Promotion and a little something…

First, the promotion…
So, or hero is now a full fledged member and raiding captain for the Dragon Helm Clan – great news! On the other hand, he’s a father now – expecting 13 of 33 children! On human, 12 Tedarian and 20 ( yes 20!) Arch Nit children….
More space battles, reoccuring alien menace and …. dare I say it… NAPPY CHANGES! Come along now and follow the Follies as James and company take you on a wild ride – a show with everything and Liondargs!

Camden’s Follies Book 1 Part 3 Dynasties, Prams and New Orders

Okay… somehting new

Can you feel the breeze
A state of nearly a shell
Barely clinging to life
On the presipice of moving on
Enduring tortures hell
A web, silken and soft
The fangs, hot and hungry
The darkness provides
The light reveals
A silohuete of breath taking beauty
The eyes of evil
Alibaster skin of heavenly delight
The cold horror eminates from every pore

Please enjoy, read and recommend!

~ The Pirate Poet

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