Book plugs minor rants and of course … More Pirate Poet rants/poetry/something

So, this is the first of many of these for the month of May. Well, okay, so at least some or a few to say the least depending on how much feedback I get.
I can only say that you should follow ALL these wonderful artists on their journeys and support them by buying their work for your own personal enjoyment plus recommend to friends!

Our first offering is from Author Dave Johnston! It’s in the vein of thriller akin to 24. As the blurb says…

A girl is locked in a room with a bomb counting down to zero.

The intensity levels are rising.

What would you do, if you only had one hour left to live?

Give this one a read! I have a good feeling about it and I believe you will enjoy this one from start to finish with rave reviews!
Our next is from a good friend of mine’s wife and a great lady of the page Carolyn Kay! This is her 3rd or 4th offering and is getting wonderful reviews .

Also check out Dien Vek while you’re at it…

This next one is a Cyberpunk adventure by Travis Heermann author of the Ronin series.

Action, adventure and romance! Don’t take my word for it… Read today!

And finally, from Aaron Michael Ritchey

Another exciting take on Asian Myths and Legend from the author of the Juniper Wars and many other great tales!

Remember folks, as I mentioned before, please support, follow and share the joy by telling others about these great reads!
As always I’m blown away by how many hidden and obvious literary gems are well within reach and the above are no exception. In the near future I shall be putting more links of recommended reading for all…
Or at least the adult crowd!
As for my rants… Well, I fibbed… a little
I’m slowly getting the final part of my Cthulu action/horror piece together and marketing my bottom off for my first Steampunk/Romance/Melodrama/Sci – Fi/Comedy series.
Keeping my fingers crossed on Scaes and Hearts vol. 2 being picked up as I have an array of great authors with magificent tales to enthrall the audience!
On the poetry front ~
Will wait till next time… Sorry!

Till then

~ The Pirate Poet

More shared poetry and of course… a rant or three plus a book plug.

To the poetry ~

Long Gone
© Jon Corres Pirate Poet 2020

A living requiem, the monument stand silent
The Day is etched upon the minds
Plaques before the statues
The sun shines for no one
Spirits in revelry
Dancing to a nameless tune
Music for the departed
Frozen like the lakes in winter
Skyscrapers, obelisks to a forgotten god
Prayers never answered
Whispers in the alley ways
More of a breeze to quell the emptiness
What more a feeling
Signs to nowhere
A sale for yesterday
A dynasty for centuries, outliving the builders memories
Trees where once were fields
Rattling wood in favour of
Long gone dreams

To the second..

Destiny sings, calls the weary
Fate winds its threads, prepares to weave
As chance would have it
There’s no telling where or what
For a gamble or a garment
Tis a price we hold too dear
What landscape are we left to?
What blank canvas comes
Where does the brush stroke fall?
How dark will our portrait begin
Have we in it to take command
Lay a landscape we can present
To our progeny leave to celebrate or lament
Flashing before our eyes
Just a moment to ponder
A second to exist

My Rant – as brief as it is…
Can we cut with the ” things “? Emotions, ideas and concepts have names for reason!
Could we all please cut down on offence sensitivity? If your goal is live alone on the brink of disaster in constant paranoia; We already have those!
They’re called the Alt Right.

End of Rants ~

Book plug for Series one of Camden’s Follies!
The hero had it coming! Seriously, a lady in every port, town, city or planet?!? Whoa! Hold on there, matey.
Not this time!

James Camden thinks he’s heading to Afica to study decomposition and exotic poisons… Or so he thinks! Welcome to the other side of the galaxy good sir. We hope you enjoy Pirates, Evil Empires, Dangerous Creatures and… Nappy Changes!
Follow the Follies of one man’s stumble into the world of heroes!

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

Pt 4

Elder Offensive – Just because – Pt 1

Be well, safe and keep reading!
Live Long and Prosper ~ bow ~

~ The Pirate Poet

The week begins… Bloody Hell, can whatever passes for normal arrive?

Okay, so I’m really loving Oreos, ice cream and of course trying to cook for myself and mum. Shopping, for anything is an adventure in patience and of course avoiding people who can’t social distance.
At least I have some access to a Starbucks! Not the one I’d go to normally, but there you are.
Editing and formatting are a grind! Especially for when you’re trying to edit for Kindle format. Hum buggery! I can’t seem to get past the chapter by chapter 1 -2 paragraphs and change the scenery, thus expanding the book by a hundred pages.
I tend to free my mind up by writing the odd poem and turning my emotions into energy.
For example…

Vanish (C) Jon Corres Pirate Poet

To me, thyne eyes will fall upon
In this, my moment, for as I recite
A soliloquy, the measure of me at a portraits view
Or shall I a requiem deliver?
A final word
Brief fare thee well
Shall I serenade you with romantic overtones?
I see the curtain prepared
A bow to my audience
So I shall complete with a flourish
Tis a sad tale, woven with comedy
Let the laughs prevail
A sundry of smiles
Weep not for the fool
Show pity for the one that follow
Now, onward
A drapery of stars, a mantle of moon beam
For now, ever more
I retire

