Tuesday, it must be Belgium and NO! I won’t get over Twilight and the other rubbish that followed!

Okay, so now I have your curiosity up – or is that your dander? – let me elaborate…

Never tell me to get over Twilight or Eragon. Ever. To me this was a turning point or a major set – back for everything done by J.K. Rowling. Rowling created something, a story of great depth, that transcended age limits and got a generation to quit staring at a video screen and get up and do something. They actually were motivated to read and take up writing!
This doesn’t even count how this could be an insult to John Le Carre or some of the other authors who put their heart and soul into their work. By marketing rubbish and then justifying doing so by sales numbers – in terms of monetary gain -, it simply gave license for more rubbish that did even more to convince people NOT to read or take up writing.
Or has no one noticed the decline in book sales – Ebook or otherwise – and the rise in mindless video games and other none though provoking or non thinking encouraging activities or items?
And what of the idea of turning really good individual authors into Ghost Writers? Or do you think that putting your success into the hands of an editor that proclaims themselves a god of writing and only THEY know what the reading public wants – and not the public itself – is acceptable? I know I don’t!
The norm of the day needs to be replaced and FAST! Anyway, in England, I’ve noted what some call best or million sellers can be picked apart with absurd ease on the technical and story telling end. How some of this rubbish isn’t any more than pop – culture tripe is beyond me.
I know, many people set store by editors – and that’s their right. But for me, I’m tired of lazy people tossing up to 16 years of education – from primary to tertiary – out the window in favour of relying SOLELY on someone else because they proclaim themselves true fans and know better than you.
Tell the tale in your heart as it was meant. It’s up to us to dream and write up these tales. It’s up to THEM in publishing to market it on its own merits! No more cookie cutter please!

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day and I DO feel better for it!

Until next time and hopefully a happier and more centred blog


~ The Pirate Poet.



























































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