The Series to date… Yeah, I know, you want more horror, but not now…

Behold! The third installment

So, before my COSine gig in January…
Camden’s Follies! A sleeper adventure you’ll never sleep through..
James Camden was resigned to a semi – dull life as a medical examiner. He thought he was on his way to the Dark Continent to learn new ways to identify decomposition, possible popular poisons and the difference between actual animal wounds and human reproduced ones…
However, unbeknownst to him…
England had embraced, or at least the government had, Operation: Endeavour Space. Dr. Karl Verstein and his colleague and formal royal navy engineer Haimish McTavit had discovered… Alien technology! In a Mayan temple the uncovered the truth behind the pictoglyphs left behind by the Mayan and Aztec people were actually true! Designs for a vessel capable of traversing the stars, weapons that would turn a single soldier into a one person army! However, with said discoveries came even more questions.
Determined to find out if the these new boons to English science would work and possibly find new places to live, medical miracles and more military advantages!
A trip that was to take a week to a month became a roller coaster ride of survival. Alien pirates, A galactic empire bent on conquest and destruction, creatures of great size and ferocity and even worse, for James, Alien women and customs!
Grab your lunch, keep your spanner and Light Blaster Cannon at the ready ’cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride and Join James and the crew of the HMS Bernoulli as they explore, fight and suvive everything from Liondargs to nappy changes!.. GERONIMO!

Camden’s Follies Book 1 part 2
Camden’s Follies Book 1 part 3

Above are links with one visual addition… Please read the series to date, enjoy and tell your friends! This is a grand adventure, comedy ( dark and reguar ), melodrama and action…
Oh and I’m plotting more on the horro tale I was going to put here exclusively!

~ The Pirate Poet

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