For a new collection of poems, me thinks…
Till the next we meet on page

~ The Pirate Poet

Another from the Poetry aspect and… the usual


There are no cowards on this field
Empty spaces, hard feelings
Nothing, but peers
In the eyes of the lost
A fatal shot, verbal, has landed
More pain than bullet or missile inflicted
Silence of a scream borne from pain
The deafening cry of a tear
Nothing so solid as cutting verse
None so hollow as the bereaved
All are empty full of pride
Not a mourner can be culled
From the onlooking faceless crowd
Like an autumn breeze do the platitudes fly
As rustling leaves do none observe
Where art the humans
In this village of the damned
Empty shells, no hearts
Just glistening shards of what was
No more pity, never a sign of remorse
Brings me to my knees
Divine light, I am humble

Now for the rants…
Meatball sandwiches are good, at least for us omnivores. Cats can be great company. Relatives, close ones, are joys.
I still want my comic books and MTG cards plus the odd mocha latte. However, I’m fine as the evidence of mans lack of interaction shows in the skies and lack of contributing pollution reveals the hidden wonders we took for granted.
I’m still jobbing my books, threatening to write another poetry collection and finish my horror/action novel.
This isn’t much of a report, I must admit. But in lieu of interaction with readers… this is the best I’ll get.

Take care, be safe and GERONIMO!

~ The Pirate Poet

Careening around in the corona world…

Okay, so I’m taking care of mum and her cat. That’s the most benign of my news. Or, I should say it’s the least exciting. Working on my series – Camden’s Follies – I find myself at a loss for some reason. Well, okay, I should be working on finishing the final book in Elder Offensive.
But you know, it’s a bit of a drag trying to be certain of how to kill off characters in a way that will be either heart string tugging or just hack off the audience due to how well liked the characters are.

Anyway, I’m surviving on Oreos, Pizza and of course caffeine. I can’t wait till the Comic Book Store and or the Trading Card shop are open. Also, I really want to get Taco Bell in person and NOT via some non – company delivery service.

I’d even revel in having access to Titan Comics Dr. Who! Never mind the idea of putting my set of Amonkhet together.

So, on to more writing since writers generally read my blog.

I’m thinking of trying to either lead in or build around a poem. A little like what Agatha Christie did for one of her more famous murder mysteries whose name escapes me at the moment.
I could even parce out the verse as chapter titles!

I’m simply flumoxed over what variety of story. Fancy a go and in depth horror or, perhaps, something of a mystery witha science fiction edge to it?

Oh well…
Until next time world

~ The Pirate Poet

Books, Ebooks and the lot… Again…

The Universe – Forget the world, all of existence is at stake
Dragons, non – traditional
Series 1 begins here. Enjoy the Follies
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Okay, my poetry and books on display or in some cases, just links.
Please see my previous blog on COSine for more links to my friends, colleagues and others books and art

Take Care and Stay Safe – Keep Reading!

~ The Pirate Poet

Off the wall.. Magic the Gathering Cards for trade/sale and my usual rants…

Okay, here we go…

Below are the list of Rares and Mythic Rares I have available for trade. Why am I using this forum for that? No reason, it’s a pleasant distraction is all..

Magic the Gathering: Amonkhet

extra Rares and Mythic Rares

  • Angel of Sanctions White Mythic Rare
  • Glory bound Initiate White Rare
  • Regal Caracal White Rare
  • Drake Haven Blue Rare
  • New Perspectives Blue Rare
  • Pull From Tomorrow Blue Rare
  • Archfiend of Ifnir Black Rare (x2)
  • Liliana’s Mastery Black Rare
  • Plague Belcher Black Rare
  • Harsh Mentor Red Rare
  • Hazoret’s Favor Red Rare
  • Heart Piercer Manticore Red Rare
  • Channel Initiate Green Rare
  • Prowling Serpopard Green Rare
  • Rhonas, the Indomitable Green Mythic Rare
  • Bounty of the Luxa Green/blue/colourless Rare
  • Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons Black/Green Rare
  • Dusk // Dawn White Rare
  • Insult // Injury Red Rare
  • Mouth // Feed Green Rare
  • Prepare // Fight White/Green Rare
  • Cut // Ribbons Red/Black Rare
  • Pyramid of the Pantheon Artifact Rare
  • Canyon Slough Land R/B Rare
  • Cascading Cataracts Land Rare
  • Fetid Pools Land Blu/Bla Rare
  • Sheltered Thicket Land R/G Rare

And what I’m still looking for..

