Nothing in particular, whispers in the Dark and relationships


Cats choose their parents/owners, not the other way around.

A brief note on relationships for the gents ~

  1. Women aren’t objects like treasure – you don’t get to steal them, possess and lock them away, nor do you have the right to abuse them.
  2. The fastest way to lose a beloved? Paranoid, raw nerve Obsessive Possessive assumption, worrying about what others are doing or not do instead of paying attention to her!!
  3. She chose you over all else and others! Whether or not this is a great idea/decision for her is up to you! Time to grow some brass me boy – O. Show your quality every day. Treat her like the equal she is and never let her think her love is in vane!
  4. Be a gentleman, show you have a tender side.
  5. Quit with the macho Bollocks and just be you! That’s what she fell for you moron!

Anyway, I’m just me. I’m the Pirate Poet. I bow for the ladies, I write exquisite poetry inspired from their beauty and that’s it. If the lady likes it – how about you learn to harness your inner Shakespeare instead of having a go at me?
Once more lads – Grow brass, take care of your beloved and shower her with the attention she desires or you really will lose her!
Okay, I’m off my soapbox.

On to something completely different…

Writing today, I noticed how many ideas are like whispers in the dark. They beckon me from afar, tease me with possibilities and take me on a quest of high adventure!

Right now, listening to my Lost Years Play List… thinking of adding some songs for sake of argument an for added fun.

All my stories – the five book set of Camden’s Follies, Elder Offensive and Silver Scales will be available on Nook, Kobo, Kindle and Print. Eat that one Jeff Bezos(sp)!

I put my faith in writing and my spirit of creativity. I know a good story as I’ve read enough in my lifetime that I know the best come from the source of many such tales; The Inner you! I don’t always crack the spelling and grammar end – thus I hire on for line edits.
Sorry Editors:
It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I don’t trust you as you should seriously leave the marketing to the chaps that get paid it. Even if you’re a fan of the genre – which in some cases is patently false – or not. No one has the right to play god or goddess over someone else’s creativity. Period!
Just because you don’t like how a story is told doesn’t make you an expert in anything, but your own tastes; Don’t assume you know the author’s readership – EVER!
Stories are best when told from the heart and not from a cookie cutter!!

Sorry folks, but this does come up quite often!

That being said, mostly I’m happy with the authors I know of. I just like to vent – carry on!
Preparing to go see Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

I’m hoping my love life takes off and not like an arrow or dagger to the heart.

Cats are probably the best allies I know of. Me mum is a tie for second. Friends are all bottled up at third.
Now, to await the results of my interview questions for the Pirates Corner!!!

Have a magnificent day, productive and full of great times and abundance!!


~ Until Next Time

The Pirate Poet



P.s. My captain’s hat looks nothing like that chapeaux… I don’t need that much protection, yeah? * nudge, nudge, wink – wink *


















































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