Nothing in particular, the madness of the world and why I prefer science fiction/steampunk and fantasy over reality

Author at Work.jpg


Yes, that’s my slightly hidden ugly mug! I’m either working on Elder Offensive or Camden’s Follies. * bow *

Now, to the topics at hand…

One, I try and relax before I immerse myself in the complex and often in depth worlds and universe of the story(ies) I’m writing or in this case typing . I like blended ice coffee drinks and such – as a rule of thumb.
I also tend to watch films on disc – especially during the political  seasons of the Americans or the British. Never heard such tosh and waffle and outright codswallop thrown about like I’ve seen. The American side has definitely lost its collective mind!
A giant weetabix and second generation ( so to speak) politician or rather from the same family. None the less, a dead cat and penguin would make better choices!
There, I’m off my soapbox so to speak..
To the next topic:


In a single sentence; Fiction is fun and amicable. In a second sentence: Truth is stranger than fiction and fiction makes more sense than the madness of real life.

Also, it’s more fun to parody and come up with a whole new civilisation lossely based on humanity.

Anyway, I’ve got a series of questions to type up for the Pirate’s Corner! Please stay tuned and be patient. I’ve had to delay my book releases now for a while due to wanting the best cover artists for the job and be certain of where I’m releasing the titles through ( dot the I’s and cross the T’s) .

For now, this brief blog is done…

Until Next Time!


~ The Pirate Poet

















































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