Mondays, blah and the occasional blender drink


Ah, somehow, this view, despite the foreground, is always uplifting and has a general calming effect. This is a view from the Hotel Elegante at the last COSine convention.

On to business or is it buisness? I prefer the later than the former. No rants today of any given nature. I finished up 2 chapters this weekend – I know, 12k words for me isn’t very productive, but it’s the quality that counts. One of my many quirks is – editing on the fly as I write and multiple times there after.
Raising threat levels is always fun in a high pressure situation novel. In this case it’s the third part of 4 and leading to one of a multitude of endings. From massive heroic deaths to comic irony. But I’ll NEVER tell… * evil laugh *
Getting on track with Camden’s Follies and the third Poetry Collection ( this will be exclusively on Kobo for the time being). Camden’s Follies will be released, come ‘eck or high water, on the following – LuLu, Kindle, Nook Books for physical copies and Kobo. I know I’ve said this stuff before, but it bares repeating as sometimes it’s very hard to tell when people are paying attention.

For now, I may or may not finish my KickStarter funding plans. The others fell short and it seems that very few are willing to help the up and coming artist/author. This is a shame as what’s lost is irreplaceable and incalculable. I do have some funding left to pay at least one of my cover artists. So, this is exciting as I shall have a couple of collector covers in the offing. Also, am off to do my good deeds of the day an fill up on blenders/frapaccinos and get some well earnt Nachos Bell Grande and try to survive the meal… * chuckles *


Until next time,

Hang in there, Friday is around the corner and we can make every day – even Monday brilliant.













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