* YAWN * Someone tell me I have a good bead on the day.. or at least I can quit with the faux paux’s …

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m getting senile a tad early. How can I read submission guidelines and STILL send the wrong format!?!
* SIGH *
Oh well, I’ll get it right – I hope!

On a note from the other blog entry ~
Bad literature/fiction is just as bad, if not worse, than being victimised by a literary pirate! Let me elaborate further…
How can you encourage a new generation or keep the hopes alive of a current crop of rally good writers if the publishing community keeps promoting rubbish for work?
Honestly, a good friend and muse of mine, Connie Willis said it best – It’s up to us, the authors to get the work out and the publisher to market it. I’d add they can create a market for anything; why not good, from the heart, well done material?
A quick cash cow effect can never erase the negatives of poor product. Not to mention, I’ve noticed more Twilight titles in the used book/charity stores/second hand shelves gathering dust over Rowling’s work.
Needless to say, I’m glad to be an independent artist/author.  Thanks to some really sound professors, I take enough pride in my work to be able to objectively edit and no take away from the story.
It is the sole job of the author to tell the tale – no matter the perspective. I shall NEVER throw away, arbitrarily, my near 2 decades of education – NEVER! In all likelihood, I will wind up marrying my future editor – a bit like John Le Carre actually – rather than hire one.. Just a bit of a hint ladies of the page!

Okay, so onward and yonward or something like that * LOL * …
Cover for part one of Camden’s Follies is coming along – can’t wait to put out the Ebook edition! And, in reference to my submission faux paux – I’m going to buck up my courage and re – do my submission for Wolfsinger Publications.
Honestly, if I were spread any more thin I’d be 2 dimensional


For now, back to the grind …
Yours always

~ The Pirate Poet
















































































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