On a slightly brighter note…

Okay, so now I’m almost through with the idea of beating the concept of good fiction versus horrible into peoples heads.
Here’s the latest…
Going over typos and generally getting evil ideas about more books! Now to do some extra research as my memory is getting wonky from all the facts there in. I would like to add that I’ll be doing more research on area knowledge for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and the north as a whole.
I’m always fascinated by tales of Nessie, but to be honest, I’m looking for obscure creatures unique to the areas mythos/legends/monsters list.
I love writing Camden’s Follies and looking forward to the reception for book 1 of Elder Offensive. One of the few times I get to let my mind truly wander and give death a shot at some characters.
And no, I STILL won’t trust the average American Editor with anything of mine, thanks very much! The last thing I need is an over inflated ego having at my work so they can cut it into a pale carbon copy of some rubbish piece that will only be popular for maybe a year or more realistically 6 months or less.
* gets off soapbox *
Anyone can come up with a good/great monster or villain. I’ll grant that! However, coming up with the complex how’s and why’s of the situation are the bugger aren’t they?
I find it best to watch some tellie and then read as well as observe humans in action prior to writing. Never be afraid to make an amalgam of personalities to avoid being boring or tripe. It’s a grand challenge! Of course, if you must stick to one singular type, that’s okay too! Not ever disparaging that course of action, only mentioning an approach.
Stories will, and must, tell themselves. So no matter what the perspective – give it life and its due as well as something bigger than a 2 – dimensional approach. Your goal is to get the imagination of the reader going and working. Let the cinema of the mind play itself and keep the reader engaged, er, entertained!

So, for now, I bid you adieu and sorry if I’m repetitive, but I must say, some topics bare closer looks or repetition to get the point home, yes?

~ The Pirate Poet
























































































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