Magic the Gathering: Amonkhet

Set 1 final need list

Name Colour Rarity

  1. #5 Aven Mindcensor White Rare
  2. #14 Gideon of the Trials White Mythic Rare
  3. #42 As Foretold Blue Mythic Rare
  4. #55 Glyph Keeper Blue Rare
  5. #59 Kefnet the Mindful Blue Mythic Rare
  6. #82 Bontu the Glorified Black Mythic Rare
  7. #125 Combat Celebrant Red Mythic Rare
  8. #133 Glorious End Red Mythic Rare
  9. #148 Soul-Scar Mage Red Rare
  10. #149 Sweltering Suns Red Rare
  11. #192 Vizier of the Menagerie Green Mythic Rare
  12. #205 Samut, Voice of Dissent Multicoloured Mythic Rare
  13. #207 Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun Multicoloured Rare
  14. #221 Failure // Comply Blue Rare
  15. #222 Rags // Riches Black, Blue Rare
  16. #234 Oracle’s Vault Colourless Rare

Anything Bold and Highlighted/Italic I picked up recently.

Okay, so self imposed isolation isn’t that much different from my normal routine. The only exceptions are that I’m home and not at a cafe having coffee and keeping an eye on mass transit time tables.
I’m still writing and editing, playing Nintendo to get my mind refersehed for the novel work. I’m watching more films on disc as I have no streaming service and no patience to wait for downloads and such.
Pizza and Chinese are the main courses followed by home cooking.
I’m still angered, astounded and frustrated by conspiracy idiots and hoarders who think buying out TP, Baby Wipes and Tins of soup, stew and the like are great ideas. C’mon people! There are more who need things like food and such on a weekly basis as we can’t budget or afford to be paranoid like you lot! Quit being greedy and money hungry for at least 1 stinking day in your lives!!
End of rant.

I highly recommend getting caught up on series like Good Omens, Older Dr. Who and any Star Trek or better yet, Babylon 5. I’m also prepping to marathon Stargate SG – 1, Atlantis and Universe as well as revisit Firefly.

Please folks, stay home as you can. Comic book and card shops – Please stay open as we need the break and relief from the tedium and something to look forward to taking our minds off this disaster!

Okay… Poetry

Dim the lights, I need no luminescense to find my way
I’m between worlds, corridors of fate
I feel the breeze, but not the comfort it gives
I smell the coolnes, fragrant flowers
Sense the life beyond the halls
It is the closest to living
A reminder of times not spent, nor lived
If there were a curse, its name would be as I described
A warrior can only battle the known
Weapons and their ilk are of little value
Onward, though I must go
As bravely as facing any hoarde or force of arms
Perhaps, love is my final destination, or not
The future is rarely written clealry in advance
For now, I must retire
The doldrums and stagnant routine shall be obeyed
A light, no matter how weak
Is always a way to travel
What strentgh I’ve left, I shall devote to the unknown dark

~ The Pirate Poet

Just one thought….

So, the world in general is in quarantine. Okay. Major hubs, shut down, but mainly we’re still able to do chores or get our shop rounds done. I’m fine with the situation as it won’t last for ever.

With that in mind, I would like to begin to send all my readers my best wishes, healing energy and kind thoughts!

And now, for why I’m the Pirate Poet ~

Chances are, a glimpse is all you need
In a room filled with chaos
Does the promise of a smile mean anything more?
A million thoughts
Several hundered conversations
A band or juke box play
It never fits
This grand slice of life
I watch my ice melt, slowly
Always aware
Many a prat fall
More than one end begins
A fair few beginnings blossom
A moment
A fragment of eternity
To where can we store such treasures, ere the mind
A blink of an eye
Two thoughts meld as action rears its head
Romance? Perhaps, just a glimpse of something more
A pantomime for the ages
A solilaquy of the robust and broken hearted
A wish fulfilled and broken
The last call can be heard
So, it’s us again
Tonight prepares for the morrow
For now, shall we dance?

From my books ~ Links to order some quality entertainment from my mind to your eyes! All four of my Camden’s Follies series one! Please Enjoy

For now, I bid you great week or day/night!

~ The Pirate Poet

Camden’s Follies Book 1 Part 4 ~ Live as of today!

From the web page!

Above is the link. Please enjoy! The next 4 books are being worked on as I type this… More follies, Enemy combat and … Pirates! Please enjoy the tale ~ * bow * ~

Here’s the blurb:

James is missing!

Is James dead or on the run?! Calieb 7 was a disaster! Cafea can only watch as the Bernoulli dives in between a massive destroyer and its dreadnought escort as the Fire Fan tries to hold off a pair of cruisers. Her last view is the red and green energy of cannon fire and billowing smoke swallowing up her husband’s ship. The planet is virtually dead and the Garinthian empire is scrambling to regroup. Rival clans hear the news and step up their efforts to finish off the Dragon Helm clan with aid from the empire.
What will our heroes, James family and friends do now? In this fourth instalment of Camden’s Follies the tides have turned for the worse and it’s up to the ladies to come to the fore. Will our protagonist survive this latest run of bad luck or will his new family finish him off? Hold on dear readers, the adventure is just beginning and the Follies keep coming…

I’ll post the british link… here…’s+Follies&qid=1580754718&s=books&sr=1-1

Anyway, the first series is done! The second and third are on their way!


~ The Pirate Poet