Interviews, books, writing and the general sense of cat peace. Maybe.


Well, I’ve about narrowed down my Q&A questions for my friends in the arts. It’s amazing to recall what it’s like to prepare for these, let alone ask the kind of questions that don’t insult or provoke, but garner some useful insight.

On the subject of writing… anyone wish to read a teaser? Let me know in the comments or in the message aspect of this. I’m still debating the idea of an audio book read and of course; Kickstarter. Do I really want to ask folk who seem bent on defying simple logic by not supporting me for funds to accomplish my goals?
I will say, that those that didn’t support me will be kicking themselves. They keep complaining about no new content on or off line, the endless barrage of remakes and reboots, but when it comes to potentially really wondrous stuff – they turn up there noses.
All I know is, I put my heart into my work that equates to care, consideration and patience that lead me to believe that I’ve cracked it – story wise.

In regards to cats as a brief side note – Mister Black Kitten has re – encountered mum’s Shadow and world war 3 nearly broke out! Thankfully, cooler heads and tuna from a tin prevailed.

Back to my subject….
Life is a bit of a gamble, but there should be times where tit’s worth the risk. By supporting an up and coming artist, unknown, but energised, you encourage more people to follow their heart and believe they can be independent and not dependent! It’s the opposite effect of piracy where someone steals the livelihood from under some starving artists nose!
So, until the Pirates Corner is up – say in November at the earliest unless said otherwise…

Support your local or international Indie Author, Artist, Musician, etc. That’s the only way to stick it to the proverbial man.
Take Care and Read On!

~ The Pirate PoetDSCN1015.JPG















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