can’t get plot line through osmosis, telepathy or skimming. That’s the idiots recipe for disaster!



Until next time true believers!


~ The Pirate Poet































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